Sadie the American Bulldog

Puppy Breed: American Bulldog

Sadie was the prettiest little puppy I had ever seen. We only had her about two weeks when she fell off the couch playing and broke her little leg. I was so scared but she was a good little patient and everyone at the vet loved her and gave her pretty little casts. She healed perfectly and is so active. She loves playing tug of war, playing fetch, playing with her cousin, Jack, and chasing the windshield wipers when we are driving! She loves eating raw carrots, salmon and peanut butter and shares her food with our other dog and the cat too. And if she does something bad and knows she is in trouble she talks to us nonstop. She destroys every toy we get her in a matter of days or hours. We love her with all our hearts. Life would be boring and lonely without her.