Samson the Beagle Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Samson's mom says: Samson, the puppy with the Buddha belly. His mommy was a beagle; daddy was probably a black Lab. Samson frequents the Brentwood dog park and can be usually seen leaping around Santa Monica, California. He is inquisitive, mischievous, wiggly, and adorable. His interests include chicken jerky, treats, ladies' laps, nibbling faces, French kisses, eating leaves, more treats, small squeaky rabbit toys, stretching in the sun, and chewing socks and underwear. He loves his daddy, so much so that he'll curl up outside the shower door every morning waiting for him to emerge. He's a notorious escape artist, takes an insane and infectious pleasure from meeting new people, and is phenomenally good at fetch. We just cannot be angry when he cocks his head in curiosity, or wiggles his whole little body in greeting, or stretches out backward with a drool-covered toy still clutched in his little mouth. We went to the rescue shelter just to get our feet wet and survey the options, came home with an eight-week-old puppy, and never once looked back. We have so much love for this little buddy.