Roxy the Great Dane

Puppy Breed: Great Dane

Roxy's dad says: Roxy is a fawn-colored Great Dane puppy with magical ears. They seem to spend the majority of her waking hours pointing forward, flopped over on top of her head in an insanely cute display of curiosity. Roxy is short for Roxanne, but she also goes by Foxy Brown, Don’t Eat That, and Puppysaurus. She makes hysterical chimp-like sounds when she wrestles with her big brother Willie, or sometimes just his bushy tail. The pitter patter of her little feet on the hardwood floors is quickly becoming a far more resounding sound. She was 16 pounds when I got her at eight weeks old, and now at 11.5 weeks she is 32 pounds. And Roxy’s rapid growth makes her especially clumsy in an adorable, tumble-off-the-couch kind of way.

Comments (61)
kg6ejp Mar 5, 2007
Wait until she grows into those paws!!

Vivalasteffer Mar 5, 2007
I love the one where she is going through the doggy door and the...

daddy's girl Mar 5, 2007
roxy is just gorgeous! can you just imagine this face greeting you...

Turaga Dome Mar 5, 2007

chefahoola Mar 5, 2007
3698 cookies for Roxy!!!!
Too cute.

normag Mar 5, 2007
She is beautiful. With that face she will run my house.

sweetie6226 Mar 5, 2007
LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE MITTS! Very cute puppy....biscuits all...

Trevor's mom Mar 5, 2007
Roxy is a beauty. Better stock up on the dog food!!

Johanna loves dogs Mar 5, 2007

Joyce Roberts Mar 5, 2007
Her feetsies are sooo big she looks like she's wearing roller skates....

yujismom Mar 5, 2007
wow-thats some big puppy...she could use my dog as a slipper!

Zoe's_mama Mar 5, 2007
What a beautiful girl! She looks so serious, like she's busy...

DogMom Mar 5, 2007
What a gorgeous gorgeous girl! Enjoy your pretty princess!

bunnied816 Mar 5, 2007
What a beauty! That face is so expressive! I love the pic at the...

tabby Mar 5, 2007
too cute! she is just beautiful! i loves her! i also love how she is...

laurenrox7 Mar 5, 2007
those huge feet are so presh!

mdecastro Mar 5, 2007
This is, by FAR, the best pup I've seen on The Daily Puppy. So...

YAKHODGE Mar 5, 2007
what big feet you have , so adorable I love them.
The better...

BeachLover Mar 5, 2007
Foxy Roxy, puddin' and pie.
She pounced the boys and made them...

Yourmomsage Mar 5, 2007
ROxy, you are a beautiful girl! Love those huge paws and that...

snuggles19973 Mar 5, 2007
What a cutie, I love the ears. She's gonna be a big girl when she...

erinadrenaline Mar 5, 2007
She is just gorgeous, and look at that face; very curious, it's so...

scobig Mar 5, 2007
Dearest Roxanne, you are absolutely beautiful. I can tell that your...

sams*mom Mar 5, 2007
She's like a colt - all legs and no coordination but she'll grow into...

sabby1543 Mar 5, 2007
When that body catches up to those feet you'd better own stocks in a...

maxieg Mar 5, 2007
LOVE GREAT DANES! Have a 2yr old dane and still goofy as ever. ...

BrightRedScream Mar 5, 2007 squish...the puppy.....

linzipruitt Mar 5, 2007
Roxy is awesome! My Dane (Zeus) is 6 months old and weighs 120 pounds...

yoliesf Mar 5, 2007
What a sweetie pie!!!!

mariannaregina Mar 5, 2007
Ridiculously cute. I love her!

Tarah711 Mar 5, 2007
I lurf her giant pawsitudes!

Dena Rose Mar 5, 2007
She is soooo cute and looks like a really fun dog to play with

lexicaljewel Mar 5, 2007
Lookit that pile of legs and paws! I love this big puppy!

Loizhanne Mar 5, 2007
roxy is an angel! just remember that the longer the legs get the...

samster.puppy.lover Mar 5, 2007
she is cute.... and i like her name......(big quiksilver/roxy...

samster.puppy.lover Mar 5, 2007
:) :)

DogLuvver Mar 5, 2007
Looks like Rooby Doooooooo!!!

Newfie_lover88 Mar 5, 2007
soo cute!! i love the ones of her sleeping.
my great...

roxy101 Mar 5, 2007
OMG!!! Same name!!! So CUTE!!!

julia in rofo Mar 5, 2007
my absolute favorite breed, and she's adorable!! Mar 5, 2007
gotta love those floppy ears... so cute!

henryrules Mar 5, 2007
OMGOMGOMG!!! [i] Sooooooooooooooo[/i] cute!!!

louthepurplefairy Mar 5, 2007
My daughter is called Roxy (Roxanne) and I would gladly swap her for...

dogsrule Mar 6, 2007
Gorgeous dog!

So glad you didn't cut the ears.

NORAIDA Mar 6, 2007
She is so Beautiful... I own her brother, Maverick.. He is a Handsome...

renee Mar 6, 2007
what a sweetie!!!!! love her sleeping pics.

puppylover_9099 Mar 9, 2007

doglover96 Mar 10, 2007

Maxsmom729 Mar 11, 2007
OMG! She is beautiful! Actually she looks EXACTLY like my puppy,...

ladylouise Mar 15, 2007
Seriously, I can't stop staring at her beautiful face, and the...

naomimoore Apr 11, 2007
You're right! She [i]does[/i] have gorgeous ears! And call me crazy,...

bobowaltz Apr 25, 2007
Great Danes are ONE OF A KIND. Love them. Roxy is beautiful. Love...

vllybllstar May 13, 2007
those paws...she's going to be big!
i love the picture of her...

chopperchick May 16, 2007
Roxy is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love how Danes are just all legs...

airkahk Jun 29, 2007
Roxy is BEAUTIFUL! PLEASE share the name of the breeder or family so...

pink2car Jan 26, 2008
Roxy is adorable!!!!:)

jbroy Nov 18, 2008
Puppysaurus - that is great! She is so cute!

weezie Feb 26, 2009
Puppysaurus! I love it. I had one of these and they are the best!

Beth Elder May 29, 2009
Roxie looks so sweet and gentle. I love the picture where...

renabena Feb 2, 2012
Oh my, Roxy sure is a cute girl. Give her a smooch from me.

hamachi Jun 25, 2012
I see a tummy that wants to be rubbed! (scritch...