Sierra the Puggle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Sierra's dad says: Sierra came to live with me when she was just seven weeks old and a whopping three-pound ball of pure energy. She settled in very quickly and was soon at home in her daily routine of napping and playing. Sierra is a regular at the local dog park where she loves to wrestle with her pals, chase birds, and sniff just about everything. I can always tell where Sierra is in the park by the high pitch "chase bark" she belts out while pursuing her friends. Sierra is also convinced that everyone wants to be her friend and is ecstatic when she gets to meet new people. At home, Sierra enjoys exploring the house again and again, playing with her numerous toys, and keeping a constant watch on the windows so she can "woof" at anything that passes by. She also loves chewing on her rawhide bones and is continuously on the look out for a new place to hide them (although the laundry basket seems to be a staple spot). Sierra has been an amazing addition to my life, and I look forward to many years of her funny looks and adorable faces.