Shilo the Bichon Frise

Puppy Breed: Bichon Frise

I am a girl Bichon Frise, and I have a big brother, Bruce Wayne, also a Bichon Frise who is 10 months old. I know how to sit and leave it, but I'm still eating Mama's flowers in the garden--naughty me. I love to snuggle and wrestle.

Comments (37)
DaveTheDog Feb 16, 2014
"Let's this straight, Bugs. If I don't hassle you between...

2chichis4me Feb 16, 2014
"I'M not fillin this thing up, are YOU fillin this thing up?...

goldenlover Feb 16, 2014
Beautiful puppy. Fun story and it looks like a fun home.

beardogmel Feb 16, 2014
She's calling this love. I'm calling this biting. Your...

MrMotivations Feb 16, 2014
"Would you get me a 'rubber tummy' please?"

Puppy Defender Feb 16, 2014
I have got to stop this kid from watching those late night vampire...

john1069 Feb 16, 2014
You are a cutie Shilo and you'll have a lot of people that will...

spunky Feb 16, 2014
What a cute little picture of you and Bruce! I am so happy that you...

Mmmousemaid Feb 16, 2014
Shilo, you are so sociable, talking to the bunny. Wow!

Economist Feb 16, 2014
Is this a smackdown with the Easter Bunny? You did say you liked...

nancybatt1 Feb 16, 2014
Shilo you are such a cutie and so is your brother Bruce. I love the...

barb1926 Feb 16, 2014
I didn't know what picture to comment on.They are all so cute.I...

mljgranny Feb 16, 2014
Very cute!

daphne's mom Feb 16, 2014
Shilo you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

imissjess Feb 16, 2014
I have a Bichon/Shih Tzu mix that aside from a bit more length and...

chelsearosebud Feb 16, 2014
I know you know this, but you are as cute as a button!

amyliz Feb 16, 2014
Shilo, you are so cute and sweet; well, except for the...

amyliz Feb 16, 2014
Bruce Wayne says "Little sisters...sigh! What a good big brother...

doglover3702 Feb 16, 2014
Oh my gosh you are so adorable!!!

bluegigi Feb 16, 2014
A babillion belly rubs, please and thank you!!!

Abiglen Feb 16, 2014
Bruce Wayne, you are long suffering - it's called "brotherly...

Abiglen Feb 16, 2014
Shilo, you are the cutest little spit-fire ever :o) favorites oxoxox

The Raven Feb 16, 2014
"A nibble here ..... a nibble there and I can make Bruce...

Baochi Feb 16, 2014
Thank you for the nice comments, everyone!

drakes' granny Feb 16, 2014
Looks like you have another friend to play with other than your big...

corgicraig Feb 16, 2014
You got Snowsy on your Nosey, love this pic, Gus congtats on being...

Jakesmum53 Feb 16, 2014
Shilo you and your brother are the most adorable cuties ever! You...

DaveBear Feb 16, 2014
this is very special photo... wwow tnx for...

schotime Feb 16, 2014
Bruce Wayne looks thrilled at Shilos affections. Your babies r...

poochielover Feb 17, 2014
Cutest baby!! Love all these pics and both pups names!

p00h Feb 17, 2014
Lets both jump in the basket and wrestle! OK, but...

JanW Feb 17, 2014
What an expressive little face you have, Shilo~ Have lots of fun...

mummm Feb 17, 2014
How adorable!

piobaire Feb 18, 2014
And they called it puppy love!! ADORABLE

curly#1 Feb 19, 2014
Aw, so cute!

nancy24tarn Feb 25, 2014
Shilo,you are very adorable..When you play with your big brother, i...

reinaknits Mar 6, 2014