Robbie the Rottweiler Mix

Puppy Breed: Doberman Pinscher / Labrador Retriever / Rottweiler

Hi, I'm Robbie! I was born in Puerto Rico and was rescued by the SCPA. My full name is Roberto because I came from Puerto Rico, but everyone calls me Robbie for short. I now live in New Jersey in a wonderful home two blocks from the beach. I have a lot of dog friends and I love to play; I can run around for hours without getting tired! I am a fast learner and know many tricks already. Apples and bell peppers, especially the yellow ones, are some of my favorite snacks. Although I'm a very active puppy, I am extremely affectionate and just love to cuddle up. My parents sometimes call me "Mr. Stretch" because I am always stretching out when I get up from a night's sleep or just a short nap. I am long, lean and apparently very cute. My dog mom was a Rottweiler, but people say I look a lot like a Doberman; I think that's what my dad probably was.