Scout the Border Collie Mix

Puppy Breed: Border Collie / Jack Russell Terrier

Meet my little man, Scout who is currently about 16 weeks old. Through an outstanding team of volunteers at Delaware Puppy Rescue, he was saved from a very unscrupulous puppy mill in South Carolina, where he and his entire litter of puppies were about to be put down since they were not purebred. But they have all now found forever homes, just as Scout has a loving home with our family and plenty of room to run and play as he grows up alongside our children. As a Border Collie/ Jack Russell Terrier mix, he is as smart as a whip, sweet as honey and very active and fun-loving. His favorite hobbies include hiking the rolling hills of Maryland, playing fetch, herding the kids around the backyard, and eating the cat's food. He is still a young pup, but every day he is learning how to be a good dog and fit in as part of our family. I am so happy we could give him a second chance at life and a lifetime of love and affection.