Simon the Australian Terrier

Puppy Breed: Australian Terrier

Simon says: "Hi, I am an 18-week-old Australian terrier. My real name is Simon Sez, but you can just call me Simon. I live in Kansas City with my new mommy and daddy. My new mommy and daddy lost their second black Lab, Brandy, a few months ago. They told me that they cried because Brandy was a spoiled house pet, a very sweet girl, and a good hunting dog. Mommy told daddy that she did not want to get another big dog, and if they did get another dog, she wanted a dog that she could pick up when it was full grown. Daddy agreed. So they got on the Internet and searched for a small dog that was a good watch dog, a good companion dog, good with children (they have three grandkids), and did not shed much. The Internet gave them several examples of dog breeds that fit their request, and here I am. They also told me that show-dog-quality Aussies are pretty rare and that they had to drive all the way from Kansas City to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to get me. My mommy in Tennessee told my new mommy and daddy that for me to be a well rounded dog I needed to see and do lots of different things, and smell lots of other dogs and people of all ages before I was six months old. Guess what? I have been to five states, seen mountains, rivers, motels, lots of dogs, and a bunch of people of all ages and I am not six months old yet. I guess I must be well rounded but don't know what that means. It must be a good thing though because my new mommy and daddy give me lots of dog biscuits."