Rock the Boxer

Puppy Breed: Boxer

Rock says: "My human parents came to look at my sisters, but I could tell right away that we were meant to be together. So I went up to them and let them know it too. Well, I was right, because they took me to my new home where I now get all the buffalo bones and chew toys I want and a kitten to keep me company. While I have new duties with my human parents such as walking on leash, I still get plenty of opportunities to perfect my hobbies which include but are not limited to "zoomies" around the backyard, crushing tall grass, and taking toys away from the kitten. I am also meeting many big dogs in my neighborhood park. But I am not afraid of them, as I will be big someday too. I practice my boxing skills with the big dogs every chance I get. And after a hard days work as THE puppy of the household, the best place to fall asleep is undeniably in either one of my parents' laps, preferably with a bone in my mouth too."