Rhubarb the Rat Terrier Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Rhubarb's mom says: We adopted Rhubarb, or Ruby, from the Animal Rescue League of Western PA when she was eight weeks old. She lives with us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally, we were told that she was a Lab mix, but by looking at pictures online we soon realized that she is mostly rat terrier. She has been a ton of fun and excitement. She absolutely loves all other dogs and loves going new places to meet them. Her other interests include eating socks whole, playing with dogs four times her size at the dog park or up the street, playing hide and seek and fetch, learning new tricks to get treats, going to puppy school, going for long walks, wrestling, and eating plants. We took her on her first camping trip recently and she did great walking off leash in the woods, and she loved exploring. She is an absolutely wonderful puppy. We can't wait to see what she grows up into!