Sadie the Bernese Mountain Dog

Puppy Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Sadie is a very personable, human-oriented dog and loves to be gushed over. Her best buddy is her house mate Mia, a two-year-old shih-poo. They love to wrestle around the house and play tug of war with their rope toys. Sadie likes to bite Mia and pull on her beard and tail and surprisingly Mia is tolerable of her! She is a big cuddle bug who loves to lounge around and take naps. She is going to be a very big girl. She also loves playing outside, digging holes and chasing leaves. Her favorite place to visit is the Pooch Palace, which is a doggie hotel/daycare facility out in the country. She is a very gentle puppy especially with her big cat brother, Franklin. She is starting to enter the terrible two's age where she puts everything she can find in her mouth and thinks it's delicious! Along with stealing sneakers and rolls of toilet paper, Sadie loves to get your attention any way she can.