Shatzi's Puppies

Puppy Breed: Unknown

The puppies' aunt-in-law says: Shatzi the doberman and her paramour, Topper, hold all kinds of titles in search in rescue, tracking, and Schutzhund. Their four adorable puppies grunt and squeal like little piglets. Moxie (the pink ribbon) is going to be quite the ruffian. She is active and fierce, ready to fight for her place in the pile of fur that becomes feeding time. Alexis (yellow ribbon) is opening her eyes and viewing the world with disdain. Quite the princess, she is ready for the pesky siblings of hers to join their new families so she can have the digs to herself. Magic (blue ribbon) is a barky cuddlebug. This little boy is growing by leaps and bounds and will no doubt be chasing bunnies very soon. The red male (green ribbon) doesn't quite have a real name yet, but he might as well be called Brutus. He's going to give someone a dent in their wallet to keep up with the dog food bills.