Scout the Welsh Terrier Mix

Puppy Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei / Miniature Pinscher / Poodle

I was just adopted from the pound. They think I am a Welsh Terrier mix. Who knows when you come from the pound? I have been living with my new family for ten days now. My new Mom just took me to the vet and yep you guessed it, I have parasites. I guess I should quit eating snails, mice and birds now that I have regular dog food but the dog food just isn't as much fun. I am really fast and when I see something move I just can't help but grab it and it. I have a new sister who is a 3-year-old airedale mix and we have a lot of fun playing tug of war and chasing each other. I like to follow her wherever she goes and sometimes I take her toys and growl a little, but I think she knows it's all in good fun. Next week I will start a puppy manners class. I am looking forward to meeting some more friends who have lots of energy like me. Life just keeps getting better and better.