Monday, July 28, 2014
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Jun 3, 2011 caraschotch
Romeo, Romeo--- you have stolen my heart, Romeo! Wishing you a long and healthy life, handsome boy! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Jun 3, 2011 ebead
Be still my heart!! What a gorgeous guy!!
Jun 3, 2011 Jose
Romeo your soooooooooooooooo cute I hope that you have a great life hugs and kisses to you.
Jun 3, 2011 kikii
too adorable!
Jun 3, 2011 pupfanatic
Romeo, can I be your Juliet? You total, insanely ridiculous, precious, baby!!! The face of a golden pup...oh man...TOO MUCH!!!!
Jun 3, 2011 cluro10
what a cute puppy!! I just wanna snuggle && give him doggy biscuits(: u r so fortunate to have such a great puppy!
Jun 3, 2011 leepem
sweet sweet romeo you are a darling. Happy long life with proud family
Jun 3, 2011 mollyG
You are such a cute boy. My goldens would love to play with you! So would I. We wish you nothing but health and happiness, your family has a million more smiles in their life because of you! xoxoxo
Jun 3, 2011 Corky'smum
O what a *STAR* you are!!! Goldies and labs are the CUTEST puppies on the planet. Romeo - you are simply Puppy Perfection :)
Jun 3, 2011 kailexla
oh Romeo ...Romeo.... you're so cute!! Happy long life pet!
Jun 3, 2011 longislander
Oh Romeo, you are a beautiful boy. Are you looking for Juliette in this pic? I want to choose all the pics, you're that sweet and special. Goldens are the best!
Jun 3, 2011 alphadog
Romeo, you are just too handsome for words! It was so hard to select a picture, but "sleeping puppy" pictures just steal your heart. You can tell he's got a sweet, gentle personality and I'll bet playtime is a blast at your house! What lucky pet parents you have, youngster!
Jun 3, 2011 goldenlover
Handsome Golden. You're in for a happy time with this little guy! Be patient, they get over puppyhood in,uhhh, say 5 or 10 years.
Jun 3, 2011 jasper1
AWWWWWWW! Romeo! You are crazy adorable! Oh what a darling, sweet, precious guy! I would never go to work! There is just nothing and I mean NOTHING, cuter than a puppy! He's precious! Enjoy!
Jun 3, 2011 janet weir
There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping puppy!!!!
Jun 3, 2011 teeru
wow an expert.
Jun 3, 2011 Mmmousemaid
Romeeo Romeo where art thou? Dreamer pup- so peaceful.
Jun 3, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Romeo Romeo I am in LOVE Romeo! You are a handsome boy with a wonderful smile, & I love the twinkle in your sweet loving eyes... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you pretty boy
Jun 3, 2011 meganbooth
Just look at those lashes!!! Romeo you are gorgeous!!!
Jun 3, 2011 pelligrino
I can understand why this swet little fella's name is romeo! He will soon be all grown up and charming eveyone.
Jun 3, 2011 amyliz
Well, Romeo, you certainly make my heart flutter! What a little love you are! (My brother's sweet and goofy Golden was scared of his thunder all of his long life! Maybe it's a Golden thing?)
Jun 3, 2011 patlynn
Romeo, you are adorable! What a sweet face, beautiful eyes.
Jun 3, 2011 poochies=love
I know what you mean about 'best friends'. There's nothing that can compare to the love and devotion of our furry friends! Blessings!
Jun 3, 2011 Luckylady
Awww Sweetheart - time to wake up & go swimming! Lots of happy doggy years with your forever family! Hugs & snuggles from Bev & Maggie
Jun 3, 2011 sowhatisnew
such a sweet pup! love this picture. Hope you enjoy many happy and healthy years together.
Jun 3, 2011 Kimalexis
Goldens rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cutest dog ever
Jun 3, 2011 JanW
What a beauty you are little Romeo! Hugs and puppy kisses to you!
Jun 3, 2011 sowhatisnew
such a sweet expression. love this picture too. impossible not to love this pup!
Jun 3, 2011 gumby1958
it's a good thing that I don't know where Romeo lives, because I'm tempted to come & steal him!! I have a 4-yr-old Golden (my first dog ever) and he's the love of my life. Enjoy!!
Jun 3, 2011 gumby1958
p.s. We picked up our Golden puppy (Rowdy) in June 2007, during a thunderstorm (the power went out in the office of the kennel where we got him), so he's not afraid of thunder. The vacuum cleaner is another story...LOL!
Jun 3, 2011 Ngolds
Romeo! you are so adorable!! what a darling lil face! Enjoy
Jun 3, 2011 Puppy Power
Too cute!
Jun 3, 2011 daphne's mom
What a sweet baby! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Romeo!
Jun 3, 2011 WATERDOG
Romeo O Romeo How good it is to be thou!
Jun 3, 2011 pamfontainepeters
Romeo has captured my heart! What a gorgeous puppy!
Jun 3, 2011 puppylover777
Romeo, you are such a cutie! Hope you have many happy years ahead!
Jun 3, 2011 Jansil40
Oh My Gosh! Romeo is a heartbreaker! Just look at that ADORABLE face! Nothing but cuteness! May you & Romeo live a long life of happiness, great health and joy.
Jun 3, 2011 virgilsmama
Awwww da baby! This photo and puppy will cure any blues of the day. Gotta kiss that face! Best of life to Romeo and his family.
Jun 3, 2011 Goldenmom58
Oh my quickly beating heart, stand still for Romeo belongs to yet another. I will have to only see ye from afar. I love you but cannot have you my dearest one. What am I to do? I just could not resist a little Olde English on this one. If you ever need a babysitter, send me a message and I will be there. SMOOCHIES!!!!!!!
Jun 3, 2011 gryt
Awww baby Romeo.... Soooo cute!
Jun 3, 2011 chelsearosebud
Sweet Romeo .... I can understand why your Mom gave you a name that fits you to a "t" .... for you have laid claim to my heart. You truly are Golden in every respect. Love you, sweetie pie. XOXO
Jun 3, 2011 charliesandi
Romeo, Romeo Romeo where for art thou....You are beautiful......You owner is very lucky to have you in his life....
Jun 3, 2011 goldenmom18
What a cutie!
Jun 3, 2011 earnesen
What a doll! Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo!
Jun 3, 2011 earnesen
Very sweet puppy! We just lost our 10 year old golden male last week and we are missing him. Enjoy your new love!
Jun 3, 2011 mkesj
Romeo is a heart breaker. When it thunders or any sound scares him, laugh like a fool and get down to his level. I did that with my puppy and now she looks at me whenever she hears something unusual she looks for reassurance. The street sweeper got to see me fall on the ground laughing like a fool but Tess forgot all about the noise. I hope it is not too late for this great tactic to work. Our tornado siren sets all dogs howling and Tess just looked at me and I did my schtick and all was ignored.
Jun 3, 2011 memberume
Such a hard day at play! Rest my beautiful Little Romeo because a new day awaits you. May you have a healthy happy and long life with your new human family.
Jun 3, 2011 mkesj
I forgot. This is my favorite because it captures the sweetness of Goldens just like all puppies.
Jun 3, 2011 The Raven
Romeo you are just a darling little fellow. What's going on here? I'm admiring that beautiful chest of drawers, too. You are going to be one big handsome lad, soon, way too soon. Enjoy the puppy months, they go by so fast. Then one day, you have a huge beast trying to crawl into your lap and you wonder where your little sweet puppy went.
Jun 3, 2011 mushermaggie
Jun 3, 2011 golden3
Jun 3, 2011 paulinespuppy
Awww priceless.... Romeo u stole my heart too. kisses and lots of treats and tummy rubs. xxxxx
Jun 3, 2011 ssmmtm
Can't figure out which picture to choose because they are all wonderful. Romeo is a beautiful baby boy. Lots of years of love, fun and happiness together. He's a beauty.
Jun 3, 2011 mymovieman
There is nothing as sweet as a schlofen puppy! Romeo, you are precious!
Jun 3, 2011 missO
Romeo,Romeo where are thou? Just taking a nap..... after hours of exploring and fun. A real lover boy, no wonder your family loves you.
Jun 3, 2011 vorner
World, this is what an angel looks like! I have never seen anything more precious than you, Romeo. God bless you with a long, happy, healthy life. May you and your family experience an abundance love and fun in the coming years. A truckload of biscuits for this magnificent puppy! XOXOXO
Jun 3, 2011 buffy29
Golden Retriever puppies are the cutest. Ours is 3 and we miss the puppy stage.
Jun 3, 2011 ladyg0726
Hello Sweet Little Romeo, You are indeed a cute little guy and I too love your sweet little face. I hope that you will have many more years of swimming and lots of bikkies and belly rubs. You have warmed my heart.
Jun 3, 2011 Missy's Mom
What could be better than this? It looks like total contentment..... Romeo you are a beautiful boy!!!
Jun 3, 2011 adrianhcole
Cuteness overload!!!!!!!!
Jun 3, 2011 flutey48
Romeo is a darling little guy! Enjoy him for MANY years to come!
Jun 3, 2011 shortyww22
Romeo,you are such a cutie...I hope you have a long happy life with you're family.Big kisses n hugs sweetie...
Jun 3, 2011 tink'smom
Tip of puppy favorite. My heart went thud when I saw Romeo. He is a heartbreaker for sure. Once again I am forced to make the claim "cutest puppy ever". I am so fickle.
Jun 3, 2011 tink'smom
PS: to puppy owners. Everyone should try to take a series of photos of their pets, taken in the same spot in your house, near the same time of day about once every week or two. Then you can have a time-lapse look at the pictures as your puppy grows during his first year! I believe I saw this with a German Shepherd on Cute Overload and it knocked me out.
Jun 3, 2011 tyrahdae
Oh, so adorable!! Have long happy years!
Jun 3, 2011 Barbywhodares
Romeo you are so cute. Love this picture - dreamy. Big hugs xxx
Jun 3, 2011 Big Pup Little Pup
O.M.Gosh , Would you look at That. Would you all just look at that. This little guy is a smile. I mean if a smile was a dog It would be Romeo. Lots of Treats, Belly Rubs and noggin scratches.
Jun 3, 2011 dhb200u
Tooooo cute for words!!
Jun 3, 2011 lucybee
You are 100% golden puppy perfection!
Jun 3, 2011 heat706
Romeo you have the most adorable puppy eyes!!~melting me away...hope you have a healthy and happy life!! xoxo
Jun 3, 2011 tiffy.faith145
AWWW Romeo is so cute, I have a puppy that looks just like him but my puppy is a girl
Jun 3, 2011 ebuzz
Romeo, you are perfectly named. If you lived in our house your little nose would be covered with puppy kisses 24/7.
Jun 3, 2011 clemency
"Look how tall I am now!" He is so cute!
Jun 3, 2011 Rio
Such a pretty little puppy you are Romeo. A golden we had awhile back had that same ridge on his nose, the one we have now doesn't have it and haven't seen it again till now. Have a wonderful, fun life.
Jun 3, 2011 LeagleLinus
Romeo- you are perfect. If you didn't have to grow up, you'd be awesome. Oh Wait, you're awesome anyway, because you'll be the handsomest grown up puppy on the planet.
Jun 3, 2011 piobaire
What a perfect picture of an angel!
Jun 3, 2011 schotime
Romeo is a real lover!
Jun 3, 2011 dankreiger
lick! you are such a sweet pup
Jun 3, 2011 Babsintoyland
I love Romeo .... want him. He is so adorable. Lots of tummy rubs and biscuits for Romeo!
Jun 3, 2011 drakes' granny
Romeo is adorable. What a sweet boy. Keep him safe and give him lots to do. They love to work when they are older. They are smart and will learn fast. Give him lots of love and cuddles.
Jun 3, 2011 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Romeo, with those beautiful eyelashes, and that cute, pink tongue, you will be able to get away with just about anything...but, you won't want to as you are a loving Golden! What a handsome boy, indeed. Big hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Jun 3, 2011 Annabelle13
Oh Romeo you are one sweetie pie! Oh, I miss Gracie when she was small! She too is afraid of Thunder storms.....think she inherited the fear on her first Canada Day celebrations.....the fireworks scared her too bits! Yup, I use the bath tub to hide, my family calls it Grace's Bomb works, give it a try next time....oh and leave the light on! Lots of love Grace and mom
Jun 3, 2011 Coinshop
Romeo is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.
Jun 3, 2011 flibberolooo
He is SO cute! I better just come over and take him! Just Kidding. Give him lots of treats 'cause he is so cute!
Jun 3, 2011 luvthempups
Romeo you are the perfect pooch! I had a hard time choosing which photo to comment on. They were all so cute and you are soooo lovable! What a sweet face. Many happy years to you and your family.
Jun 3, 2011 jeni18
OMG, one of the cutest pics I've seen on Daily Puppy. Romeo your name suits you!
Jun 3, 2011 Nias Mom
Romeo you are gorgeous!!! I would love a sweet little Pup like that... absolutely beautiful..have a wonderful life!!!
Jun 3, 2011 3saavik
Love your name! Great name for a beautiful dog!Love that sleepy baby picture!
Jun 3, 2011 slevinsmom
Oh em gee, Romeo...I'm madly in love!
Jun 3, 2011 penny27
Oh how cute! He is so adorable!
Jun 3, 2011 reni1022
Goldens are the best! I think our dogs are truly our best friends...Romeo looks like a true golden cutie!
Jun 3, 2011 mychiensr1
Romeo est tres beau! Je t'aime Romeo.
Jun 3, 2011 tzumom
What a sweet little guy...just beautiful. So happy that you have found the love of your life!
Jun 3, 2011 lizanne
Romeo, Romeo, Where for art thou, Romeo? You are so sweet, lovable, huggable, squeezable, petable, kissable, and ADORABLE. I also love your "Sleepytime Photo." You are off the charts on the cuteness scale. Pug hugs and kisses to you from Mini Andy and Mom Elizabeth in NY~
Jun 3, 2011 lizanne
Way too sweet for words. Elizabeth~ Love and so sweet!
Jun 3, 2011 pirosred
What a adorable puppy, look at that face! Have a good life with Romeo.
Jun 4, 2011 jtywong
romeo! hugs and kisses to you!
Jun 4, 2011 bluegigi
Such a cutie pie - and he knows it!
Jun 4, 2011 bluegigi
Romeo's exhausted from being so awesome!
Jun 4, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Romeo, sure hope you're having sweet dreams. You are one adorable puppy! Wishes for a lot of treats and tummy scratches and a long, happy, & healthy life from Scamp's Grammy.
Jun 4, 2011 MaggieBaby
Absoluelty the most adorable puppy ever! I miss my Zack (golden) but he had a very long and happy life he was 19 when he left me :( but he will forever me in my heart! They are truely our best friends!!! Love to you lil Romeo!!
Jun 4, 2011 r_labs_3
Very cute!! Such a sweet face...enjoy!!
Jun 5, 2011 wolfgirl66
Totally sweet and super cute!!!!
Jun 5, 2011 bellatrixls
What a precious pup!!
Jun 7, 2011 MsJaxFla
It was really difficult to choose a favorite photo of Romeo, all are so wonderful. I am so happy for you both to have found each other to love. His eyes tell us he has great wisdom, even at this young age. Kisses and hugs to you little darling Romeo. Great name for you too. I am in love at first sight. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Jun 7, 2011 ButtersMum
What a handsome little boy! Much happiness to you Romeo!
Jun 8, 2011 shaynea
ahh so cute is ardoribal i want him so much
Jun 15, 2011 lornad1103
Romeo you are a very cute dog.I hope that you have a very long & happy life with your family. I love golden retrievers. lots of love, kisses and biscuits from me and my familys Min Pin dog Georgia.
Jun 25, 2011 Buttons9
What a perfect name, because he has totally captured my heart!
Jun 26, 2011 callmely
Oh wow! Your Romeo and my Mable look like they could be brother and sister! Soooo cute!
Jul 5, 2011 Midnightpuppy
Oh Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo! Thou can come home with me because you are so adorable! What a cutie pie- he needs a Juliet. XOXO :)
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