Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Aug 30, 2006 EMTQueen
Awwwwww! What a fluffball cutie! I wish to cuddle!
Aug 30, 2006 doggy_lover
He is so gorgeous, what a cutie pie!! I want one too.
Aug 30, 2006 doggydays
One of the cutest little fluffy dogs I've ever seen.
Aug 30, 2006 Odie
Oh he's like a snowball :)

What a cutie!
Aug 30, 2006 jess_hanson
Adorable! He is so fluffy and soft looking!
Aug 30, 2006 YummyPuppies
Awwww he is just divine!!!!! What a beautiful, precious little ball of fur! 11 biscuits for Simba!!
Aug 30, 2006 Nadine
Simba is just beautiful! Those eyes are so soulful....All puppies (and dogs) are precious angels from heaven..) gotta love them.
Aug 30, 2006 rainingwolf
Total Cuteness! Have a whole BOX of biscuits, Sweetie!
Aug 30, 2006 Terry C
Too, TOO cute!
Aug 30, 2006 Cheryl
He looks like a little polar bear - what a sweetie!
Aug 30, 2006 Charlie O
I dont know if I've ever seen one of those. He is so adorable.
Aug 30, 2006 AdaBee
He's like a little snowman! Cute cute cute!
Aug 30, 2006 jenniferlea
Simba looks like my childhood teddy bear come to life! So adorable! I wish to cuddle.
Aug 30, 2006 Malteseluver
What a fluffy puffy doggie!!!!!
Aug 30, 2006 donna
prettiest dog ever..........
Aug 30, 2006 DB
The cutest EVER! OMG! I love Simba!
Aug 30, 2006 Dreamer
What an adorable little fluffball! Give him tons of puppy hugs and puppy kisses for me!
Aug 30, 2006 Jenna
Very cute!!
Aug 30, 2006 |]ogs-roc|{A.K.A dogs ROCK!cute!
awww! he is too cute for words! plus im a fan of japan! my fave breed used too be golden retriever , NOT ANYMORE! now its Japanese spitz SO cute (golden retriever is still my 2nd fave breed)
Aug 30, 2006 beth
...he's beautiful...i want to squeeze him...
Aug 30, 2006 Kristen
Oh My God! Is he adorable or what!!! I want to squeeze him!!!!
Aug 30, 2006 Sonja
Awwww PAWPADS! So adorable. I might barf rainbows or something he's just so cute.
Aug 30, 2006 April
Sooooo Cute i wish he were my dog
Aug 30, 2006 Amy from WA
Soooooooooooooo Adorable. I wish to have a dog just like him.
Aug 30, 2006 Bridget
sooooo cuddly. i want one!
Aug 30, 2006 Nose Deep in Fluff
Aw! So stinkin' fluffy n' cute! His owner should take a picture of him on snow, then all you'd see would be his wittle face! EEEEK!
Aug 30, 2006 yummi
absolutley beautiful
Aug 30, 2006 Samantha Gee
!!!!!!! omg! hes so so so so so so so so so super cute! ur lucky that u have him!
Aug 30, 2006 becky
he's beautiful!! Can i have him?????
Aug 30, 2006 priya
simba is the most adorable puppy ive ever seen!!
you are very lucky to have him
do they breed japanese spitz in america?
i would like to know.
you can email me
Aug 30, 2006 Jennifer, Simba and Chloe
He is adorable. Love his name too, we have a Chi named Simba!
Aug 30, 2006 Joy
cutest little fluffball ever!
Aug 30, 2006 Sarah & Poppy the Shi-Tzu
He has the most precious name!!!!!
Aug 30, 2006 SueK
I'm curious--I know the Spitz line includes shiba inus and chows. But how is Simba--who, btw, is cute beyond belief--different than an American Eskimo dog? Sometimes this breed stuff is sooo confusing! Not important, really. What's important is that Simba's so cute I want to cuddle him, kiss him, and plunge my hands into that soft-looking fur.
Aug 30, 2006 Lizzy18
i am positively in love, he is such a sweetheart. so precious
Aug 30, 2006 txmadre
What a little fur ball!! Adorable.
Aug 30, 2006 puppyluv
Oh my god - that first picture! I just want to kiss his little feeties!
Aug 30, 2006 tiya
she is totally CUTE!!!!!!!!
Aug 30, 2006 Leisha - Chico, CA
My Uncle has one that somebody threw away near his home in Sanger, CA. Can you imagine that?? Your pup is adorable and very smart too I bet. I'm glad you have each other to love.
Aug 30, 2006 emily luu
!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is so cute!i want him soooo bad!!!!!!!!ABSOLUTELY ADOREABLE.LOOVVEE HIM!!!and i just died when i saw the first pic.
Aug 30, 2006 doggie!!!
sooo cute!! i want one!! ><
Aug 30, 2006 anonymous
Simba is the cutest little furrball! Sooooo fluffy!
Aug 30, 2006 puppytails
The cuttest little ball of fluff ever!!!!! What a sweet face!!!!
Aug 31, 2006 Linda Nichols
He is so totally awesome!!! I can't beleive he is a year old, still looks like a young puppy! I havve never heard of one of those, but I will sure be on the lookout! lol! He can have a whole truckload of bisquits and then some!!!!!! Give him a hug for me!
Aug 31, 2006 Amber-s mom
What a sweet sweet face. In the first pic he looks like a stuffed toy.
Aug 31, 2006 snowpher66
he looks like a cute little baby polar bear! hee hee
Sep 1, 2006 Krysia
He's like a cotton ball! ;D
Sep 1, 2006 Matt
too.... cute.... cant... look away......
Sep 1, 2006 Sarah
Simba is soooooooo cute. I want him sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 1, 2006 MyDoggieOwnsMe
OMG that is the most precious little furball I have evr seen in my life!!!!
Sep 2, 2006 Zach
its so Cute i wanna get one and name it sno
Sep 2, 2006 doggy luva
this pup is sssssssssssooooooooooooooooo
ooo cute
Sep 4, 2006 gracie
that last puppy is to die for.
Sep 4, 2006 gracie
icture i meant.
Sep 4, 2006 Kristin and Minna
One word...... fluffball
Sep 4, 2006
I had a puppy like simba. Just as lovable and cuddly as she was cute. I'd like to find another japanese spitz puppy.
Sep 5, 2006 barb
I want one of these so badly..they are just the cutest thing ever..
Sep 5, 2006 Libby
He should have his own calender! You should really think about sending some of those pictures in!
Sep 5, 2006 Robbio
he is one of the cutest dogs i have ever seen!
Sep 5, 2006 fluff
I soooooo want one!
Sep 5, 2006 Dr. van den Berg-s office
Dr. van den Berg's office LOVES Simba! Cute cute cute!!!!
He'd be a great new mascott, don't you think?
Sep 5, 2006 puppy lovers
your dog is the cutest dog alive no im not lien just promes me to never abandon her because if u do then u don't diserve her
Sep 5, 2006 Michelle
Awwww How Cute!!
Sep 7, 2006 puppyluver
cute cute cute ball of fluffy fluffy FUN!
Sep 8, 2006 pupper lover
Sep 9, 2006 abbi
you are the cutes
Sep 10, 2006 doglover4lyf
simba is the most adorable puppy i have ever seen i wish i had a puppy just like that.
Sep 15, 2006 Lupinoid
Arn't Japanese Spitz pups the cutest!
I have a 14 week old little girl called Chilli & the first time I saw her I nearly cried she was that cute!
Sep 19, 2006 rosie
i love jap spitzes! they're so adorable and they can be your babies forever... heehee... i have an 8-year old spitz and he's still my baby :)
Sep 20, 2006 ashleigh
simba is the cutest puppy ive ever seen in my life
Sep 26, 2006 beefgir
Sooo...... Cute......can't......look!
Sep 28, 2006 corgimom
A sweet little baby polar bear. What a doll!
Sep 28, 2006 puppyluver
cuteness defined
Sep 29, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
yeah same beefgir it burns my eyes its so cute!!!
Sep 29, 2006 robio
she is like a little white fox! so adorable
Sep 29, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
I know so smal so cute must have dohhh )_(
Oct 2, 2006 shhhh!
So cute! I so want one now! My friend looks at Simba so often as soon as the pic came up she told me that it was Simba!
Oct 4, 2006 shadi
what a perfect little puppy!
Oct 4, 2006 Wasi (10 year)
Simba is so cute!!! I have a Japaese Spitz, called Sami. He is two months old and likes to chew stuff. He somtimes chews the fingers of the members of my family. Thats just him playing, but when he is angery he bites! but still he gets over it and gets love from my family. boy, me and you are lucky to have a cute doggie!!!!!!!!!
Oct 12, 2006 Bananaz
Awwww... he is so fluffy and cuddley wuddley!
Oct 15, 2006 lupita pimentel
this puppy is a cutie!
Oct 15, 2006 valeria
I wish I had a puppy like that I just want to hold it.
Oct 19, 2006 ~by sharla simpson on 10-19-06
awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this puppy is cute i wish i had a lil puppy like this one they look so cuttley and this one looks so well trained.
Oct 23, 2006 Deanna Starnes
Soooo Cute!!!
Nov 1, 2006 ani
is rili naisli y live in japan and the dog must cute is dat one
Nov 13, 2006 Tina
he just so cute i cant help but to want one hes so fuzzy and those eyes pull you in
Nov 19, 2006 Emily The PuppyLOVA
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!THOSE PICTURES R LIKE,ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!SIMBA LOOKS LIKE A GREAT POSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WISH I HAD HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 19, 2006 LuvU4Eva
AHHHHH, I got my vision back from seeing the dog woot! woot!
Nov 20, 2006 shanequa gordon
He is so cute and very bright i want one.
Nov 28, 2006 Puppy♥Lover
Simba i want to kiss you! You little white ball of fur what a cute puppy ahh it makes me crazy shes too adorable
Nov 30, 2006 Spirit Deer
He reminds me of my sweet girl Hankao (cherokee for "cold winter/snow") He is without a doubt to cute for words.
Dec 1, 2006 siberian_husky_lover13
I love him.
Dec 1, 2006 siberian_husky_lover13
I love him.
Dec 4, 2006 belle
it's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!wish i had are sooooooooooooo lucky!must treat the puppy nicely.
Dec 4, 2006 belle
what such a cute puff ball i wish i had a puppy like yours
Dec 6, 2006 X-Factor Fan from Ireland
Okay I have got to join in this oooohing and aaahing and here I go...ah cutchie cutchie cutchie cooo, whooze a little boy, whooooze a wuzzy woo, cutchie cooo (okay could the owner of the dog step outa the way, I'm trying to tickle your puppy! By the way lads, I am getting a 7 week old Japanese Spitz on Friday 8th of December 2006, so it's best wishes to all ye pet owners from Ireland, from me & my other two Teddy & Tops.
Dec 7, 2006 Julie
cute! I want one!
Dec 15, 2006 kool7_83
What a fluffy cotton ball. Soo...adorable. Take Care Simba!
Feb 11, 2007 she_bear
oh! just like my puppy bless! so cute and huggable!
Feb 15, 2007 PorchPuppy
He looks like a little polar bear! ONE WORD! ~ADORABLE~!!!!! :)
Feb 15, 2007 Shell83
She is a sweet heart, I have a little one she is part pom and part japanese spitz, she looks just like her, what darlings we have!!!
Feb 18, 2007 VioletG25
Snow Ball, Such cutie!!!!!!!
Mar 14, 2007 rolivictorio
wow cute puppy as cute as my collet a jap-pom spitz.
Apr 7, 2007 Mustang
This is the most adorable puppy!!! What a sweet little dog he must be!!!!!!!!
Apr 12, 2007 duhREEB
that is the CUTEST peice of fluff i have seen in a long, long time, my friend
Apr 17, 2007 AndreaTalbot
That is the cutest piece of fluff I have ever seen.
1000000000000000000 biscuts
May 1, 2007 pupaholic
May 4, 2007 puppyfan
it is so cute and he looks like a lil harmless bear!!:)
May 15, 2007 sandi
what a beautiful little ball of fluff! just too cute with that white fur and those black eyes and nose and those stand up teddy bear ears- just adorable!
May 21, 2007 temariUlee
Im in love with your dog, i love all animnals white and fluffy, i have a Bichon Frise, white and fluffy! ^_^ HOORAY FOR WHITE AND FLUFFY! :)
May 24, 2007 Steffie
OK, that's just about done me in. Too much cute to be allowed on a public web site. :))) (How can you bring yourself to get anything done other than playing with him?)
May 25, 2007 jakjaksbabigurl<3
wiked wiked wiked cute can i have im jk jk luv him <3333
Jun 9, 2007 tipsygypsy
I honestly think that is the most beautiful dog I've ever seen!
Jul 16, 2007 superbunny
so cute
so white
so fluffy
Aug 19, 2007 sylvanbliss
Please, it's just too much to take! Is Simba an angora Spitz? Beyond adorable.
Sep 3, 2007 Da Suga Bomb
oh he is sooooooooooo adorable he looks like he just glows in his beutiful pure white coat he looks so playfull what a good name for him
Sep 26, 2007 Mummm
What a beautiful white coat on a beautiful puppy!
Jan 5, 2008 pomtzu
So beautiful.
Jan 24, 2009 cutiespies
Jan 24, 2009 cutiespies
May 17, 2009 kendra blackie 08
So pretty in the leaves.
Jul 31, 2009 Buggie
puppy cute xo doggy
Oct 3, 2009 sophiedietrich26
This dog is so cute.
Mar 9, 2010 sanj14
i had a similar boy......same name "simba", same breed.he was almost 13yrs old n still my baby.he just died 06.03.2010 at 3:35p.m. n left me numb,i don't know how to overcome this pain.don't feel like living any feels like somebody has snatched my heart away from my body.GOD bless your "simba" with all my life and helps me to reach there where my "simba" is as soon as possible.
Apr 13, 2010 yellowwander
Oh man, oh man!! I love my dog, but I just might just have to steal yours!!
May 10, 2010 Akita girl
Sooooooo cute! But take care of him welll!!!!!!
Mar 27, 2011 pelligrino
Simply a beautiful name for a beautiful little dog!
Aug 5, 2012 lozzy 101
so adorable
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