Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Feb 26, 2010 wheatie mom
Shayla is a little cutie and all terrier! Look at that expression; what an attitude! Love this little fluff ball.
Feb 26, 2010 wolfgirl66
2 cute 4 words!!!!!!!
Feb 26, 2010 henri23jessalee
awwwwwwwww! so cute xox
Feb 26, 2010 iluvk9s
What a sweet adorable little baby!!! Love that silky coat and little button nose. Endless biscuits, kisses and hugs for Shayla!!!
Feb 26, 2010 PuppyLover897
What a sweety!!!!!!!!!!! Love and kisses to her!!!!!
Feb 26, 2010 pawsitive
Look at that face! Look at that little black button nose! Shayla, you are so sweet and special, you deserve a zillion biscuits, & I am so glad your human loves & appreciates you so much, you smart little cutie! I love your name too, does it mean anything? All of us here in The Pack of Goonengerry, Australia wish you a Happy Birthday, what a nice present for you to be DP! Long & happy life to you sweetheart.
Feb 26, 2010 pawsitive
Really, just look at that little can we possibly say that some puppies are 'better' than others? that's like saying one baby human is 'better' than another. Please, please, can't we stop the biscuit count & simply enjoy the beautiful precious puppies? That's what we're all here for right? love you DP!
Feb 26, 2010 princelover
Very smart as well as cute. I am going to be watching for you to be on TV talent contests because I have a feeling you will be there very soon. High five to your owners for doing some great training and your pictures are all so lovely. Great photography! I had a hard time choosing since they are all so cute. Look out Hollywood, here comes Shayla! Special hugs, baby. Love from Sher, Prince and Coby (My untalented boys)
Feb 26, 2010 Critter Crazy
Sweet fuzzface!
Feb 26, 2010 sunshineangel
Look HOW Cute! Such a precious puppy!!! Many Years of Happiness to you!! Hugs, Kisses and Biscuits! You made my morning more special. :)
Feb 26, 2010 minkiesmum
Love this shot as it speaks lots of mischief !! Cute baby......and do you remember the song by Blondie called Shayla ?
Feb 26, 2010 sarl6618
Absolutely precious. Shayla is sooooo cute !
Feb 26, 2010 Cassolly
Oh Shayla you are so cute, we used to have a yorkie called Sam he was a real terror but we loved him, many many happy years with little Shayla. And isn't it your birthday today as well? Happy birthday lots of bickies and hugs for you today and every day xx
Feb 26, 2010 daphne's mom
What a cutie! I hope you hsve many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Shayla!
Feb 26, 2010 goldenlover
"How'd I do this???" Very beautiful pup.
Feb 26, 2010 oopsidaisy
She is adorable! I just love her "longer hair cut!" It is precious!
Feb 26, 2010 oopsidaisy
Spring is coming!
Feb 26, 2010 fluffy ears
AW! She is such a sweetie!
Feb 26, 2010 w102663
Precious pictures of a very adorable puppy....ear scritches and belly rubs for Shayla :) :) :) 11+ biscuits
Feb 26, 2010 HillCountryGal
I'm guessing if we look up the word PRECIOUS in the dictionary, we would find a picture of Shayla! She sounds like a sweetie. Please give her extra hugs and treats today.
Feb 26, 2010 CollieMom
So tough to choose a photo. I went with this one because I love black and white photography and, with a subject this sweet, how can it be anything but beautiful.
Feb 26, 2010 scdoxielove
Shayla you are a doll baby! Congratulations on being Puppy of the Day! Big hugs for you.
Feb 26, 2010 meganbooth
Shayla honey how cute are you???!!!
Feb 26, 2010 The Fur Gang
Shayla, you are an absolutely doll. I hope God blesses you with a long, happy and healthy life. I can tell you owners love you so much by the time they took to take these great pictures.
Feb 26, 2010 amyliz
Shayla, in addition to your other accomplishments, I think you could easily star in your own calendar! I would gladly look at 12 months worth of pictures of your cuteness!
Feb 26, 2010 kerryllr
Shayla is super sweet. I love her pretty little face and compact size. As you can tell I am partial to small puppies myself, so Shayla is a HUGE hit with me. And so smart, too! Lucky you.
Feb 26, 2010 Samba1260
You are too precious beyond words. Much love.
Feb 26, 2010 nikieg96
I love it when puppies are in a garden. It is like paradise!! So adorable!!
Feb 26, 2010 molly's mom
OMG!!!!! What a sweetheart!!!!
Feb 26, 2010 Owen's Mom
This is adorable!
Feb 26, 2010 bkregh
You are adoeable. Lots of hugs and kieese little one.
Feb 26, 2010 YorkieMommy
Your baby is just precious. I have two myself and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Many smoochies and biscuits for you Shayla.
Feb 26, 2010 Malimom
"Um..a little help here.." What a great full of life and a great little companion. You are adorable Shayla.And what a perfect name for you.I looked it up and its Gaelic for "from the fairy palace".Have a great day.xoxo from monterey
Feb 26, 2010 DarleneJ
Shayla, what a sweetie you are! You are a beautiful little girl and look like you would be a joy to be around!
Feb 26, 2010 The House Of Genista
Shayla is just too cute for words! I just adore yorkshire terriers
Feb 26, 2010 jsewell51
You are a little bundle of "cuteness!" Hugs & Kisses!
Feb 26, 2010 DebforNow
Shayla is absolutely adorable. What a beautiful face she has!
Feb 26, 2010 enbenke123
awwwww she is soooooooooo cute
Feb 26, 2010 ssmmtm
OMG. There are no words to describe how adorable she is. Long life, lots of love, toys and biscuits to you sweetheart.
Feb 26, 2010 schnauzer
Who could fail to love her she is beautiful. I am so glad I joined the daily puppy as it makes me smile and brightens my day when I see little darlings like Shayla. Enjoy every day with her.
Feb 26, 2010 fritzy
Feb 26, 2010 mawolve
I grew up having this breed and they are the best. Shayla you are so cute and sweet. Lot's of belly rubs and kisses to you .
Feb 26, 2010 tink'smom
Such an adorable puppy, such a darling picture. Shayla is just the perfect little pup for someone like me who can't handle a big dog. Enjoy your little cutie, and I wish you all a long and healthy life together.
Feb 26, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Shayla sure is pretty in color. She is a very patient puppy to sit still in those different containers while her picture is taken. What a sweetie! Cuddles and biscuits from Scamp's Grammy.
Feb 26, 2010 charuth
WOW! You are just the cutest thing! Lots of biscuits and kisses!
Feb 26, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
What a cutie pie!!
Feb 26, 2010 poodles4evr
She is just WAY too cute for words! Great photos, too! Enjoy a long, happy life with your sweetie!
Feb 26, 2010 ilovedogs!
So nice to see a Yorkie featured. She's beautiful. I'm sure my Rudy and her would be great pals.
Feb 26, 2010 pamfontainepeters
Shayla is adorable and so photogenic! I love yorkies. I miss my Benji - a yorkshire terrier I had when I was a kid. Thank you for sharing Shayla with us. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Feb 26, 2010 Rube1947
Great to see a Yorkie on the Daily Puppy and such a cutie. We miss our Sadie Louise the best Yorkie who just passed.
Feb 26, 2010 curly#1
Hi Shayla, You are the cutest puppy I have ever seen!!! I wouldn't trade you either for anything else.
Feb 26, 2010 piobaire
Shayla you little cutie pie! A dozen cookies for you!
Feb 26, 2010 Yorkiemimi
Oh Shayla! You are so Precious!!! I just find you so adorable!! My babies would just love you to pieces as well, I wish you all the love & treats and a very long and happy life!!! Sounds like you're off to a great start in a great home with a Mommy whoe loves you to pieces as well, but then again who couldn't? just look at you??!!! Kisses from all of us and lots of snuggles!
Feb 26, 2010 Jarrett
Oh, how I wish I had you to cuddle up with me! The wind is about to blow the house down!
Feb 26, 2010 lisalisa
What a little cutie pie! She looks like a toy - like an adorable little stuff animal. Enjoy your sweet baby.
Feb 26, 2010 ruthie
Sooooo adorable! She looks like a cuddly little toy...and wonderful things come in small packages!! Wishing you many, many happy, wonderful years together.
Feb 26, 2010 bearhug73
ahh so cute!! i could eat your so cute but i wonldnt:)
Feb 26, 2010 mkesj
Great hair cut. Very cute puppy. Really, though, stuffing Shayla into objects has just got to quit.....even when it renders a super duper cute photo. Enlarge that and hang it.
Feb 26, 2010 HORSELOVER815
Feb 26, 2010 Yvettehat
Look at you!!! What a sweet little girl. I bet you make your family very proud. Best of luck little one.
Feb 26, 2010 3smalldogs
You are as cute as a button.
Feb 26, 2010 puppydreamer
Feb 26, 2010 gail koup
Shayla you are just too adorable for words! What a face! I am so glad that you have such a loving wonderful forever home! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Feb 26, 2010 AnimalLover22
you are so cute!i love this breed, so tiny and cute!Shayla the people who own you are the luckiest people on the planet!11 biscuits for you! :D :D :D :D :D
Feb 26, 2010 MAOAC12
Aww...What a cutie!
Feb 26, 2010 drakes' granny
Shayla, a pretty name for a pretty girl. So cute and full of fun too, can't beat that. Keep her safe and happy - as happy as she is making you right now. Give xoxoxoxoxo for us.
Feb 26, 2010 jojoandjake
She looks just like the yorkie that i had for 16 years, the sweetist dogs ever! Thanks for sharing!
Feb 26, 2010 bearhug73
ahh your such a cutie pie i hope you get a graet home
Feb 26, 2010 bearhug73
i love this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  0;
Feb 26, 2010 taniamorse85
Clearly, Shayla likes to help with the gardening! She is such a cutie, and I bet she likes to give kisses! She has such a kissable face, how could she not return the love?!
Feb 26, 2010 shortyww22
it was sooo hard trying to pick out just one picture of sweet lil Shayla.I can see why you love her so much...she is 10000%%%% zillion%%%% Adorable and then some.I think I'm flat on my face inlove with her.....shes Beautiful hope you have a long happy life together.kisses n hugs sweetie pie've been added to my fave's list for sure...comment on my dogs please
Feb 26, 2010 cosmicsnup
What a darling little girl. I wish I could snuggle her up.
Feb 26, 2010 lucybee
Shyla-you are just too cute for words.It was very hard to chose a picture,they are all great shots.
Feb 26, 2010 Pupz3
She is SO adorable!!! I really love this breed. So cute, cuddly, and small!
Feb 26, 2010 lucybee
Okay,I'll pick this one too and apologize for misspelling your name,Shayla!
Feb 26, 2010 chevy41
what great pictures! I hope you guys have many, many great times with shayla!
Feb 26, 2010 Misha58
Come on, Mum - are we going to water these flowers or what? LOL. Shayla, you are the cutest little thing and I'm sure you are going to bring your humans many years of happiness and fun.
Feb 26, 2010 Misha58
Oh yes - the biscuit count! :( If I may add my voice to Pawsitive's again. If we must mention biscuits, can we not have the 11 Biscuit Daily Puppy. Every puppy is precious and perfect in its own way and this count is awful - look at it for this little treasure: 10.63! What is wrong here??? She is a perfect 11. Please dear, beloved Daily Puppy. Would you rethink the scoring?
Feb 26, 2010 lindseyfamilyof4
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!! Love those dogs they are soooooo cute my cousin used to have one!!!!!!:D Soooooo sweet!!! :dI wish many hugs,kisses,love,belly rubs,and many more GREAT things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D
Feb 26, 2010 takethatdogforawalk
Oh she is just the cutest thing.
Feb 26, 2010 dianel99
Just looking at Shayla makes me smile. Love all that cuteness!
Feb 26, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Feb 26, 2010 Jose
Your sooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Feb 26, 2010 dogluvr123
AWWW! Shayla is very cute! I love yorkies! Have fun with her,she looks fun!
Feb 26, 2010 lovely latvian
It's amazing how you got her to pose so well for all your photos, natural model I suspect, what a sweetie, please enjoy her....
Feb 26, 2010 sheila
Could she be any cuter? I don't think so. Definitely has the ahhhh factor down. I know you'll just have too much fun with her - I know I would.
Feb 26, 2010 sheila
I love all the pictures but this is my favorite. She's just too precious. Thanks for sharing!!
Feb 26, 2010 number1dogluver
Feb 26, 2010 AnnM
what a cutie...look at the look on her face!!!!!
Feb 26, 2010 puppy world#1
that shuld be on a calender serously
Feb 26, 2010 swarna
my dear little girl you cute and sweet,lovely face i love you long life to you......
Feb 27, 2010 mags1
I adore this one especially--what a darling pup. Many kisses and loves.
Feb 27, 2010 LittleK
Adorable Shayla, you are just one of the cutest little pups I have ever seen! You look so much like my neighbor's little yorkie. This is such a great breed and I have always loved yorkies. Have fun with this adorable little ball of fluff!
Feb 27, 2010 alwaysapup
Yorkies are one of my favorite breeds. They are so peppy and smart. Shayla is also very beautiful and attentive. I bet she is great to have around.
Feb 27, 2010 BoJi
this little girl is so cute!!
Feb 27, 2010 glyn
What a little doll Shayla is! The most beautiful face. I bet that she is a lot of fun and glad that she is so loved. Enjoy this little sweetheart. Lots and hugs and treats for Shayla.
Feb 27, 2010
Feb 28, 2010 sandunguera
adorable little girl is so cute!!
Feb 28, 2010 Saptember
this is the cutest picture ever :) ~Willow
Feb 28, 2010 Skittles 26
Thank you all soo much for the comments. She enjoyed her birthday and she got a new really plushy bed. She now gets to sleep in her bed next to mine because I remodeled my room so I have more space. She loves it. She also got some rawhides....better those than the shoes. :) I love her so much and I KNOW she loves me too.
Mar 1, 2010 pheobe=cute
very cute !!!!!!!!!!
Mar 2, 2010 Limmyluver
AWWWWWWWWW! Shayla is sooooo adorable. Great photos. Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U! I wish you many treats, hugs, kisses, and loves.
Mar 8, 2010 Mundo Perruno
i luv the photo number 5!!! 2 words: SOOOOO CUTEEE!!!
Dec 29, 2010 CoopersAunt
Adorable ^^
Mar 25, 2014 Chow Mommy
Sweet Baby Girl, You are adorable, an exact copy of my own little Tessie. Kisses, hugs and belly rubs Chow Mommy
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