Riley the Havanese Mix

Puppy Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Havanese

Hi, everyone! My name is Riley and I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. So far, I have a really great life: I love my family (both the people and the dogs), and they seem to think I'm really awesome too. I love chasing everyone around and running away from them whenever they call my name! People say that I hop like a bunny when I run, but it works for me--I'm so fast! I also love to sneak up on the big dogs' bowl in the kitchen when no one is looking--the big dog food is so yummy! When people see me, they usually say things like, "Awww!" and "So stinkin' cute!" and "Is he real or is he a stuffed animal?"--it's so funny! I'm real, I'm silly, and I love to snuggle, kiss, and wag my tail. If you let me, I'll crawl right up to your neck, cuddle, and fall sound asleep. I love my life!