Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Aug 10, 2007 cool_chihuahua
Simon is so cute. My dog would love to meet yours anyday. :-)
Aug 10, 2007 thepoetcalliope
Absolutely adorable!
Aug 10, 2007 sylvanbliss
Simon Sez...give me eleven biscuits.

Too cute!
Aug 10, 2007 sylvanbliss
Simon Sez...pick a favorite picture.

Either this one of the one with the sculpture, that one is funny!
Aug 10, 2007 sylvanbliss
Simon Sez...put your hands on your head!
Aug 10, 2007 pup_lover901
Aww Simon is so adorable! I wish I had a dog...
Aug 10, 2007 elusivek
what a beautiful baby! so very adorable!
Aug 10, 2007 BTLabs
This picture could win a contest! Simon is a cute little fellow!
Aug 10, 2007 sue
hi simon i think you are sooo cute and a very lucky boy
Aug 10, 2007 DogyLvr
Simon Sez that he has the best Mommy and Daddy in the world and that Kansas is the best place in the world to go live.

Your doggie is so alert and happy looking in each of these photos. And my, what beautifully expressive ears and eyes he has! I love what a good hunter he is and how he has cornered your whirligig!
Aug 10, 2007 DogyLvr
I see the connection now between the ears... very clever!
Aug 10, 2007 webbcues
Look Out All small animals! :)
AH! yet another fireball... this puppy will
keep you in stitches :):)
A real beauty - bunches of cookies :):):)
Aug 10, 2007 ruk
Simon Sez...speak!
What a beautiful breed! Simon is a very handsome boy. He has certainly found his pot of gold by joining your family, and I think that Brandy would approve your selection. Happiness to you all!
Aug 10, 2007 Sarah520
What a sweet little terrier. He will bring you many years of jot and affection. He looks so interested in the big world around him! Lots of hugs & kisses
Aug 10, 2007 mumto4ms
Awww - Alice says "Simon is Cute"

I have 2 Norwich Terriers, Twix and Twizzler, Twix is a Black and Tan and looks a LOT like Simon - I love these little Terriers!

Alice the Brit,
totally owned by her 2 Norwich Terriers!
http://twixandtwiz.c om
Aug 10, 2007 yujismom
i'm glad simon is a well-traveled dog already-i hope you keep a map of all the places he's "launched"
Aug 10, 2007 Terry C
How adorable Simon is. I just want to scoop him up and give him belly rubs.

(My condolences about Brandy)
Aug 10, 2007 Ozzy2975
Aug 10, 2007 casey's mom
Love the ears!! Simon is a sweetie!
Aug 10, 2007 Sashasmommy
Oh my gosh sooo cute! I LOVE that picture of him with the metal statue... that could be on the cover of a gretting card! You should look into that. "Just wanted to say hi" or something like that. What a cutie!!
Aug 10, 2007 lisaivey
Oh dear, how to pick a favorite out of all these prosh poses! I just can't do it!

Simon looks like a darling armful of love and fun. And he has the cutest ears!!
Aug 10, 2007 DogMom
Hard to pick a favorite photo! This is one gorgeous little boy doggie!!! (Sorry to hear about Miss Brandy...) I would love to have one of these dogs one day, but I fear they are smarter than me!!! One precious little guy! Enjoy.....
Aug 10, 2007 vedder242003
I luv his beautiful pointy ears! He is gorgeous....give him belly rubs for me.
Aug 10, 2007 marleysmom
Beautiful, what an adorable face!
Aug 10, 2007 puppyluv
This is a prize winning photograph. Anyway - wow, what a difference between having a Lab and then a terrier. Good luck with THAT. Simon is just a cutie.
Aug 10, 2007 pauleenm
What an adorable little guy.
Aug 10, 2007 MaggieMay
Very Cute Pup - Does he critique music as well?? That's great that he doesn't shed much. I'm looking for a medium sized dog that sheds little or not at all. He is very beautiful and so alert.11 cookies
Aug 10, 2007 moviefreak
Love, love, love the ears! And I love the pic of the sculpture as well. Just too cute! I've never seen this breed. They are adorable!
Aug 10, 2007 kellybuzzard
This is the cuttest baby I have EVER seen!!!!!
Aug 10, 2007 Taiyin
What a GREAT picture! I love it.

Such character.

I love the semi-floppy ear shots. So cute.
Aug 10, 2007 Maz
Aussies love their terriers -and Simon - you are one adorable terrier. Two of my four (real Aussie) dogs are terriers and like you, they are very inquisitive and entertaining. Enjoy that big beautiful land way over the sea - what a fabulous life you have had already you sweet boy!
Aug 10, 2007 sandrahender
AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE HIM! What a cheeky handsome little lad! Give that kissyface tons of kisses and hugs for me.
I am so so sorry about Brandy. I have lost many dogs in my life and it never gets any easier; I cry for weeks afterwards and never forget them. I found out I could have them cremated about 11 years ago, and had my precious"Suzy" cremated, and have her ashes in a cedar urn that is designed to hold her photo. She was 17 years old. She was a terrier mix; a precious hairy little ball of fluff that had survived cancer at the age of 10. I was ridiculed so badly by my in-laws for having the surgery done on a "ten year old dog". But it was successful, and I got another 7 beautiful years with her. I had told all of my in-laws where they could stuff their opinions too, lol. My "kids" are so precious to me.
I'll just bet Brandy is loving watching you and Simon from heaven's "Rainbow Bridge".
I also LOVE those EARS on Simon, and love all the photos; but this one struck me so funny, and it could indeed win a place on the "Workman's Page a Day Dog Calendar". I have had 3 dogs on that calendar so far. You can enter your pictures online anytime of the year, but what you want to do is get the "page a day" calendar of Dogs when it first comes out in September for the following year. You will find an entry form with it to enter a can photocopy the form and enter as many photos as you wish. If they choose your dog, and I'm sure they will, you will be notified in the Fall. You will know because you will receive a free calendar and a letter telling you exactly which day your dog is featured in the calendar. It is a real thrill to get that calendar in the mail because you know automaticlally they chose your baby.
Give that precious boy tons of kisses and hugs for me..I wish I could pick him up and cuddle him.
Aug 10, 2007 doriesmom
Simon is a very handsome fellow!!!! Sounds like you found just the right pup for your family. Good luck with him. Glad you are exposing him to all the wonders of life at an earlly age, great idea. Our doggies would love to play with him. Long life and much happiness to you all!!!!
Aug 10, 2007 dogcopper
What a classic beauty! Enjoy your wonderful puppy!
Aug 10, 2007 bopeep
Simon Sez your photos sparkle with life. You have had quite a busy life so far. Your mom and dad really love you. Hugs and kisses from KCK.
Aug 10, 2007 Bobbie
Bobbie says: "Simon is a walking bundle of love! I love the ears and the expressions on his darling face. We, too, have terrier mixes in our home. Their mother is a Yorkie mix about 24 pounds and their fathers, well, the mother isn't talking! The vet said there were two different fathers for the litter of six pups! The pups turned 3 yesterday. I am so happy that Simon gets to travel and meet people and other dogs. My two little girls were almost 3 before they discovered that riding in the car really can be fun and now they want to go with my all the time. I think that Simon is going to have a wonderful and exciting life with his new mommy and daddy. God's blessings on you all.
Aug 10, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
What a doll. You sure are a well rounded little pup. Sounds like your momma and daddy are going to spoil you rotten too, like their other baby. I love swimming pools for doggys. Our three have one also. Yes they are very spoiled too. I want you to have a very long life together.
Aug 10, 2007 Lucymom
Awww, I just love Simon's story. What an incredibly lucky pooch. I just love the pic w/ the sculpture!
Aug 10, 2007 Doxiefan
Simon is a very cute puppy. 11 biscuits for sure!
Aug 10, 2007 Yourmomsage
Hi cutie!
Aug 10, 2007 txmadre
Simon Sez "Say BEAUTIFUL and look at me"
Aug 10, 2007 gill
Perky little puppy!! Will give you many years of joy. Have fun (an energy!)
Aug 10, 2007 three_pets
I'm lovin' the ears! What a sweet boy!
Aug 10, 2007 Katbirdlg
What a fabulous pup! He just looks so smart, happy and friendly. :)

I hadn't really seen an Australian Terrier before, but we have a Silky Terrier, which is a mix of Australian and Yorkie, and now I can see the resemblance! That same solid little body and confidence pose, and may other features. Just beautiful!

Congrats, and I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!
Aug 10, 2007 jevenjev
Wow...what a neat pic. He looks very smart. I've never heard of an Aussie Terrier before, but Simon is adorable. Have years and years of fun together :)
Aug 10, 2007 Mummm
Simon is so cute! It was hard to pick a favorite picture.
Aug 10, 2007 scoobagirl
Simon, you are such a little darling! But we know what lurks in the mind of a terrier..... "me, me, its all about me!"

Your new mommy and daddy are so lucky to have you. I know you'll bring years of fun and laughter to your new home. ((hugs))
Aug 10, 2007 knickerson
simon is such a cutie. i just want to give him a biiiiig kiss
Aug 10, 2007 CandaceW
[b]He is absolutely, positively adorable. He is so wonderful to have in class. One thing is for sure...there won't ever be a dull moment with Simon around. ;) He is a precious boy but everyone already knows that. See you all on Tuesday![/b]

Your Favorite Pet Trainer,
Aug 10, 2007 luvmy2kbds
What a cutie pie! Where did you get that statue?? I want one for my yard!! Does the company make them in specific breeds??
Aug 10, 2007 postiemayer
Terriers are soooo wonderful. And Simon, your ears are adorable. Train your mommy and daddy well, keep them wrapped around that little dew claw of yours and life will be great. Just ask my little terrier girl!
Aug 10, 2007 geo10s
Great looking dog and a great picture!!
Aug 10, 2007 3dogmom
This boy has personality plus!! Simon Sez you are adorable and you have the luckiest parents. I know you will be a joy in their life. I have the best of all worlds. I have small, med, and large dogs. My small dog, Lily sits with me and sleeps with me and I love it. Best to all of you.
Aug 10, 2007 Xabismom65
Hi Congratulations on little Simon. A well travelled little guy and he sounds like a perfect addition to your family. I love this picture. We used to have a pool for my German Short Hair when he was with us and we lived in Texas and he loved it so it brought back nice memories of my Amigo. What nice parents you are tho think of a pool for your guy in the hot Kansas summer. Enjoy him and all the best.
Aug 10, 2007 hotfred3
Two words: tottaly cute!!!!
Aug 10, 2007 Yankee-7
Very sweet little guy - never heard of the breed, but now that I have, I like it!
Dogs like those little wading pools, don't they?
Aug 10, 2007 SydPro32
What a wonderful pooch! I am going to make sure my boyfriend checks the daily puppy today because we have been looking for a dog for 6 months now and one of the breeds on our short list is the Australian Terrier. He's absolutely adorable and this photo shoot has definitely moved the breed closer to the top of the list!
Enjoy snuggling, hugging and cradling Simon I'm sure he will love every minute with you both.
Aug 10, 2007 lalamcgoo
Simon you are too cute! What a nice doggie you seem to be, and very lucky too! I love your expressions and those ears are fabulous!!!! Bunches of kisses and cookies for you sweetheart!!
Aug 10, 2007 KCCT
Adorable baby!

Not sure where they got the sculpture, but it's so very close to the ones offered here: http://www.backyardb irdsdis... Couldn't find that exact one (which is a shame because that tongue is killing me!), but they're so very similar.
Aug 10, 2007 ceallaig
Simon is a most handsome young man, and obviously has a great life! I adore 'whisker dogs' anyway, and I've heard great things about the Aussie terriers. Make sure he gets LOTS of attention and LOTS of 'good' chewie toys to play with, and a long and happy life to all in the family!
Aug 10, 2007 piobaire
Simon you are very cute. Your mommy and daddy are well on their way to spoiling you rotten I can see! I think your mommy only wanted a small dog she could pick up, so she could put you in her lap for loving! And you sure are cute enough for that!
Aug 10, 2007 Tippy
What a cutie!!!!! I love the ears.
Aug 10, 2007 PimpDoggie
aww he is so cute 11 biscutes.
Aug 10, 2007 liz
Aww, Cute-ums!
Aug 10, 2007 momma
I have always loved dogss of all kinds. Mostly we had big dogs - Labs, Collies, German Shepherds, etc. and I used to giggle to see an elderly person with a little dog. Now I am elderly and have a little Papillon and love him dearly. He is so much company and loves to snuggle. Enjoy your little pup and cuddle him as much as you like. He will always love you, and you will always love him, for sure. Congratulations to both of you!
Aug 10, 2007 doggielover80
this picture cracked me up. what a silly looking statue. : ) he's a cutie, too.
Aug 10, 2007 ginnieliz333
Aww! What a little sweetie pie!
Aug 10, 2007 Jennb3
Simon, I just love your face! You must be a sweet baby!!!!!
Aug 10, 2007 babydollp80
All puppies are so precious but your Simon needs to be a dog model he could be on many calendar's, magazine, etc.

Such a handsome boy
Aug 10, 2007 Ems
Bless your perky little heart! You are absolutely adorable; such an expressive face. Take a cool swim for me, little buddy. Terriers rock!
Aug 10, 2007 guido's mama
Simon, you are truly a lucky lucky dog to have found such a wonderful mom & dad who take you with them soooo many many places to smell soo many things! You are surely a well-rounded pup pup and I wish for you a very long, happy, healthy, loving and wonderful life with your new family - you've certainly gotten off to a great start!!! xoxoxoxxo
Aug 10, 2007 boxergal
Simon is soooo adorable!! I just love him!! I loved his introduction too! When we got our boxer, we drove 6 hours from PA to Ohio to get him from a responsible breeder, but he was worth it!! Simon gets 11 biscuits from me!!
Aug 10, 2007 LisaLisa
Simon is a precious little sweetheart! I hope he has lots of fun travelling and playing with his new parents!
Aug 10, 2007 maddie's mom
this is the funniest picture i have seen. i showed it to my whole family. you have to send it to the workman publishing calender.
Aug 10, 2007 akprincess72
Hi Simon! My fur-nephew looks just like you but a bit bigger, if you ever get your parents to drive to Alaska you should play with him!
My best friend got her Aussie Terrier when she was living in Australia & later moved with him & her Aussie hubby back to Alaska. We wondered how a dog who grew up in the desert would handle snow, but he LOVES it!!!
These are very intelligent & adaptable dogs & you will have a great time your little whisker-boy! Enjoy & give him pets from Riggs (yes, named after Sgt Riggs of Lethal Weapon)!!! = )
Smooches & Hugs!!!!
Aug 10, 2007 madziajk
I love Simon! This the cutest puppy ever! Thank you for sharing!
Aug 10, 2007 ilovedoggies
Did anyone notice the similarities between Simon and the Metal Statue.... ears.. fluffy fur.... tongue.. nose and even the way he stares... that picture makes me laugh........
Aug 10, 2007 Lizanne
Hi, I love Simon. I was taken by the photo of Simon and his 'look-alike"
dog. What a darling photo. They seem to have the same smile.:)
Many years of happiness with Simon.

Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Aug 10, 2007 llt214
Simon, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen...they just sparkle! You are one GORGEOUS pup! Have a good life little man! Smooches to you!!
Aug 10, 2007 thetopazsmurf
too sweet... 11+++ buiscuits
Aug 10, 2007 Judi
Oh, I love, love, love Simon. Never heard of this breed but I am so glad to know now. We have a big house dog now that we love incredibly (A 70 lbs. GSP) but I hope to have a small dog also someday. I hope I can find one like Simon. Lots of happy years together.
Aug 10, 2007 daisy'smom
he's PRECIOUS! i love that face =)
Aug 10, 2007 tambore
Simon, do you think Mom and Dad would adopt me because you sure sound like you're having fun. Five states? Yikes........ good for you. Perhaps you can bat those adorable eyes of yours and they'll take you to Europe. Paris? Sydney? Belgium? You never know.

You are utterly adorable and loved..... who wonderful.
Aug 10, 2007 anon
he is adorable AND hilarious!
Aug 11, 2007 JeannieCameron
All of the pictures are soooo cute. It is too difficult to choose my fav. Enjoy your blessing.
Aug 11, 2007 Purpetrator
I love the statue picture. Too cute!!!
Aug 11, 2007 BeckersUNC
Those perky puppy ears! Those chunky little paws! What a delightful little guy.
Aug 11, 2007 Loizhanne
[color=red][B] Such a sweet face! I've never seen an Australian Terrier before, and I'm really impressed. Blessings on you, Simon! Happy trails![/color][/B]
Aug 11, 2007 lotsapets
Aug 12, 2007 debora
What a cutie = a real find. He's got so much character. Nice photos.
Aug 12, 2007 graciegirl
[color=blue] I just think the little dog is really cute[/color]
Aug 12, 2007 graciegirl
[color=blue] I just think the little dog is really cute[/color]
Aug 13, 2007 kalvarad
Too cute for words!
Aug 13, 2007 rachgate
my heart skips a beat when we see a fellow aussie. we have an aussie, and she is so wonderful. she looks just like simon when she is chewing on a bone or treat. good luck with your puppy, and enjoy life with him!
Aug 14, 2007 Dog
[color=blue] Totally adorable! I love love him! [/color]
Aug 15, 2007 MsNinjaChik
Amazed to see an Aussie! I have a 15-week old named Tucker. Great to see how much his color will change in the next few weeks, and the ears standing up : ) Tucker has also had some great experiences... his first ski boat ride yesterday. Have an incredible life Simon!!
Aug 15, 2007 MsNinjaChik
Although the pic with the sculpture is my favorite, this one is so typical Aussie!
Aug 15, 2007 iamme
Aww...cutie! So sorry to hear your mom and dad were sad cuz of their loss. :( But now they have you to take away the pain and bring them joy and help them to remember all the good times they had with your angel sibling and all the fun you are bringing them!! Best of luck to all of you and safe travels!! :)
Aug 15, 2007 luvpupbreath
i love your puppy simon he got 11 biscuits!!!i have an australian terrier named lilly she is white and brown, we picked her up off the side of the road she was in such bad shape but is perfectly fine now she's about 3 months old!!! :)
Aug 16, 2007 laurenluvsdogs
awww he looks like he is really spoiled! i know you'll really enjoy him!!! xx
Aug 22, 2007 vllybllstar
haha it looks like he has a lion mane
way too cute
ily your little guy and have fun with him! yes he does look spoiled
Jan 6, 2008 savon19
Not only an adorable dog... but SUCH a great pic!

May 31, 2008 dozer and gelasia
oh cute i have a dog named dozer the same breed hes 8 months and has his ears up all the way. I dont c many dogs like him lately so this is fun. Dozers laying on the computer table while i type funny his feet our in the way of me typing he also lost his first baby tooth 2 day i was kind of scared but it happens. our dogs look the same just diff ears. well good luck they just have so much energy. Gelasia 16 years DOZER 8 MONTHS
Feb 27, 2009 naomi_C
He is CUTE!!
Apr 27, 2012 laughingmoon
What breeder in chattanooga did you go to? I live in Nashville and checked one out last weekend.
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