Friday, April 18, 2014
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Jan 26, 2007 caraschotch
I have always had a soft spot for beagles, and this little girl is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing her with all of us!
Jan 26, 2007 PuppyCrazie
How positively gorgeous! I would spoil her rotten as well... It looks like butter wouldn't melt in Saydee's sweet little mouth! Give her a big kiss and cuddle...
Jan 26, 2007 drm
I LOVE SAYDEE! Her big brown eyes capture your attention at first glance! Her little ears look so silky! I REALLY want to pet her!
Jan 26, 2007 drm
11 biscuits!
Jan 26, 2007 drm
Ya know, I think that at one time, you could only give a puppy 10 biscuits, but many people requested for there to be an 11 biscuit choice because 10 wasn't good enough.
Jan 26, 2007 drm
This is the first time I've been able to be one of the first people to make a comment.
Jan 26, 2007 Tinyoscar3162
First off, nice comment to "drm." You leave such a meaningful contribution. Thank you for your time.

Second, I have been a member for a while but this puppy was the first one to really make me want to leave a contribution. Truly an adorable puppy. I hope to someday put my dog on the adult page. Congratulations.
Jan 26, 2007 EdeN
Lovely! What a sweet girl!
Jan 26, 2007 MargoPego
As the first commenter said, I, too, have long had a soft spot for beagles. There's something about the way they look that's so sweet and adorable! Great puppy. :D
Jan 26, 2007 DogMom
what a lovely lovely face. she IS the cutest beagle baby ever!!!! She has such beautiful eyes --- they would convince me to do anything for her! Kisses to her.....
Jan 26, 2007 gerty4ta
Saydee is a beautiful little girl! Beagles are such a joy.....but also can be a pain in the keester! Mine is such a bundle of energy. I don't know where Beagles get their non-stop flow of energy from.....but it would be nice if we could bottle it and sell it! What a doll. Enjoy her!
Jan 26, 2007 Donna M Cromie
What a cute little face Saydee has. Just want to squeez her.
Jan 26, 2007 DKN
OMG, her Princess Di eyes are to DIE for. Hahaha!
Jan 26, 2007 PhilBiker
What a cutie-pie! 11 biskits! Beagle puppies are adorable!
Jan 26, 2007 bunnied816
Holy Understatement! Right on the money, Saydee's Mom! She really IS the cutest Beagle puppy ever. My first pet was a Beagle (Rudolf, RIP); even at 16 he had energy and spunk to spare! Your little lady has one of the sweetest faces I've ever seen - and I love that white-tipped tail!!

BTW: You are hereby officially absolved of all blame for any spoiling that occurs. Clearly overwhelming circumstances!
Jan 26, 2007 tallgirl1220
BEAGLES RULE!!! She is the cutest! Her coloring reminds me of my beagle girl when she was a puppy! Enjoy her and don't worry about spoiling her! How can you resist when she looks at you with those big brown eyes!!
Jan 26, 2007 Taiyin
I am in love. She is so precious. I want to kiss her to pieces.
Jan 26, 2007 mdpetey38
She is just adorable! I love the sleepy pics. Thanks for sharing!
Jan 26, 2007 BeachLover
Saydee Reese is beautiful! My parents raised beagle puppies, so I know what a delight they are. Many people don't know what great house dogs they are, being loyal and affectionate. Of course Saydee Reese will need to get out to stretch her legs and chase a few rabbits. "Happy hunting," Saydee.
Jan 26, 2007 mdpetey38
She is just adorable! I love the sleepy pics. Thanks for sharing!
Jan 26, 2007 DOGS ARE BEST
i am in love with her !! shes just sooooooooo gorgeous , i could wrap her in my arms and never let go , some day i hope to have a beagle pup : ) give her a snuggle from Sue in florida !!
Jan 26, 2007 Geenie
She is so sweet and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She must be a pleasure to have around! She looks like a small puppy when she sleeps!
Jan 26, 2007 Geenie
She is so sweet and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She must be a pleasure to have around! She looks like a small puppy when she sleeps!
Jan 26, 2007 Yourmomsage
I could gobble her up! Yummy puppy kisses!
Jan 26, 2007 anon
how ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! she's so small and just incredibly adorable!

"Her favorite is a stuffed-animal beagle that is bigger than she is. She drags it all around the house and then when she gets tired she lays her head on it and falls asleep." <-- She couldn't possibly get any cuter.
Jan 26, 2007 DKN
I went out to walk my golden retriever along the missouri river bluffs and we were joined by a wonderful little beagle who probably lived with some "river rats" near by. We were walking through woods and along a trail (MKT) lined with bluffs. this beagle was incredible. He would run up the sides of the bluffs that would gradually get taller. And then he would shoot right down the front of them and i mean STRAIGHT down, vertically about 100 ft, I would guess. I'm just glad my dog didn't try to emulate it because there is no way he would've been able to do that. Only a beagle could.
Jan 26, 2007 Monstra
In pic #3 she looks like she's going for a manicure, LOL. What color goes best with snuggly fur? Love her!
Jan 26, 2007 judyrb
Saydee is the cutest beagle puppy ever and I agree beagles are the best
Jan 27, 2007 Loizhanne
saydee really made my day today. my equanimity was being sorely tried when i logged into my mail and the first thing i saw was that beautiful face with the gorgeous eyes and the sleepy eyes and all the energy flowing off of her, and i was overcome with a feeling of warmth and great satisfaction. that's some puppy you have there.
Jan 27, 2007 chentz22
You really are the cutest beagle puppy ever. I am such a proud mommy that your cute little face made so many people's day. luv you baby!
Jan 27, 2007 Julia
Beagles are as important to good health as a balanced diet and plenty of fresh air. In fact, I have been suffering from severe beagle deficiency lately, so I have decided to stare at this baby girl's picture every day for at least a week. In addition, I feel I should download some melodious beagle bays and listen to them as I might listen to relaxing ocean sounds. That should fix me.
Jan 27, 2007 Julia
Oh, also, will you just LOOK at that COLLAR?? Pink skull-and-crossbones? This little pirate princess freakin' RULES.
Jan 27, 2007 caspersmom
What soulful eyes you have Saydee, on such a cute face.
Jan 28, 2007 jefflau
Saydee is the cutest puppy ever She so Cute
Jan 31, 2007 PupLuver4life
Saydee Is AHDORABLE!!!! OMG I want a puppy just like her!
Feb 6, 2007 doolins mom
Very Cute! I the expressive eyes!
Feb 10, 2007 monimoni
she is so precious i think she is so cute! = )
Jun 1, 2007 p_fluger
sooooooo cute
Jun 27, 2007 pderoo1
how adorable!! I have yet to give out anything less than '11' biscuits to any of these pups!!
Jul 8, 2007 nash5081
Sayde, You are the perfect little beagle. You are the precious, and I Love You! May you live a long and healthy life.
Jul 18, 2007 ilovecoco
awwwww shes adorable!!!
Jul 31, 2007 gill
saydee is just the best!!! So sweet. She looks like my Cavalier in the colouring. What a little precious pup she is. Have fun!
Nov 21, 2007 all4dogsoup
Nov 23, 2007 sasha11
I have a really adorable beagle, Chester, too. i love, love, love, love beagles. they're so unbelievably cute.
Nov 24, 2007 puppy*power
She is so cute!
Jan 27, 2008 megg<3
[color=green][i]She is just too cute!!! All these adorable pics of Saydee are making me want a Beagle even more! Good luck and I hope you have the best with her! She is incredibly cute, I love her colors! How did you come upon this cute ball of.. er.. cuteness?
Hah, yes, puppies always run around like that! Especially Beagles from my knowledge. And this girl is a keeper! All the boys will want to breed with her. Heh. 11 buiscuits!! [/i][/color]
Jun 22, 2008 baby gus
Sep 7, 2008 grandma helen of ct
I have a beagle, Tucker, and yours is so much more calmer! Mine sniffs the ground EVERY MINUTE and BARKS!!!
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