Royal the Siberian Husky

Puppy Breed: Siberian Husky

Royal's mom says: Royal is my first puppy of my own. He is the light of my life. There is never a dull moment with him around. From the day I brought him home he was bursting with personality. He likes to bark and howl at you just for the heck of it. He likes to lay in the hole his "big brother" Brock dug in the backyard. He likes to stand and bark at other dogs when they have something he thinks he wants. He likes to sleep on his back. He likes to go for walks anywhere and everywhere and meet new people. He likes to put his ears back and give kisses on your face. He likes to chew on bully sticks and bones, sticks, and plants, and shake and "kill" squeaky toys. He likes to chase and wrestle other dogs. He likes to run and jump and bound and roll around in ivy. He likes to sleep in his crate and climb out of his ex-pen. He even likes baths, but only when peanut butter is involved. ;-) All in all, getting Royal was the third best decision I've ever made (behind getting his "brother" Brock and "sister" Alki) and I look forward to watching him grow and bloom with each day. Brock, Royal, and Alki