Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Feb 13, 2013 DaveTheDog
"So, I was thinking this may not be an actual duck I, er, "tolled", but I may have stumpled upon a synaptic model of nucular fusion....or maybe it's a chewtoy. I'll let you know..."
Feb 13, 2013 Ivylea
Dzien Dobry, Scotie! We love your red nose! From Mack and Rosie in Rochester, NY
Feb 13, 2013 veronica
wow, you are so adorable and very cute x
Feb 13, 2013 natermom
Sto lat, little one!
Feb 13, 2013 longislander
Scotie sounds like fun. The expression on his face in this pic is priceless. He's adorable.
Feb 13, 2013 p00h
heheheh. Look at me ma, I'm playing in the snow! hehehehe
Feb 13, 2013 Sibes
Love this photo. Hes so cute!
Feb 13, 2013 Sunshyn
What a preci.ous face. This is one of my favorite breeds
Feb 13, 2013 amyliz
Scotie, you are adorable...I can see why tourists wanted to have their pictures taken with you! I love your breed, such great dogs. Many happy and healthy years to you!
Feb 13, 2013 bestfriends
Congrats Scotie for becoming puppy of the day! I just commented on you yesterday. You're one handsome guy, your eyes are mesmerizing! Many healthy, happy years with extra treats for your special day.
Feb 13, 2013 deborah.gibbs.144
Just gorgeous - I love this breed!
Feb 13, 2013 Mmmousemaid
Scotie you'd make a great tourist guide. What a sweet face. I'm pretty sure I saw another N.S. Duck Trolling Retriever on D.P. not long ago, who looked just like you.
Feb 13, 2013 Mmmousemaid
Mmmousemaid Scotie you'd make a great tourist guide. What a sweet face. I'm pretty sure I saw another N.S. Duck Trolling Retriever on D.P. not long ago, who looked just like you.
Feb 13, 2013 L&Z's Mom
Sweetie, you should be the Polish Ambassador of Love. You could bring about world peace all on your own.
Feb 13, 2013 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
Beautiful boy!
Feb 13, 2013 Abiglen
Oh my, it's tiring being so popular. The pup-arazzi can't get enough of me :) You're a gorgeous little man, Scotie. oxoxox
Feb 13, 2013 spunky
"Help, I'm trapped!" You are one cute little puppy! I wish you a long and healthy life!
Feb 13, 2013 BorderCollie101
cute cute cute! Scotie is very cute! I love your adorable little face!
Feb 13, 2013 Jose
Scotie you're avery handsome boy. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
Feb 13, 2013 bluegigi
Hey Ma & Pa - this is heaven, just bliss - I loves me some snow!!!!
Feb 13, 2013 Frankt
Mom......Pleeeeze stop telling me the meaning of life!!!! I'm going to BUST out laughing if you don't stop. It's life is: eat, play, sleep, play, lay down for belly rub, play, chew something, play and Love you UNconditionally. Frank and Carol in Vermont.
Feb 13, 2013 ebuzz
I love your breed and you are beyond adorable! You look so happy in the snow. Puppy kisses and cookies from TX.
Feb 13, 2013 drakes' granny
Seems that Scotie loves the game of peek-a-boo or hide and seek. Scotie is adorable. Love the happy face and it seems he loves the snow. Just so sweet.
Feb 13, 2013 Mechi
You're so absolutely precious! Enjoy the snow :-)
Feb 13, 2013 WATERDOG
It's so Good to be Scotie! All the best, Cheers!
Feb 13, 2013 daphne's mom
How cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Scotie!
Feb 13, 2013 buzz1
What a cute puppy.....I hope you enjoy your life and you get lots off affection.
Feb 13, 2013 The Raven
Scotie, you are one very handsome friendly lad. I saw one of your relatives at the Westminster Dog Show. I think you are a Nova Scotia Snow Tolling Retriever. " Just out enjoying winter. I like snow almost as much as I like greeting tourists. Life is a great fun adventure. Where will the family car take me next?"
Feb 13, 2013 msmulkie
scotie is gorgeous!!!
Feb 13, 2013 chelsearosebud
Hello from America! Scotie, you are my dream puppy. So glad you made it across the Pond to brighten our day on DP. Sending love and blessings for all the days of your life, dear one. xoxo
Feb 13, 2013 mkesj
Goodness, this is one gorgeous puppy! Super cute.
Feb 13, 2013 goldenlover
Beauuuuutiful puppy!!
Feb 13, 2013 lucybee
It is not possible to be any cuter than this!
Feb 13, 2013 pupfanatic
Polish Pup! Love to see all the cuties from all over the world. Scotie, adore that lil blop of snow on ye nose.
Feb 13, 2013 RobinSpringer
Such a pretty smile! Many Blessings to you :)
Feb 13, 2013 poochies=love
What a wonderful picture! Scotie is just beautiful!!I'm sure he turns heads eveywhere he goes!
Feb 13, 2013 nancy24tarn
Scotie, I have never heard of your breed before.. But, you are one beautiful puppy. WOW!!! You live in Poland.. Holy smokes that is 1/2 way around the world from the USA... You are so gorgeous.. I wish your mom and dad had posted more pictures of you in the snow..My dog,Cindy loves playing in the snow, too.:):)Bless you always.. Have fun, sweetie. Tons of biscuits and belly rubs from Cindy's mom in New Jersey!!!
Feb 13, 2013 patrick58
What a beautiful face and so many pretty markings on this pup. I can only imagine how much you enjoy him!
Feb 13, 2013 michelepat60
'Zis mine? Really? Can I chew it - I mean really chew it?? Those little rubber lumps will massage my itchy gums so well(well, of course my gums are itchy!! I'm growing my adult teeth and that itches like heck)!! What an absolute doll you are Scotie! Kochaja od New Zealand.
Feb 13, 2013 ebead
Such a beautiful baby! Have a wonderful life!
Feb 13, 2013 pammieann
What a beautiful dog - great pictures, he's got the cutest face and love his furry body. Lots of Love, Licks and a healthy life little fella..... xxxoooxxx
Feb 13, 2013 izzybee_50
Such a pretty smile.
Feb 13, 2013 patlynn
Scotie is adorable. Have never seen a N.S. Duck Tolling Retriever. A beautiful puppy!
Feb 13, 2013 BostonMalteseLover
Oh my goodness, you are just the handsomest boy! Such beautiful markings and the sweetest face. You must be the most popular little guy in the neighborhood.
Feb 13, 2013 vorner
Scotie, you are one precious pup! I can see why the tourists love to have their photo taken with a fur angel. Long, happy life to you beautiful boy. XOXOXO
Feb 13, 2013 piobaire
So precious
Feb 13, 2013 waterwriter
what a cutie! sounds like he's a good-spirited pup. have a good life together! be happy!
Feb 13, 2013 Maeve's Mom
Scotie, you are quite the beauty - have a wonderful life in Poland!
Feb 13, 2013 Critter Crazy
Scotie is absolutely adorable beyond belief! This picture really exhibits Scotie's delightful personality and sweet soul.
Feb 13, 2013 nancybatt1
You look like such a fun dog and a happy one too. Keep having lots of fun...
Feb 13, 2013 kgpayne13
Scotie, you are absolutely adorable! Many biscuits and belly rubs to you, sweetie!
Feb 13, 2013 iluvk9s
Scotie is such a little doll! Love that sweet face!!
Feb 13, 2013 dogylvr
Scotty is beautiful
Feb 14, 2013 bafern
Scoti is adorable. He has the sweetest face. It looks like he is just so loveable.Wishing you a long happy life together.
Feb 14, 2013 mbclovebirds
Scoti is such a cute puppy. He kind of looks like my dogs when they play in the snow:)
Feb 15, 2013 Breannelelievre
I am from Nova Scotia as well and I can say that you are the most handsome Nova Scotian that I've seen!!
Feb 15, 2013 myfavoritedog
Feb 15, 2013 Mike Harper
Gorgeous Puppy!!!
Feb 17, 2013 Dragonfly Gemstone
Awwww. So sweeet! Every dog here is absolutely gorge!
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