Riley the Cockapoo

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Riley's mom says: Riley is quite a character.He is so cute and really smart. He can ring a bell when he wants to go outside and can get into a lot of trouble. If you put him in a kitchen with gates up, he can escape. Riley loves to meet new people. When we first got him, he would go outside and dig in the garden and get really dirty. Riley loves to play and chew bones. He also bites really hard. Sometimes Riley would go to the front window and bark at people outside. Riley sleeps a lot. And also we find Riley's baby teeth everywhere. Right now we are training him how to sit, stay, and come. When we go out for walks with him, he runs like a bunny. Also he loves to play in the snow.When my mom comes to pick me up from school, my mom would bring Riley and Riley would try to jump on other kids. Riley loves to give kisses to people and his fur is really soft.