Friday, July 25, 2014
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Sep 3, 2006 Lovely Lady
Aw, how cute!!! Is Bettis (the black and white) a Pit? They are gorgeous dogs. I am SO glad to hear they were rescued, and not bred like many of the puppies on here.
Sep 3, 2006 DBW
I love them!
Sep 3, 2006 Lin
A beautiful "odd couple!" I am glad Roxie made it through Parvo and she and Bettis are a team again!
Sep 3, 2006 dj
Sep 3, 2006 Oaktown Girl
So sweet! How long did you have Bettis before Roxy came along? Is Bettis a female?
Sep 3, 2006 ireland
SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 3, 2006 PuppyLover
They are so cute!!! They look like they are real pals.
Sep 3, 2006 Tess
What breed is Bettis? I think she is adorable, as is Roxy. Glad Roxy's better.
Sep 3, 2006 DogMom
Cutie pie puppy dogs!!!! Bettis looks like an oreo cookie and Roxy looks like a pecan sandy!! Yummy puppies......
Sep 3, 2006 Tori


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Sep 3, 2006 Terry C
Is Bettis the pit?

Named for the former Steeler running back, by any chance?

Both beautiful dogs.
Sep 3, 2006 mgsc
Bettis looks like Edward G. Robinson with that chewy sticking out of his/her mouth like a cigar. (S)he appears to be saying, "Dis is the way it's gonna be, shheee."

Really cute pups.
Sep 3, 2006 Bettis and Roxy-s mom
Bettis is a pit, male, and is named after Jerome Bettis formerly of the Steelers. Roxy is a mix lab/retriever. We had Bettis for about 3 months before Roxy came along. They really are the best of friends and are loving to each other, our kids, and us.
Sep 3, 2006 Charlotte Smith
Aw... that is the sweetest thing I've read in a long time! I'm glad they're both happy & healthy!
Sep 3, 2006 ali 7n7
they are precious. I hope you get them fixed.
Sep 3, 2006 Charlie O
Friends for life. They are adorable.
Sep 3, 2006 deano
Sep 3, 2006 Libby-s Mom
awww...Roxy is adorable, as is Bettis. They are such a cute pair. Bravo, on rescuing them!!
Sep 3, 2006 Kristin
Awww.... just look at them sleeping together that is sooo cute
Sep 3, 2006 Suzanne Fletcher
Wish we could be like dogs and have friends for life like Roxy & Bettis, they belong together
Sep 3, 2006 Teresa
Sep 3, 2006 Jair
Both are veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
eeeeeeery cute.
I am glad that Roxy is doing fine. Congratulations you all!!!
Sep 3, 2006 -{Chasiti}-
I love Roxy!!!!
Sep 3, 2006 Cassidy-s Momma
The story of these two soulmates is priceless!! Enjoy them, they are both veryyyyyyyyyyyyy cute!!!
Sep 3, 2006 T Kay
They are soooooooo cute together!!
Sep 3, 2006 Krysia
What a sweet story! They're adorable together. I'm so glad Roxy survived; we weren't so lucky with a pup we got at a shelter a few years back.
Sep 3, 2006 Rotalishes
They are cute, glad to here she made it through the parvo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 3, 2006 yummi600
the dynamic duo strikes again!!!they are two of the cutest babies i've seen in a while
Sep 3, 2006 Bridget
You pitbull looks very similar to mine *(Odin will be in the Grown up puppy section on Oct. 7...) Bettis is so cute and I almost thought I was looking at Odin, only Odin is a blue nosed pit.

Roxy is precious and I love that these two are such great friends. Thank goodness for the vet-help and saving Roxy!!! What a wonderful Pair!!!!!!

Be sure to look on Oct. 7, cuz you'll see what I mean when you see Odin - he and Bettis could be siblings.!!!!!
Sep 3, 2006 Amber-s mom
What a sweet pair of friends. So glad that Roxy got well and rejoined Bettis.
Sep 4, 2006 Aline____Cleve.Ohio
their faces just seem to say __hugs and kisses, very sweet looking .
Sep 4, 2006 jess_hanson
What cute and wonderful pals they are! I am so happy that Roxy is well now, and that you gave both these dogs a great forever home.
Sep 4, 2006 rhia
they are very cute! i love it when 2 different looking dogs are best friends
Sep 4, 2006 jeffrolius
That's such a great story. I'm glad Roxy made it and the two of them are reunited!
Sep 4, 2006 Diana and Nico.
They are adorable! Thank you for sharing such precious pics!!!! ... and MOST OF ALL, thank you for adopting and loving Roxy.
Sep 4, 2006 Olivia
They are perfect for eachother!-lol
Sep 6, 2006 japanese spitz luver
i like the golden one so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 6, 2006 Missy
I am totally in love with those dogs!!!! They look like they love to cuddle!!!!
Sep 6, 2006 sputnik
heartwarming story! looks like they are best buds! lucky you... lucky them!
Sep 7, 2006 chichi
Sep 7, 2006 Lover and Expert of Dogs
The 'Pit Bull' is very gorgeous. It is clear that Bettis is extremely socialized with smaller dogs, and will be a great representitive of what the 'Pit Bull' breed truly is like. I respect that you have rescued. It takes alot of courage and love for animals to go out of your way and rescue a dog, than to run to the local Pet Store and buy a cute puppy.

This country needs more rescuing, and less breeding. I hope Bettis and Roxy stay as close as they are now, what a cute friendship.
Sep 10, 2006 puppyluv92
ahh!! they are beyond cute, im getting a new puppy soon and i hope my dogs will get along as well as yours do. BEAUTIFUL doggies, a box of biscuits from me!
Sep 14, 2006 tull
there cute
Sep 15, 2006 Ouli
I gave these duo a maximum number of biscuits!!
Too adorable!!
Sep 29, 2006 tink122
soooooooo cute!!!!
Oct 2, 2006 greatcait
bettis reminds me of his human namesake! broad shouldered, tough, but such a sweetherat. they're both adorable.
they are SO supper cute
Nov 15, 2006
I have a pit puppy that is looking for a home. any ideas?? I love pits, but already have 3 grown female and Neno is a male.
Nov 24, 2006 nicole becker
i love your puppys but i love roxy better!!!!!
Jan 23, 2007 DogLuvver
This story has made my day on so so many levels.

I am a lover of pound puppies, always have been my whole life. Over the course of 37 years my family has adopted 4 and they have been the world's greatest dogs.

Then I love that your pound bothered to call you about the parvo and I am grateful that you were able to get the care needed and with results.

I love how close these two are, and as an ND alum, I am very partial to Bettis!!!

Thanks for brightening my day so much!
Feb 26, 2007 Lydia
They are both pretty pretty! I want them! That classic golden coat and that gorgeous black and white! They are too much! What a sweet pair, with sweet faces to match. Little angels!
Jun 8, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
So happy to hear Roxy is doing well! Bettis would have been devastated to lose her! Enjoy your beautiful pups!
Jun 28, 2007 geezjams
[color=mediumpurple]What a gorgeous pair of well-cared for dogs! Cheers to you. [/color]
Jul 3, 2007 gryt
Bettis is tooooo sweet!! He seems very protective of little Roxy, what a good older brother. I don't blame him for being in love with her, she's adorable! Wonderful little duo.

Love Bettis' frog legs in the last pic. Terrier style, no? :)
Feb 15, 2008 aden1994
they are adorable! i'm glad that Roxy overcame the parvo...Bettis seems very protective over Roxy. what cute dogs...
Oct 10, 2008 Sakura_Haruno
they are so cute i luv them
Oct 24, 2008 georgia04
Friends forever! What a happy story, I am so glad that Roxy recovered from the terrible parvo, and Bettis has his little friend back. This picture is worth 1000 words, and the first would most definitely be sweet. Give both of these special pups love for me. I hope they have many happy and healthy years together.
May 17, 2009 kendra blackie 08
They are both Sleeping Beauties!!!
Feb 28, 2011 pelligrino
Dog Love!!!!!! They are so cute and lovable!
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