Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Sep 18, 2010 Dagra7
Baby, you have the most beautiful eyes! Have a long, happy life in your forever home.
Sep 18, 2010 gone2thedogs
What chicken? .... I didn't bite no steeenkin' chicken! ... Oh, that thing in my mouth? ... it's ... it's ... just some pile of yellow feathers I found ... that jumped into my mouth! ... really!!!
Sep 18, 2010 Shelly
OMG!!!! I can see why your humans called you Sky!!! Those deep sky blue eyes are soo beautiful!!! I'm glad you found your forever home sweetheart!!! Lots of big hugs, kisses and belly rubs from down under!!! O.O
Sep 18, 2010 Shelly
Sep 18, 2010 Shelly
Yay mum, look, I'm a cartoon doggie!!! =P
Sep 18, 2010 FrankiV
Blue Sky's, Smiling at me, Nothing but Blue eyes Do I see. Hurray for blue-eyed Sky.:-)
Sep 18, 2010 JSample
OMG! How could anyone say "no" to those eyes. You are a beautiful boy!
Sep 18, 2010 paulinespuppy
Look into his Angel eyes, one look and your hypnotised. . . what an absolute darling. .may u have many happy and healthy years of fun together. xxx
Sep 18, 2010 Bellabonbon
Oh, Sky! You are no doubt named for you beautiful blue eyes! You are absolutely gorgeous and adorable. Lots of kisses and belly rubs for you!!!!!!!♥â& #153;¥â™¥
Sep 18, 2010 furriesrfantastic
"Hey, hey you that's my toy you're chewing on!" ... Firstly let me convey my sympathies for the passing of Scout I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. However Sky is da man to give new life and breath to your household, may you have many many many healthy and happty years with this beautiful boy - those eyes! Magnificient!!
Sep 18, 2010 daphne's mom
How sweet! I love the blue eyes! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Sky!
Sep 18, 2010 elliel
I can see why you named the dog Sky with those beautiful eyes! What a fun mixture of dogs this pup is! You should get plenty of exercise with this one.
Sep 18, 2010 doggonitdogfan
awwww... What a SweetHeart! love those Beautiful blue eyes
Sep 18, 2010 drakes' granny
How adorable can a puppy get!! You can melt in the "Sky" blue eyes. Take good care and keep your treasure safe.
Sep 18, 2010 longislander
Well it's obvious to my why you named him sky. His eyes! They as blue as the most beautiful blue sky. I'm sorry for your loss of your other dog, it's always sad to lose a loved one. Sky is a beauty though, and I hope you have many happy years with him.
Sep 18, 2010 w102663
Sorry to hear about your devastating loss of Scout. It is amazing that Scout and Sky were born on the same day. Your new addition of Sky was destiny for sure. Sky is a gorgeous puppy and like everyone else has commented on, his eye color is spectacular!!! I guess that's the Husky in him. Love, kisses and biscuits for Sky~live long and well, Sky
Sep 18, 2010 w102663
Sky looks part Shepherd in this photo.:)
Sep 18, 2010 dogcopper
Sky is BEAUTIFUL! And his eyes are incredible. I am so happy that he is a shelter pup. This is one of those cases where you can see what a wonderful pup you can get from the shelter and not the breeder. Have a wonderful life with him!
Sep 18, 2010 fluffy ears
Im very sorry to hear about your dog before Sky. But this little thing will make you happy again!
Sep 18, 2010 katz66
Beautiful blue eyes
Sep 18, 2010 layfenci
Sky is sooooo cute! He looks like he gets into things. But how could you stay mad at that beautiful face? Impossible!
Sep 18, 2010 Mathscidi
Wow look at those eyes! Very cool story. He was meant to be yours.
Those eyes are burning blue fire. They are so beautiful! I wish my dog had blue eyes.
Sep 18, 2010 puppyluv247
She sure is a beauty.I love to see when puppies are adopted.& that is such a nice end having to found her when you need her & she needed a family to, Sky Love your Eyes.
Sep 18, 2010 pelligrino
Sky is a handsome fella, that face is too cute! I', so happy you found each other.
Sep 18, 2010 lstein
Sep 18, 2010 duettists
Sky is absolutely beautiful with those piercing blue eyes. I hope he has a long and happy life with you.
Sep 18, 2010 amyliz
Sky, you are the Paul Newman of the dog world with those blue eyes! You sound like such a fun little character! (Sorry about the loss of hard to lose a pet.)
Sep 18, 2010 poo-bear
Oh thoes beautiful blue eyes I think that is amazing in a dog. You are good people to rescue him. There is no better feeling than giving a good life to a rescue dog!!!!
Sep 18, 2010 tootsiepoo
You are such an adorable pup!(: I love your eyes! So beautiful!
Sep 18, 2010 gem1945
Sky, what an appropriate name with those beautiful eyes you have!!!! We are so glad you were rescued and have a wonderful home with a big sister to pester ;-) A long, happy, and healthy life are wished for you by our critter gang and me xxxxoooo
Sep 18, 2010 bluegigi
Busted! Mom I didn't do it!
Sep 18, 2010 bluegigi
Now I'm tired but look at my big feets! I'm gonna be a big boy soon!
Sep 18, 2010 Toy Dog Lover
Beautiful Frank Sinatra eyes!!!
Sep 18, 2010 Goldenmom58
I know why you are named "Sky", nothing else would have been appropriate. Glad that you came along when you did because a house without a dog just isn't a home.
Sep 18, 2010 AnnM
Sky is absolutely beautiful and I am so glad he has found his forever home with a family that so loves him. Both of you are so very lucky to share each others lives...
Sep 18, 2010 JordanC9122
what a cutie! he has the prettiest eyes. :)
Sep 18, 2010 1shauna1
Such a beautiful dog!!
Sep 18, 2010 pandrews-4
What a handsome young guy! Thank you for adopting him & giving him a forever home. He sounds like he's a riot to live with;o) I would also like to say how sorry I am for the loss of Scout! It's so very hard to lose a close family member. Congrats to Sky for his win today & may it be a fun-filled one!
Sep 18, 2010 suzmom1
What beautiful blue eyes!! We had a husky/collie mix named Sky too. She was beautiful and the best dog for our kids. Sky you will be the best for your loving family. Those blue eyes can heal a broken heart!
Sep 18, 2010 BlackDogMom
Absolutely gorgeous!! Sky, you were properly named! Beautiful!
Sep 18, 2010 dogluvr857
Sky is just beautiful! I love his eyes, and your story. In this picture and the next, I think GSD in there.
Sep 18, 2010 camryann17
he has very pretty blue eyes! they are so blue! i like the name sky! its cute and it suits him!
Sep 18, 2010 siun
very cute, an his name matches the color of his eyes!!!!! :)
Sep 18, 2010 PlottsRule3
awww!!!! you are so beautiful.... you are just so gorgoues!!!
Sep 18, 2010 coonhoundmama
Sky, you are so handsome! I can see you romping around as though you have springs on your feet. I bet you are full of energy....and mischief. We're glad you have Chelsea to play with. You're very lucky to have been chosen by your pack to spend your life in their heart and home and vice versa. Many many years of tummy rubs, treats and adventures in your new life. Thanks to your new parent(s) for rescuing you. Sorry to hear about Scout. One door closes and another opens. And there was SKY. HI from Pennsylvania.
Sep 18, 2010 Malimom
you definitly look Huskey/Shep mix. Love those ears. Your going to have a birthday soon in Dec. Does mom have any recent big boy pictures of you.(wondering if your ears stayed up) After seeing you on "recently added" i knew it wouldn't be long before you were on the front page. Congratulations..its fun seeing a local dog featured.( i grew up in Lake forest :) Have a great day Sky. from monterey
Sep 18, 2010 tink'smom
Amazing eyes. Sky is just beautiful!
Sep 18, 2010 The Raven
Sky, you are amazing looking, with Paul Newman's eyes and Huskie energy. Your photos are great, we got to watch you grown from a young pup into a tall, going to be really big, boy. Sounds like you need a lot of walks, swims and tennis matches, to tire you out. Those blue eyes are just mesmerizing. You are one handsome dude!!! A long and happy and healthy life and THANKS to your parents for rescuing you and making you a family member.
Sep 18, 2010 PuppyLuv101
Such beautiful, beautiful eyes! So sweet!
Sep 18, 2010 tobymomma
Those eyes melt me.......
Sep 18, 2010 bruno_rocky
Madly in love with those eyes!!
Sep 18, 2010
yes.. the ears went UP! and stayed UP! Will post some newer pictures on his profile now! Will also post a picture of Scout. Sky says "woof" and thanks for all your cool comments and wonderful special attention and all those bones!! (He hopes this positive feedback might help to make up for eating all those couch cushions... we'll see.....) THANKS ALL YOU DOG LOVERS OUT THERE!!! BTW... the "rescuing" works both ways! :-) geegee
Sep 18, 2010 KentuckyJim
Dear Friend, So often mixed breed dogs have the best personalities. That's not a rule at all. We had a wonderful boxer and dalmatian. I have a Shih Tzu/ Pomeranian mix and he's a great puppy for sure. I hope you are blessed for what you have done for Sky, who's eyes are such a reflection of a blue sky. I'm so sorry for the loss of your other dog. It's so hard to say good-bye. It gets harder and harder for me as I grow older (I'm 59 now). May Sky have a long, happy and healthy life with you, with his heart filled with the sheer joy of living. Take care, my friend. My love to all in the Lord, Jim Grayson Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.
Sep 18, 2010 pearliesmum
simply gorgeous. love his sky blue eyes.
Sep 18, 2010 k9ncats
May your heart overflow with memories both past and present. Take care of one another!
Sep 18, 2010 mvh
Wow, those eyes, those wonderful eyes! He looks like a great character.
Sep 18, 2010 poochies=love
Wow! Those eyes! Those ears! That tongue! . This pic made me laugh out loud! Sounds like you both are lucky. Blessings for a long Healthy, happy, life together!!
Sep 18, 2010 janaS
what an adorable dog, with BIG paws.
Sep 18, 2010 dogylvr
A Paul Newman sort of handsome dog! Wow!
Sep 18, 2010 wolfgirl66
Adorable Sky's lovely blue eyes take my breadth awsy
Sep 18, 2010 murphmuffin
Look at those eyes! Just beautiful!
Sep 18, 2010 oopsidaisy
Just beautiful!
Sep 18, 2010 oopsidaisy
I truly believe that God places dogs and pets in our life at a time we need them most!
Sep 18, 2010 PamN1211
Another beautiful baby today! Love those eyes..ahh, who doesn't? Big hugs for Sky, and hugs to heaven for your precious Scout. Wishing you many happy loving years with your precious pup!
Sep 18, 2010 pupielady
What a beautiful boy. We two have lost former furry children and now have two rescued lovely ladies in our home. Wishes of many years of joy with your new family member. I can only imagine those amazing eyes will get him what ever he wants! Puppy kisses from NC!
Sep 18, 2010 lucyny2000
Lovely dog, lovely name! Blessings from NY
Sep 18, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Sky, you are one fantastic looking pup. What piercing eyes you have--bet you don't miss much with those peepers. Wishes for a long, happy and healthy life from Scamp's Grammy.
Sep 18, 2010 lotsapets
" I can't believe what I just saw !! I am simply stunned !! " You have a very beautiful is very good to see that you have him micro-chipped, too, that's a wonderful thing to do for your pet's safety !! From Robbie, Katie and Spencer's Mom
Sep 18, 2010 gail koup
Skye you are so handsomw! You have the most amazing eyes! I am so glad that you found such a wonderful and loving forever home! Loads of love and biscuits to you and yor family! :-)
Sep 18, 2010 nmshirl
Skye,you have the most beautiful blue eyes,that I have ever seen.I'm jealous. I love this pic,it looks like you are saying,"now,listen up you guys,this is the way we are going to pull off this caper".LOL. May be some German Sherard in the mix,also. You are a great looking dog.I wish you years of happiness,love,and health,with you're new family. God bless the family that adopts.nmshirlgirl
Sep 18, 2010 nmshirl
Sorry about mispelling you're name,Sky.We can blame it on the "old folks disease"LOL.nmshirlgirl
Sep 18, 2010 Puppygirl93
WOW! Sky! Are you ever so unique!! I love your glowing blue eyes!! And you got such an incredibly cute features too! You look like a husky and a Great Dane cross. I bet you'll be a big boy when you grow up! I wish you a long happy, healthy and fun and adventurous life sweetie! Hugs & Kisses to you!!
Sep 18, 2010 msl1202
What's not to love? So very beautiful! I hope you all have a loving life together!
Sep 18, 2010 bestfriends
Mesmerizing eyes, gorgeous dog! Sky was just what you needed to soothe the hurt from the loss of your beloved Scout. I think this was a win/win, you have engergetic, entertaining Sky, he has a wonderful forever home. I wish him a long, healthy, and happy life.
Sep 18, 2010 pfordeb
Sky is gorgeous. Sorry about your dog Scout, but glad Sky has brought some comfort. Have fun with him.
Sep 18, 2010 Candy&Chloe's mom
I sure an no expert but he looks like he might also have some Shepherd in him from his color and profile, but those blue eyes are a stunning!! My former vet works at your shelter and I know your baby got the best care possible. He sure is beautiful and Sky looks both loved and knows he is a special part of your family and heart. Beautiful baby.
Sep 18, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Oh My Goodness! Sky is gorgeous! And I do believe in fate and circumstance and believe Sky was born and rescued just to ease your hearts from the loss of your beloved Scout...and he obviously has done of wonderful job of perfect that your cared enough to adopt from the shelter..that is such an awesome responsibility and not an easy task to pick from all the love the shelters have to offer. Bless you all!
Sep 18, 2010 Rio
Ok Sky, you tell'm. Beautiful pup, those gorgeous Husky eyes and the ears/body sure has to have some German Shepard in there. Whatever he is, He is beautiful! Just love him to pieces.
Sep 18, 2010 boomerandmarleyrock
your owners are blessed to have you! husky eyes, and in this picture, great dane ears! zillion hugs, snuggles, kisses, treats and a nice long scratch under the collar!!!!!! i want you to be the potluck puppy! zillion biscuits, my top favorite!
Sep 18, 2010 linder
I would guess him to be german shepherd and siberian husky mix. He is beautiful and probably will be very intelligent. It shows in his expression.
Sep 18, 2010 audrey08
I wonder? if Sky, got his name because of his beautiful eyes? He's so adorable he does have the look of mischief.. Sooo Cute!!!!
Sep 18, 2010 Ligia
Frank Sinatra has left the building....Gorgeous! Lots of love and I hope your bros and sis find homes too. xoxoxox.-L.
Sep 18, 2010 bafern
Your new family addition is so beautiful. His eyes are so pretty. I hope you enjoy your lives together for a long long time.
Sep 18, 2010 malachy
gorgeous pentrating BLUE eyes! wow he can see right thru your soul with those eyes lol... what a cutie enjoy him!
Sep 18, 2010 krystan
Awwww, i'm surprised you got him to sit still long enough to take this "cute as a bugs ear" photo. Those eyes are gorgeous, but scary if you wake up to them staring at you wanting to go outside. Boatloads of puppy treats, snuggie hugs, and cuddles.
Sep 18, 2010 shortyww22
what an adorable guy you are sky.I just love those Beautiful baby blue eyes of you'res.I'm glad you brought happiness into you're family after they lost their other dog.I wish you many happy years together and I'm so glad they found you and gave you a wonderful loving home.kisses n hugs Lil guy.
Sep 18, 2010 kian
Aw loves the grass. She is beautiful, enjoy many fun years!
Sep 18, 2010 puppylover8922
awwwwwwwwwww look at those eyes so pretty
Sep 18, 2010 kgpayne13
Sky, your eyes are incredible! Many biscuits and belly rubs to you!
Sep 18, 2010 ceallaig
When one door closes another opens -- looks like this happened for your family. Sky is just about the handsomest little man I've ever seen (those eyes!!!), and all that energy will be good for all of you. Many happy years together!
Sep 18, 2010 phawman
He's such a beautiful baby, lots of hugs and kisses for this one.
Sep 18, 2010 lanemb
awwwwwwwwww, so adorable
Sep 18, 2010 sheila
Oh Sky, you have the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen and yesterday I said that to a beautiful little female pitbull. That face, those eyes - I wouldn't be able to quit looking at you. You are beautiful!! Long and happy life to Sky, Chelsea and their humans.
Sep 18, 2010 wagshot
My what beautiful eyes you have. Bless you for giving a home to such a beautiful beastie. Seems like he is already returning the favor - by bringing you joy and soothing your sorrow. Pound pups rule!
Sep 18, 2010 DoxMD
Oh you are one very pretty puppy - those eyes are just precious!!!!! Big puppy hugs and licks from Dox!
Sep 18, 2010 Born Free
Nothin' but blue sky from now on...
Sep 18, 2010 coriebe
Sky has BEAUTIFUL eyes! What cutie!
Sep 18, 2010 ruthie
Such a perfect name for this very handsome guy with the most beautiful "sky" blue eyes! Sorry for your loss...forever in your heart, and now another wonderful pup in your life. Wishing you many, many, happy, healthy, love-filled years together.
Sep 18, 2010 Sladesmaid
SKY is the colour of your eyes, SKY is how big your heart is, SKY is the endless love that your family must have for you and SKY is infinite love you return their way !!! Beautoful puppy :)
Sep 18, 2010 jojosmom417
You could just get lost in those beautiful eyes! What a beautiful dog Sky is turning into! My sincerest condolences on the loss of your precious Scout. May you have many long, happy healthy years with this little guy!
Sep 18, 2010 puppy world#1
Woow Skyhas rlly beautiful and cool lookin eyes!! ohhhhhh thats why they call u sky!!!!:0
Sep 18, 2010 wolfgirl66
Sep 18, 2010 tzumom
What a beauty you are...your eyes are a great color...see why you have such a great name. Lots of hugs and goodies to you little one.
Sep 19, 2010 woof1959
wow sky has those amazing blue husky striking
Sep 19, 2010 vee12
He is beautiful!
Sep 19, 2010 lucybee
Sky-thank you for mending the broken heart of your parents after their loss.That beautiful face of yours could work many wonders on the spirit.
Sep 19, 2010 goldenfan
Sky has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen! You could resist giving him 11 biscuits
Sep 19, 2010 scmill
What a face and love those eyes. He is a sweetheart!!
Sep 19, 2010 pirosred
What a great photo to a wonderful rescue story.
Sep 20, 2010 lynetz2
sky: you are a gorgeous puppy and i know your new family is so happy to have such a wonderful new member to the family - your eyes are mesmerizing and you look absolutely handsome! lots of hugs and biscuits to you little guy!
Sep 20, 2010 doodles820
Oh, those eyes!!!!
Sep 20, 2010 diddy.20
He's so beautiful!!
Sep 20, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Hey cat, scram or I'm comin after you! LOL Sky you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever been melted by! You are one beautiful boy! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you sweet one
Sep 20, 2010 jocie3
Sky you are one gorgeous baby! Congrats on finding a home with such love.
Sep 20, 2010 momomtx
Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! You are a beauty, Sky! Have a fun puppyhood and grow to be a big, beautiful, happy dog!
Sep 20, 2010 Grimsthorpe
Wow Love the eyes.
Sep 20, 2010 Grimsthorpe
I love dog people! Dog Bless, Greg
Sep 20, 2010 Kelsey's mom
Sky is very handsome indeed with those striking blue eyes! Thank you for rescuing him. So sorry for your loss of Scout, but as we lovers of all things canine know, we lose them all too soon. In my experience, nothing helps the heart to begin to heal more quickly than planning for and embracing another companion animal. You may be the "rescued" ones ~
Sep 20, 2010 Dogaholic Gal
Oh wow, his ears flipped up! Those eyes are some of the most gorgeous I've ever seen on man or beast! Many happy years together! Our puppy found us exactly 3 months after our beloved Ziggy passed away, as well. Since he was a rescue, we made that date his birthday because we believe he was sent to us by his doggy brother!
Sep 20, 2010 emadee
It looks like you named him for his beautiful sky blue eyes. Wowza!
Sep 20, 2010 Zabilka
He is ADORable !! :)
Sep 20, 2010 girlretro101
I completly understand why her name is sky, those bright blue eyes are gorgeous!
Sep 20, 2010 BeautyLover
What a precious boy!! So sorry you had to lose Scout. It's always so hard.
Sep 20, 2010 gouldkb
What beautiful eyes! They pierce straight to your heart :)
Sep 20, 2010 slevinsmom
Oh my word, look at those f-e-e-t! Gonna be a big guy, aren't you, precious? A thousand kisses, beautiful man!!!
Sep 20, 2010 FrolicOfMouse85287
O, my eyes full of the blue of the sky! My fur ripples with the burnt sienna of a thousand deserts! My nose, a dot of charcoal in the ash of a fire! Time is but a concept that destroys love. But the love of an animal IT IS TIMELESS. Have a good life!
Sep 20, 2010 Dog Master
What a beautiful pup you are, Sky! And what charming eyes! Many biscuits and love, for you, you adorable, terrific boy!
Sep 21, 2010 MsJaxFla
It was most difficult to pick a photo, less I made a bunch of comments on every one..... sigh. It was hard to resist those baby blue eyes and those adorable ears and that sweet nose. You sure are a beautiful baby.
Sep 21, 2010 TessBess
Your dog looks a little like a german shepherd :)
Sep 21, 2010 piobaire
Ok this looks like trouble on wheels!
Sep 25, 2010 Arvy
I can't decide if these eyes are beautiful or just really spooky. They certainly are arresting.
Sep 28, 2010 LostOsbourne
You are such a beautiful baby!
Sep 29, 2010 dalmatianlover
love the eyes! those beautiful sky blue eyes. ive never seen those colour eyes in a dog before!
Oct 6, 2010 margratte
oh my goodness!!! what a power full eyes
Oct 6, 2010 margratte
oh my goodness!!! what a power full eyes
Oct 11, 2010 cute1
it so cute i like this puppy i wwont this puppy for free.
Oct 11, 2010 cute1
cute cute
Oct 11, 2010 cute1
i love the eyes
Dec 8, 2010 arworkman91
Sky has beautiful Sky blue eyes. Kudos on finding this beautiful puppy!
Dec 29, 2010 CoopersAunt
His eyes are amazing *-*
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