Seven the Border Collie

Puppy Breed: Border Collie

Introducing Seven, my border collie puppy! He is now 10 weeks old and starting to have a lot of fun with my two older dogs. He is a rare blue merle border collie and he has blue eyes (although I think that may change). Seven will learn to play Frisbee and even compete like his two older siblings. He is a wonderful and fun little puppy to have around the house and loves to follow his older brother and sister. He sleeps quietly in the car and enjoys going to the park daily. Training him will be a lot of fun.

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DaveTheDog Dec 13, 2012
"I think I may have been reincarnated! A lot of people have been...

julia.pak.73 Dec 13, 2012
Hi, I am Seven's owner Julia. Just thought I would drop in and be...

julia.pak.73 Dec 13, 2012
sorry the channel is clickandtreatpets on youtube

ebead Dec 13, 2012
Okay, that's enough of that baby talk! Yes, I know I'm...

doggieaunt Dec 13, 2012
Seven is such a handsome, handsome boy!! BTW, how did he get his name?

julie55 Dec 13, 2012
A very handsome boy!!:-).

pandina Dec 13, 2012

veronica Dec 13, 2012
wow, you are so very adorable and cute x

2rescues Dec 13, 2012
Beautiful, beautiful Blue eyes!! Seven is a winner already! You are...

guerrero's grandma Dec 13, 2012
Seven in God's number for perfect, and that's what you are...

Jasper's momma Dec 13, 2012
Absolutely adorable!!! May you always get your share of the...

amyliz Dec 13, 2012
Seven is a spectacular-looking puppy and sounds like a great addition...

spunky Dec 13, 2012
Omigosh, are you a beauty!!! Have a wonderful and happy life!! Lots...

BigMike47 Dec 13, 2012
Hey there gorgeous eyes. Wow!

Boomiepants Dec 13, 2012
Wow. I'm a sucker for anything blue eyed and blue merled, just...

kathy76999 Dec 13, 2012
So Cute!

Mmmousemaid Dec 13, 2012
OMD!Seven is heaven sent. What a beautiful dog! The blue eyes are...

imissjess Dec 13, 2012
Bet the blue eyes are with the pup forever! He is beautiful. I love...

bluegigi Dec 13, 2012
Good grief he's gorgeous!!!

Kddid429 Dec 13, 2012
Love his eyes!

poochies=love Dec 13, 2012
Great picture of a strikingly beautiful pup! Sounds like he;s going...

drakes' granny Dec 13, 2012
Very easy to see why you fell in love with this baby. Seven is so...

virgilsmama Dec 13, 2012
Seven is spectacular!!! Blue merle and blue eyes, stunning!!! Does...

WATERDOG Dec 13, 2012
Sounds like Seven has gotten off to a great start on his journey....

daphne's mom Dec 13, 2012
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

Mike Harper Dec 13, 2012
Seven You are an extraordinarily beautiful...

janet weir Dec 13, 2012
I hope you keep those beautiful eyes Seven! Even if they change, you...

chelsearosebud Dec 13, 2012
Seven, everything about you is special! Your eyes, merle coat,...

JanW Dec 13, 2012
Seven...what can I say?! You are an absolutely BEAUTIFUL boy!! Those...

ssmmtm Dec 13, 2012
Absolutely beautiful puppy. Gorgeous. Have many, many years of fun...

The Raven Dec 13, 2012
Seven is the Paul Newman of Dogs. Next week will his name be Eleven?

love_my_dogs Dec 13, 2012
Hi Seven!!! You are Beautiful!!!! I too have a blue merle border...

love_my_dogs Dec 13, 2012
100 cookies for you!!!

elsie`s mum Dec 13, 2012

Jakesmum53 Dec 13, 2012
Seven what an unusual name! You are so hansome and adorable! I know...

Critter Crazy Dec 13, 2012
Seven is one handsome furboy!

piobaire Dec 13, 2012
Seven has drop dead gorgous blue eyes. Woot.

Ozzy's Mom Dec 13, 2012
OMG Seven! You are BEAUTIFUL!

Abiglen Dec 13, 2012
You're such a handsome puppy, Seven. I can tell your mommy loves...

ECHOBLIZZ Dec 13, 2012
Unreal....what a gorgeous puppy! Smooches treats, hugs, and whatever...

nancybatt1 Dec 13, 2012
My gosh!!!! What beautiful blue eyes you have!!!!! One gorgeous pup.

michelepat60 Dec 13, 2012
Just like Seven of One, the Borg in STDSSN (Star Trek Deep Space Nine...

michelepat60 Dec 13, 2012
Yeah, yeah - I know - typos!! And I forgot my photo - meant STDSN!...

patlynn Dec 13, 2012
Seven is adorable. Love the blue eyes!

Valdo Dec 13, 2012
gorgeous pup! and love those eyes!

longislander Dec 13, 2012
What a beautiful animal. Those eyes are amazing. I think I'm in...

PUPEELVR Dec 13, 2012
"Seven, you're just a precious baby"

Oliver & Henry's Mum Dec 13, 2012
Handsome fellow, who is clearly in "good hands"! I enjoyed...

Smitty's Dad Dec 14, 2012
Seven! You are a beautiful Aussie!! Love those pretty eyes..

kleav Dec 14, 2012
Uhm... This is an Australian shepherd. There's no question about it.

cynthiajohnson Dec 14, 2012
a very cute puppy,i have one japanese spitz at home,.i think i need...

iluvk9s Dec 16, 2012
Look at that beautiful face! Seven is so precious!

Snowdoggies Dec 17, 2012
What a handsome boy and those baby blues are amazing!!!

Snowdoggies Dec 17, 2012
Adorable, sooooooooo cute!!!! My dogs have bleu...

dhb200u Dec 18, 2012
Such a cute face!!!