Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Sep 22, 2007 mscoop51
You are the most adorable baby. I could just pick you up and kiss you all over.
Sep 22, 2007 PixieGal262
What scrumptious ears you have! She's a cutie for sure and probably the belle of the dog park :). Much love and kisses for those fabulous ears. She'll grow up to be a real beauty.
Sep 22, 2007 caraschotch
Oh my goodness Ruby, you are a great beauty! I don't, however, see any Shepherd or Lab in her! I see Rottie and Beagle! Or maybe Dobe and Beagle? It will be interesting to see her when she grows up--- please do send in a pic of her then, okay? And it doesn't really matter--- whatever was mixed together came up beautiful! Lots of love and 100 biscuits, Ruby!
Sep 22, 2007 PIPPIN
Ruby you are an absolute sweetheart, and, not many pups can chew their ears. Love your colouring, which looks more Doberman or Rotty by the markings. And, I did click on 11 biscuits but you only had 1 added, which is often the case for me. Continue to keep the love flowing by greeting all with a lick.
Sep 22, 2007 mayalin
Ruby you are such a beauty! *kiss* *kiss*
Sep 22, 2007 Bleu
Well now I love love a girl, and Ruby is her name
Well now the girl she don't love me, but I love her just the same
Ruby, Ruby
Ruby, Ruby

Big big biscuits for you Ruby, darling. (And I know you'd love me if ya'd just get to know me! )

hee hee ~..~

Sep 22, 2007 SparkysMummy
this is sooo cutte. this picture shes like: ahhhhhh! I thought I said NO close-ups! adorable baby girl. I LOVE HER EARS WOOO
Sep 22, 2007 sue
shes beautifil
Sep 22, 2007 pomtzu
Ruby - you look sad in some of your pictures. Are you just camera shy??? You sure are a cutie pie, so smile and enjoy all the biscuits that you are going to get today. I'm sending 11 boxes so that should make you smile! Have a long and happy and healthy life with your new family.
Love this picture of you.
Sep 22, 2007 Jeannie
So hard to choose a picture - they are all so beautiful!! What a cutie she is and I'd love to see her wagging her bottom half!! She must be 1 happy pup!!
Sep 22, 2007 sandi
What a sweet, adorable, precious, gentle, lovable face (I could write at least 10 more) She sounds like a wonderful little puppy. I just love those ears. Whatever her mix is, she is just perfect. I love her name because she is, indeed, a jewel. :)
Sep 22, 2007 maryandjohn
Oh my gooness - what a beatiful puppy!!!! Love those big floppy ears. What a joy!
Sep 22, 2007 savon19
I SEEE You! That little dab of white on her lower jaw is Perfect... as is the rest of her!!

If you just see her face & ears, she almost looks like a dachshund. As others have said, whatever combo, she is PURTY!
Sep 22, 2007 yujismom
well miss personality pup, with THOSE ears and THOSE eyes you will conquer the world!
Sep 22, 2007 FireHorse
A real beauty!
Sep 22, 2007 Bonnie74
What a cute puppy....But i have to agree with caraschotch...I don't see either shephard or lab...She definitely has the colors of a rotti and the other breed i think could be any which one from beagle to some kind of pointer, but either way she is a cutie and enjoy....
Sep 22, 2007 more
Love the big floppy ears!!! I had a dog who looked just like Ruby, she had the same coloring, and she was the sweetest thing. Enjoy your cute puppy. Lots of hugs and biscuits.
;) :) ;) :)
Sep 22, 2007 thepupsmom
Ruby, your ears are adorable. I hope they stay long and beautiful! There has never been a sweeter face. Many little biscuits for your round little tummy!
Sep 22, 2007 BeckersUNC
What an interesting mix of features you have, Miss Ruby! Those little tan "eyebrows" are irresistible! ;)
Sep 22, 2007 llt214
Every house full of boys needs a little princess like Ruby!! She is beyond adorable! I just love her coloring...she's gorgeous! This picture melts my heart...puppy hugs and kisses to you sweet Ruby!
Sep 22, 2007 phillygirl64
Oh how adorable!!!!...I would have thought she was a black&tan doxie just looking at that face...I normally prefer sapphires, but I wuv this Ruby!
Sep 22, 2007 dusty59
The little dab of white is obviously because she's full of sugar! what a sweetie!
Sep 22, 2007 ckporter73
I have just died of cute!! Yes, from little 'ole you Ruby! I just want to scoop her up and give her kisses.
Sep 22, 2007 gador
love her, she is tooooooooo cute!
Lab Shepard mix are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 22, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
Ruby you remind me of little Jasper the Beagle. Love those ears.
Sep 22, 2007 rubyhatchet
She's beauuuutiful! 11 biscuits!!
Sep 22, 2007 dogcopper
Gotta LOVE those ears!!! What a beauty!
Sep 22, 2007 luvrescuelabs
Ruby, you are one beautiful gem of a puppy! My Lab wags her tail so hard that her whole body wiggles with it. Give Ruby lots of hugs, kisses and belly rubs as well as treats from me. Enjoy the love she will give you for many years to come.
Sep 22, 2007 puppypac
Awwwwwwww! :-)
Sep 22, 2007 edb1917
two of my favorite breeds in one - and what a cute one at that.

Ruby is just darling, one knows that she's just a joy to have around.
Sep 22, 2007 Terry C
I don't see the German Shepherd. I see Lab and Rotweiler or Doberman. That is definitely Rottie or Dobie coloring.

But whatever Ruby is, she is a lovely, lovely dog.
Sep 22, 2007
Ruby the beauty. They don't come much cuter than you!!! Enjoy your family, I know they will enjoy you.
Sep 22, 2007 Seeking Solace
What a honey!!!! I love her ears!!!!
Sep 22, 2007 bopeep
Ruby, what a sweet, sweet face you have. You are truly a real jewel. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Sep 22, 2007 Puppyluv146
Beuitiful ears! They look so velvety!
Sep 22, 2007 liz
Cute-ums! She is so pretty. My girl does the butt wag, too - so hard she can't walk in a straight line. Funny.
Sep 22, 2007 AmyLauren
YEAH FOR RUBY!!!!! She's so freakin adorable!! LOVE HER!!!
Sep 22, 2007 LucyLu
I want you! 11 biscuits!
Sep 22, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
Ruby looks os sweet. I love her. YOu are very lucky. "Good luck Ruby around all of those boys" (O:
Sep 22, 2007 stahlesl
What a sweetheart! I would definitely have to say there is beagle somewhere in there...mixes are the best dogs!
Sep 22, 2007 Yankee-7
Although she looks a little sad in the pictures, she's got an EXTREMELY adorable little face, head, ears, profile, tail, body ---- everything about her's cute! :D
Sep 22, 2007 Yankee-7
Although she looks a little sad in the pictures, she's got an EXTREMELY adorable little face, head, ears, profile, tail, body ---- everything about her's cute! :D
Sep 22, 2007 melle
Some black and tan coonhound is another option. Definitely hound in there somewhere, given that face and those ears.
Sep 22, 2007 allimarie
!!!! She is ridiculously cute! I can't stand it!
Sep 22, 2007 Joe Fitz
Ruby, your as pretty as a peach. We need your help today. Go Dawg Dog!
Sep 22, 2007 max's human
Ruby is a real jewel- such a cutie! Agree with some other comments- am not sure there is German Shepherd in her, certainly doesn't look like it, but anyway she is ADORABLE and we wish you many happy times!
Sep 22, 2007 maddie's mom
Ruby is my favorite name. She looks like a beage rottie mix and is absolutely CUTE CUTE CUTE.
Sep 22, 2007 corky
I think she is mostly a black and tan coonhound - her markings, but especially the ears... See what you think (link to AKC profile) - reeds/b... -
In any case, she is a cutie!
Sep 22, 2007 Pleca
Ruby is amazing. Congratulations to your family on finding such a heart melting beauty! I agree that she looks more hound than shepherd but that's the great thing about mutts - no two are ever alike!! I am sure her heritage will reveal itself more as she hunts, barks and grows into the wonderful dog she is sure to become!
Sep 22, 2007 jkr410
Yes, a darling little girl! My girl is also a lab/German shepard mix, and she looks exacly like Ruby, down to the little white dot on her chest! In fact, I've seen several mixes of those breeds who end up with Rottie-like markings. Ruby's ears a little bigger, but otherwise, she is what my dog must have looked like as a puppy. (I got her as an adult, so thank you!) No Rottie in my dog, either. :)
Sep 22, 2007 Lizanne
Ruby, You are a little Sweetheart. I love you.
Have fun and you are so sweet in this picture with one little ear flipped up. Hugs!!

Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Sep 22, 2007 maedchenausmars
She is such a cutie.
Sep 22, 2007 Shelbunny
[color=green] what a pretty face! [/color]
Sep 22, 2007 easycompany
wow that is to cute
Sep 22, 2007 Molly's Mommy
I bet that the inside of those ears are the softest and most kissable ever. Very beautiful coloring.
Sep 22, 2007 Leanne1970
She could have many breeds in her, but what counts is how beautiful she is. Those eyes! And those ears! Ruby, you're one of a kind!
Sep 22, 2007 guido's mama
sweet sweet sweet little Ruby. You've won my heart! xoxoxo
Sep 22, 2007 Woofins
You are just so lovely . Like a massive Dachsie!!!!!

Lots of cuddles to you
Sep 22, 2007 wxgurl
I have to agree with the coonhound mix! She looks just like my Seth, who is a black and tan coonhound mixed with a german shepherd...She is precious!
Sep 22, 2007 trisha
what an adorable little puppy, if i had him i'd be cuddling him all the time,my daughter has a pure black labrador, he has that same give me that last piece of chocolate look...i must admit when i look after him he gets away with all sorts, but you just can't help but give in when they give you that look, i just love him to bitsxx
Sep 22, 2007 ellygh
Wow!!! Ruby is such a beautiful puppy -- her markings are perfect, aren't they. And the two breeds have such great traits, intelligence, loyalty, etc, that she will definitely be a wonderful girl when she grows up, also. I can understand how you fell in love with her. She is absolutely gorgeous -- you aren't prejudice!!! I think so too. Have a wonderful life together!!!
Sep 22, 2007 harry's mom
What a honey... I bet she melts the hearts of all she meets.

Remember Ruby "Girl Power", don't let those boys push you around and hog all the toys!!!
Sep 22, 2007 dlb54739
She is only toooo cute... I love those ears with such personality and she will grow into those paws... may she be healthy and happy for a very long time and love forever... Love this pic, like she is saying "You lookin' at ME?"
Sep 22, 2007 mollysmommy
What a lovely looking little girl. She looks like she could play tug of war with you one second and then curl up in your lap the next. Wishing you lots love, health, and happiness.
Sep 22, 2007 Mom2Max
Ruby, you are a cutie! It was hard to choose a favorite pose!
Sep 22, 2007 Blackmoons
my roomate and i both give you two thumbs up and way more biscuits than any puppy could eat in one sitting. SUCH A CUTIE!!! We are both a little jealous so give her some extra hugs for us :-)
Sep 22, 2007 iamme
Love this pic!!! She is a cutie!!! I thought she was a dacshund (hope I spelled that correctly sorry fans of the dog) when I first seen the picture. :) Lots of half body wags to her!! hehe :)
Sep 22, 2007 straysavior
Just the cutest....
Sep 22, 2007 pauleenm
What a cutie!!
Sep 22, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
What sweet little girl !!!!!!! Live long and play happy
p.s. DOGS RULE !!!!!!!!!
Sep 22, 2007 Jennb3
You are so dang cute!! I want to play with your floppy ears. hugs and kisses your way
Sep 22, 2007 mannymann
What a beautiful baby. I could just kiss that adorable face.
Sep 22, 2007 cheleon
With a face like yours, little Ruby, you will go far! Watch out for those doggie talent scouts - sheer adorable beauty like yours is hard to pass by. You are one 11 biscuit babe!
Sep 22, 2007 pupsiluv
Ruby you are a beautiful girl! There is a childrens book about a dog named Ruby that is a beautiful story for everyone and your face reminds me of the Ruby in the book!! Here's to a happy, healthy and long life for you pretty baby!!
Sep 22, 2007 DOGS ARE BEST
Sep 22, 2007 Jess
Wow - looks like you've landed yourselves the lesser known
Black+Tan German Labra-dobeagle-weilerhund...what luck!
Please put me in touch with your breeder. I want one with a wiggly bottom and floppy, dish-filling ears! 11 biscuits.
Sep 22, 2007 rexandbaby
Are you looking at me???? So cute!!!
Sep 22, 2007 DucksHockeyFan
Thank you for sharing your precious jewel with us. She is beautiful. I personally like diamonds, but in this case, the Ruby has won my heart. She is beautiful. I love her markings and perfect eyebrows!!
Sep 22, 2007 yoliesf
One of THE CUTEST puppies I've EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! She makes my heart smile.

Enjoy your bundle of joy!
Sep 22, 2007 javamom
OMG those big dark puppy eyes!! Ruby could easily rule the world by making us all do her bidding with those eyes! WHat a dooll, she's sleek as a seal and twice as cute! Live long and 'paws"per Ruby!
Sep 22, 2007 Rena1955
Ruby you are adorable!
Sep 22, 2007 sherae
Hey there cute stuff, cuddle up with me!
Sep 22, 2007 mash18020
SHE IS TOTALLY ADORABLE AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our lab Doc wiggles his entire body from the neck down when he wags hard and he's gona be 3.............they get better and better with age! Enjoy her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 22, 2007 tazjt
She's absolutely gorgeous! What a lovable baby!
Sep 22, 2007 t.dawg.robinson
really cute. :)
Sep 22, 2007 lotsapets
Sep 22, 2007 Old Dog
What a beauty!!

You are the Jewel of my eye Ruby, I know that look ..... you are as smart as all get out, and you'll definitely have a full and interesting life.

I'm happy to have met you!!
Sep 23, 2007 thetopazsmurf
She is a darling...Such a sweet sweet face..
Sep 23, 2007 booper
Ruby is a Doberman, and probably purebred. She's a doll. Spend some time on the Doberman lists and get to know your breed. She's precious, and will be a velcro lover-pup. Take good care of her. She's special.
Sep 23, 2007 Mummm
Ruby is so cute! It was very hard to pick a favorite picture.
Sep 23, 2007 doriesmom
Ruby is adorable!! I agree with several others, she has to have something else in her blood ;-). Her face is exactly like our Dorie's and she's a Dachshund. Ruby looks like a long legged version of our grown up puppy. Whatever she is, she will be joy to your household, good luck with her!!
Sep 23, 2007 Caseysky
I have to agree with what others have said...Ruby may have lab and GSD in her, but I can't believe there's not also some hound somewhere in the mix...those are hound ears through and through.
Sep 23, 2007 doggieaunt
Hmmm . . . looking at those great ears, I wonder if there's a little coonhound somewhere in Ruby's family tree! She's really cute.
Sep 23, 2007 Jetfixer
Those eyes have so much expression! For the life of me, I can't figure out what she looks so sad for. She's a cutie!!
Sep 23, 2007 Daphne's Mom
This is a very pretty little girl. I bet she gets spoiles rotten! She is adorable! I could just cover her in kisses! What sweet looking baby.
Sep 23, 2007 fro01
too darn cute, where do you get dogs like that?
Sep 23, 2007 MusherMaggie
Such a precious baby! I hope you & the boys have many years of happiness with her!
Sep 24, 2007 blueshound
This cute little girl looks to be part Black and Tan Coonhound. No way she looks to be part German Shepherd and lab - not with those ears!
Sep 24, 2007 acmebiatch
I soo have to agree with all the great comments. This baby is delicious. Like caramel and fudge all swirled together. I too, however, see Lab and some sort of Hound - like a black and tan coon or something... for those ears of hers - rather than GSD!

However, it is all semantics when it comes to cuteness and biscuits. Many cuddles and belly rubs. :)
Sep 24, 2007 marleysmom
Adorable - 11 biscuits!
Sep 24, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
ruby, you couldn't be any cuter!!!!!!!!!
Sep 24, 2007 tiffwadd77
so cute =)
Sep 24, 2007 guersh123
God Bless you Ruby....
You are adorable!!!!

Much happiness and love to you!!!!!
Sep 24, 2007 shellyrini
I love both breeds. Ruby you are a doll.
Love those ears and that face. Too cute for words
Lots and lots of fun years to you.
Sep 24, 2007 olgadabest
I love the ears! Ruby is beautiful....give her many hugs for me!
Sep 24, 2007 DebbyD
What a cutie! Congratulations on the new addition to the family!
Sep 24, 2007 jowaldo
That's it show that rope who's the boss!!!! :)
Sep 24, 2007 pugswill
She looks like she's happily listening to all the praise she is receiving - and rightly so. What a little sweetheart.
Sep 24, 2007 EmilyV
Youi can't always see the parentage, when you breed different lines common general dog traits like black-and-tan, red or black coloring often pop up. I would assume the owner knows the parentage as these wouldn't be the breeds one would first guess.
Sep 24, 2007 gill
Ruby is so sweet. She looks like she is daring the others to come and play. A lovely mix. You can definitely pick out the lab and and german shep. mix. She will grow up to be a beautiful dog. Have fun. Gave her max bones!
Sep 24, 2007 CBinID
Her pre-teen picture is every bit as lovely as her puppy pictures.

She is really, really lovely. Does she bay? I"ll bet she has a great singing voice!
Sep 24, 2007 PD
OH MY GOODNESS... Ruby is just adorable. She actually looks like my black and tan mini Daschund. Ruby gets 11 + 11 + 11 million biscuits from me.. ;)
Sep 24, 2007 piobaire
Aw Ruby looks an awful lot like our Dobie mix, Byrdie. What a sweet bundle of love you have there. Bags of Biscuits for Ruby!
Sep 24, 2007 LisaLisa
Oooooooooooh, Ruby!!!! What a beautiful face!!!!
Sep 24, 2007 jlb
My guess is a black and tan coonhound mix - Google it. They're the best dogs...and your pup is beautiful!
Sep 24, 2007 stormdog
Ruby is gonna be a smart one! Just look at that "knowledge lump." It's very prominent. What a sweet puppy dog and I just love her markings. She is going to make a very good companion for you. Lots, and lots of belly rubs and kisses.
Sep 24, 2007 oliviahh
I definitely see Beagle in this dog. Those are classic beagle ears there. The snout also looks very Beagle like. I think the markings above the keys could be Rottweiler. Cute little puppy.
Sep 24, 2007 Lesley
totally adorable!
Sep 26, 2007 mom2jgd
My five-year-old says, "She's cute and beautiful!"
Sep 26, 2007 SonsLovesPups
Ruby is so beautiful. I cant wait to have a dog of my own one day and I hope she is even half as sweet as Ruby!
Sep 29, 2007 tanyalovesdogs
This puppy is truly cute. Although I see more of Dobe and Beagle. Ruby is very beautiful, and she deserves 11 biscuts, infact all of the pups do:).
Nov 2, 2007 pderoo1
awwww, Ruby looks so sad... she's a cute tho! =-)
Jun 3, 2008 wolfgirl66
sweet little puppy who I am sure melts lots of hearts!! Smiles to ya'll!!
Oct 13, 2009 TummyTickler
Ruby is an absolute sweetheart of a girl!!! I love her markings and shiny, shiny coat. You have a great mix here and am sure she'll keep you happy & busy every day. Give her some cuddles & extra treats from Zoey and I.
Nov 23, 2009 mexi12
Ruby you're so adorable, I just adopted your identical twin, no really she's exactly like you- who is in fact a beagle/rottie mix. (Momma was rottie dad was beagle.) Hugs and kisses to you in your forever home! Love your big floppy ears!!!
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