Saydee the Beagle

Puppy Breed: Beagle

Saydee's mom says: Saydee Reese is the cutest beagle puppy ever. She is such a joy and excitement to have around the house. She is so sweet and cuddly when she first wakes up, but once she gets going she is crazy!! She runs figure 8's around the coffee table and she chews on everything. She has so many toys already because I can't seem to control myself at the pet store. Her favorite is a stuffed-animal beagle that is bigger than she is. She drags it all around the house and then when she gets tired she lays her head on it and falls asleep. Even though she can be wild and crazy at times, she is such a pleasure to have around the house. I am so happy Saydee is a part of our family.