Samson the Cocker Spaniel

Puppy Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Hi there, my name is Samson, but you can call me Sammy. I live in Las Vegas and can't wait to run around on the strip, but my mom says that really isn't a good place for dogs. For the first ten weeks of my life, I lived with my dog parents, Mimi and Poppy, and my brothers. Then my new human mom and pop came to meet me and even though they said we were all cute, my dad picked me! I'm so happy he did because I wasn't feeling very well. It turns out, I was really sick with the parvovirus and my mom took me to the vet where I stayed for six long days getting better. When I was finally well enough to come home, my parents were so happy that they have been spoiling me rotten ever since. My favorite things to do are lounge in the sunshine, play with my stuffed puppy who looks just like me, go on trips to see my dog Uncle, Russy, and snuggle with my mom and dad (preferably both at the same time). I'm not sure what my parents did before they had me because the only thing they ever seem to do is play with me and tell me how much they love me.