Simon the Dalmatian

Puppy Breed: Dalmatian

Simon's mom says: Simon came to live with us just when we needed him most. We lost both of our Dalmatians this past year, and he is a great addition to our family. He is definitely high energy and loves to swim, play ball, chew (on anything and everything), and walk. He has a lot of friends and cousins in the neighborhood that he has to greet and play with on our daily walks. To wind down from playing, Simon will always come home and jump on his raft in the pool to cool down and relax. We are very lucky that he gets to come to work with us every day. He gets to see a lot people and has to clear everyone to enter the office if he doesn't know them. A couple of sniffs and few licks is all that it takes. He cries like a baby when he is tired and always wants to be held and rocked to sleep. He will even chew on our fingers while he is trying to fall asleep. This might become a task when he reaches his full grown size, but I'm sure we'll manage just fine.