Rooster the Irish Terrier

Puppy Breed: Irish Terrier

Rooster's parents say: Rooster (a.k.a. Rooster C. Hannafin, Tortious Terrier of Zamboanga) is the most popular dog in our neighborhood. He's super-smart, loves children, has a serious crush on three different Australian shepherds, chews on grass like it's going out of style, sits down in patches of sun and just...won't...move, and has the sharpest puppy teeth in the universe. He was bred in Vancouver, Washington, and spent his early puppy-hood in the company of five litter-mates, at least half a dozen older dogs, several cats, and two goats. He still drinks goat's milk daily as part of his puppy diet, and all that early socialization has made him a natural at the dog park across the street.