Remy the Karelian Bear Dog

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Remy's mom says: Remy was imported from Croatia as a show prospect pup. She is a Karelian bear dog, which is a rare breed. Her registered name is Kan Trace Remmington Lady LV. Remy is extremely energetic and loves to play with her "big brother" Timber (also a Karelian bear dog). Remy is very smart and learned all her basic obedience commands very quickly. She also learned the hand signals for the obedience commands. Her favorite toy is a blue monster with purple spots, and she loves to use the dining room and living room as a race track by running around the tables. It is really quite funny to watch! This breed was (and still is in Europe) used for hunting large game such as bears, moose, elk, wolves, etc., and Remy will chase anything that comes into her yard. She is very brave!