Samson the Great Pyrenees Mix

Puppy Breed: Great Pyrenees

Meet Samson! He is half Great Pyrenees with a little Rottweiler and Lab thrown in. He is such a smart, sweet, handsome boy who can't get enough cuddles or kisses, and neither can we! He loves to sleep in our arms and since he weighs in at 20 pounds at almost 9 weeks and is growing fast, we let him do it as often as possible. Samson also loves to chew on everything, including his tail when he catches it, but since he is eager to please he's quickly learning that the carpet, walls, curtains, sideboards, cupboards, and couch legs are not chew toys. Samson lives in British Columbia and loves to be outside in all weather, but especially the snow. We love him dearly and couldn't have adopted a better, more precious puppy to share our lives with!