Shelby the Rottweiler/Pit Bull/Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Shelby's mommy says: Shelby is our new puppy. He was born on October 30, 2005. We adopted him about one month later. My husband and I named him after Carroll Shelby (the Shelby Mustang creator). He is the best puppy. Okay, so he had chewed on a few pairs of my flip-flops and he loves to get into the garbage... He totally makes up for it in snuggling and lots and lots of kisses!! Shelby sleeps with us almost every night, usually taking up more bed than we get, or sleeping on our legs or above my head! He likes to wake me (his mommy) up EVERY morning around 4:30 am. He loves to fetch, play in the water (he even snuck into the shower with me once!), and chase flies!! We love Shelby very much and couldn't imagine our family without him!!