Roxy the Great Dane

Puppy Breed: Great Dane

Roxy's dad says: Roxy is a fawn-colored Great Dane puppy with magical ears. They seem to spend the majority of her waking hours pointing forward, flopped over on top of her head in an insanely cute display of curiosity. Roxy is short for Roxanne, but she also goes by Foxy Brown, Don’t Eat That, and Puppysaurus. She makes hysterical chimp-like sounds when she wrestles with her big brother Willie, or sometimes just his bushy tail. The pitter patter of her little feet on the hardwood floors is quickly becoming a far more resounding sound. She was 16 pounds when I got her at eight weeks old, and now at 11.5 weeks she is 32 pounds. And Roxy’s rapid growth makes her especially clumsy in an adorable, tumble-off-the-couch kind of way.