Sadie the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Hi! I'm Sadie, and I'm an eight-week-old Golden Retriever. I joined my new family just two weeks ago. My parents knew my new big sister (who's 7) would love me, and she does. I'm a typical little sister. I follow her around, learn from her, and generally enjoy pestering her. I'm a fun-loving, adventurous little girl who can teach her a lot, too. My favorite things are toys, treats, tight spots, running laps, and cuddling. Recently I turned my sister's water bowl into a kiddie pool, so my parents decided I should have a pool of my own. They say I'm really intelligent! I already sit, stay, come, and tell them when I need to go outside. I also have a thorough understanding of the word "no". I still need to learn that not everything in the house is a toy...but all in due time! My parents are teachers, so it's going to be a fun summer!