Friday, July 25, 2014
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Aug 11, 2007 thepoetcalliope
So cute!
Aug 11, 2007 lydster
Oh my goodness! There is NOTHING like a baby beagle! Isn't it hilarious when they discover how to make a howl? It's almost impossible to pick a favourite photo, but this one cracks me up - play hard, sleep hard!
Aug 11, 2007 PIPPIN
Snickers, you are divine and just soooo innocent looking. How will mum and dad go mad at you as you grow up. Continue to look at them with those beautiful eyes and you will get away with everything. Love you.
Aug 11, 2007 harlequinguy
You'll get more love and devotion from this tiny body that you can possibly believe. Take care of her for us...and spoil her to bits.
Aug 11, 2007 Purpetrator
Absolutely adorable! If I saw her walking down the street, I'd have to tell her she's a cute little dog too and of course I'd have to give those big soft ears a good scratching. Too cute!
Aug 11, 2007 Suzy's Mom
Snickers is so cute. I just love beagles. Especially baby beagles! I love the picture in the dishwasher. The look on her face seems to say, "What? I'm just checkin' it out."
Tons of bikits and tummy rubs for you sweet baby.
Aug 11, 2007 PuppyCrazie
Snickers ~ you look good enough to eat!!! You are a beauty...
Aug 11, 2007 caraschotch
Hi Snickers! You're my favourite, you sweet, freckle-bellied girl! What a little doll! Wishing you many years of happiness...
Aug 11, 2007 gill
Snickers looks adorable. Just howling with laughter in this photo! A real bundle of fun.Just love her to bits.
Aug 11, 2007 madziajk
I don't think Snickers could be any cuter! He is simple ADORABLE! I love those spots on his tummy. You can see from the photos that he is very independent and curious puppy! I live him! Kisses and huggs to Snickers, and of course 11 biscuits!
Aug 11, 2007 allimarie
Oh man! She is indeed the cutest puppy ever! I thought it would be impossible to choose a favorite pic, until I saw this...

Enjoy her! What a perfect little bubby!
Aug 11, 2007 Xabismom65
Take Two - Xabi got jealous of me gushing over little Snickers and 'closed the window' before I could send - no joke. Anyway as I was saying before I was 'mauled' by a jealous boston terrier ;)
Snickers is too cute (especially the spotted tummy- aw) a classic beagle and a real stunner! There arent enough biscuits, so sadly she will have to settle for 11. Enjoy, spoil her rotten and congratulations from Xabi and his mum on your new addition
Aug 11, 2007 Lizanne
Ohhhhh, I love Snickers. There is nothing like a Beagle.
They just have a way of melting anyone's heart. Kate says "Come on Snick, lets play. Love the shot of his tummy too, and the other show of him sleeping on his tummy. Too precious. Hugs to this guy from Kate the Dane.

Elizabeth & Miss Kate =O)
Aug 11, 2007
Enjoy the love and laughter you are going to get from this little one. She is a hoot!!!
Aug 11, 2007 windwalker
ah....what a beutiful beagle puppy. They are so wonderful...little beagles. Such a happy little one as well...God Bless her family for taking such good care of her.
Aug 11, 2007 beaglemama
OMG, you have going to have such fun with that cutie pie. I have two and love every minute with them! I absolutely LOVE the pics with her hanging out of her bed. Does she actually sleep that way?
Aug 11, 2007 shimmertwist
Is this the same Snickers from the Beagle Community on Live Journal? Those Bellah Freckles look awfully familiar! :) She is SUCH A CUTIE. Beagle Puppies are my favorite narcotic.
Aug 11, 2007 maddie's mom
snickers is so cute and i love the name
Aug 11, 2007 lisaivey
Wow, another tough decision picking a favorite! I do love this one, tho; it has all my favorite elements - sleeping puppy, toe pads, little puppy belly, the works!

My first dog was a beagle named Snoopy, so I've always been partial to them. Snickers is a doll! And she seems to love the camera, so I'm sure you'll always have plenty of cute pics of her!!
Aug 11, 2007 zoozieQ
oh my gosh, Snickers with the swing just kills me!! How sweet!
Aug 11, 2007 casey's mom
Snickers is just adorable. Love the way she is making sure that everybody knows that this is her bed, body out, feet in! My Yorkie alway hung out of his bed the same way. Too cute!
Aug 11, 2007 doriesmom
Snickers is so precious!!!! She is one beautiful girl!!! The beagle pup we had a long time ago was the easiest dog I ever trained. Best of luck with her. She is a very sweet little addition to your family. Wishing you a lifetime of fun, romps, howls :-), and affection. From Dorie, Henri, and Molly, our doggies.
Aug 11, 2007 bopeep
Snickers is such a pretty baby. It didn't take her long to be comfortable and happy, and that's when she turned on the sassy. I had a beagle many years ago when I was a girl and they are great dogs. Hugs and kisses.
Aug 11, 2007 DogMom
Snickers is one delicious little puppy. She is an absolutely gorgeous beagle girlie. I had a beagle when I was a little girl -- he was a great dog. You will have many fun times with this silly miss. It looks like she is ready to help with household chores -- looks like these plates are cleaned to her satisfication....... Enjoy this precious angel.
Aug 11, 2007 Mary V
OMG! What a ham! There were so many pics I couldnt decide and when I did I STILL cant get it to show up. Michael wrote and told me what to do but I still must be doing it wrong!! Help somebody!!(I click on heart, gey greeen fav, right click nothing, try to drag nothing. It does not automatically show up in this box either. Please help computer challenged 50 year old....
Bucky and Bailey's MOM
Aug 11, 2007 Mary V
Whoops, there it is. I guess it shows AFTER you send it
Bucky and Bailey's MOM
Aug 11, 2007 Mary V
Whoops, there it is. I guess it shows AFTER you send it
Bucky and Bailey's MOM
Aug 11, 2007 JunieB
HAHAHA!!! My beagle is two years old and 40 pounds, and he STILL likes to stand on the dishwasher!!! LOVE this picture!!! And all the ones where Snickers looks like she's melting in her sleep - so typical beagle!! You're going to love having your own "Beagle of Leisure", as my husband calls our boy.
Aug 11, 2007 honeygreeneyes
Aug 11, 2007 jo
Beagles are one of my favorite breeds--I just love them! They are wonderful people dogs, and full of personality. Snickers is completely adorable, and it sure looks like she knows how to relax! How to choose a favorite photo? Enjoy many years of happiness with your sweet, happy girl.
Aug 11, 2007 DogyLvr
"I was dreaming that I was flying, and then I realized that no, I was a Penguin flying under water... and oh, Mom and Dad, I love this life!"

Snickers makes me chuckle!
Aug 11, 2007 roseyinflorida
OMG...what a beautiful baby girl!!! Bless her little heart a thousand times over. Tons of biscuits for her!!! She is a little doll. My favorite breed and looks a lot like my 4 year old beagle girl. Hugs and licks to her from me and Charlotte the Beagle. I just love this picture. It looks like she's really enjoying herself. Go Beagles!!!!!!
Aug 11, 2007 BeckersUNC
What a lovable little girl she is! Muchos puppy kisses for Miss Snickerdoodle.
Aug 11, 2007 pauleenm
What a sweetie. So hard to pick a favorite photo.
Aug 11, 2007 Puppylove13
Just too cute for words! Luv her, luv her, luv her!! What a personality she's already developed. Have fun......
Aug 11, 2007 roseyinflorida
Darn...I couldn't get my favorite picture to show up with my comment. Anyway it's the one on her back showing her freckly belly! Bunches more biscuits for this adorable baby girl!!! I hope it works this time.
Aug 11, 2007 judyrb
Snickers and beagles - two of my favorite things. She is adorable - I can see a little of my Lizzie (she's a beagle mix) in her expressions. Enjoy her
Aug 11, 2007 geo10s
Great looking little girl. You can't see me, but I'm sticking my tongue out right back at her!
Aug 11, 2007 Yankee-7
Aw! She's an absolute beauty to be sure!
Love this picture here. It looks like she's being tickled, and REALLY enjoys it!
Aug 11, 2007 Terry C
It's tough deciding which photo I liked best, because they are all so cute.
Aug 11, 2007 Mummm
She is really adorable and your photos are great! How on earth did she get up on the dish drainer though???
Aug 11, 2007 hbird2
Snickers is adorable. I love beagles!
Aug 11, 2007 doggieaunt
Beeeeaaagle puppy!!! More cuteness than the law allows!! (I'm not at all sure if there's anything cuter on the entire planet than a beagle puppy, and Snickers is way up there in said universe of cuteness.)

Wanted to give her so many more biscuits, which, as a beagle, she would have loved.

Many, many tummy rubs, silky ear "tousles," and kisses to that "olive nose."
Aug 11, 2007 doggieaunt
PS: There's no way I can choose a favorite photo! (In fact, I'm considering trying to make them my wallpaper.)
Aug 11, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
Snickers is so cute. I love the little fat belly in this picture. When a beagle gets about a year old or so, they like to escape and wonder. Please keep a good look out on that. . I am an adoption counselor at a local humane society and we see that to be the case. Also they are little food hounds. Not so bad, but obeseity is an issue.
Aug 11, 2007 luvmybeagle
what a sweetheart! Reminds me of when my beagle was a pup! I love this photo. My beagle Maverick (feat. june 4) sleeps weird like this too. And he liked to get on the dishwasher too! I love it. Cherish your sweetie.
Aug 11, 2007 BeachLover
Beagles are the BEST! This little girl is proof of that.

: )
Aug 11, 2007 lunas_mom
Give Snickers big kisses cause she is so cute. I am powerless to such a face. Have fun with your litte sassy girl!!!
Aug 11, 2007 JohnEdmonton
These photos capture the joy of owning a beagle perfectly!
Aug 11, 2007 mom-lainie
I love those tummy freckles. so cute. all your pics are so cute--i like the ones where she can hardly drag her hind end out of bed. what a doll. I hope you enjoy each other for many years to come.
Aug 11, 2007 Roz
Cutie Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 11, 2007 Roz
What a cutie,LOL
Aug 11, 2007 mrsackey
Look at that little spotted belly just begging to be rubbed! How sweet! It was so hard to pick a favorite photo, as they're all sooooo adorable; however, I think this one takes the cake. Too cute!!!
Aug 11, 2007 PimpDoggie
aww he is so CUTE!!! your so lucky to have her. give her a belly rub for me.
Aug 11, 2007 dogsrule
SO CUTE! I love her name too!

Very pretty dog. I bet you love her a lot! :)
Aug 11, 2007 Rose'sMom
Aunt Cindy and cousin lyss love our new addition to the family. She is soooooooooooo cute. The yard landscaping project turned out nice too. love to you all
Aug 11, 2007 dogcopper
What a beauty!
Aug 11, 2007 KayS
My first attempt at posting a comment. Let's see if it works. Your puppy is just adorable. So inquisitive looking!! Looks like he is ready to pounce on something in this picture. I love it. I miss my dogs. I can't have one now because of traveling so much. hopefuly one day soon that will change. Meanwhile, this is how I get my fix!!
Aug 11, 2007 LucyB
Are beagle puppies THE cutest things in the world or what?? Enjoy this sweet baby.
Aug 11, 2007 nash5081
Oh, Where to start??? I guess it has to be how CUTE Snickers IS !!! This baby is waaaay too cute, for her own good! But she's a beagle baby, so it's a "given." Next... Your pictures are FANTASTIC! So hard to pick a favorite. But it's a beagle baby, so it's a "given." I just got a new camera, yesterday, any chance of you and Snickers coming over to NM. and helping out a poor little moron, out, who's WAYYY over her head? Next.. My parents had a beagle for 17 yrs. and I had my own for 5. (that's 22 yrs of beagles, so I consider myself and expert.) You got the BEST dog!!! Many years of happiness together. Get used to people coming up to you, it never stops!!!!!
Aug 11, 2007 doggone1973
Snickers is without a doubt a cutie pie! Who could not love this face.LOL Picking a favorite was no easy task today, there was many i favored LOL. I have a beagle mix i adopted when she was 10 months back in 2004 and she is a ham too.LOL Lots of hugs, kisses, and of course belly rubs to your sweetie.
Aug 11, 2007 ilovedogs
Snickers is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful!!!!! I love the picture of her laying down with her eyes closed. She looks like a snickers bar!!!! Snickers is such a cute name!!!!! She makes me want to cuddle up to her and give her belly rubs!!!!! :)
Aug 11, 2007 desertrose
What a beautiful beagle. She looks just like my beloved Dolly. When Dolly went "over the rainbow bridge" two and a half years ago I cried for weeks. Thank you Snickers for the memories of my sassy little girl. Lots and lots of biscuits and belly rubs!
Aug 11, 2007 thetopazsmurf
LOL..too funny..She says "But Mom, I'm pooped I just can't make it"..She is too sweet..Have many many years of fun with her..
Aug 11, 2007 SouthernDiva1970
What a darling, perfect, beautiful puppy! I love Beagles!
Aug 11, 2007 feismom
Beagles exhaust me but they are adorable as is the most cuteful Snickers! I have a lot of respect for beagle owners. Enjoy your sweet one!
Aug 11, 2007 meyekidsrgr8
Your little girl is adorable. Beagles are the greatest. She could be my little one's sister - they look so much alike!
Aug 11, 2007 maggie9583
She looks like my sassy little beagle in these pictures! Beagles are the sweetest and most loving dogs ever! Snickers is the perfect name!!
Aug 11, 2007 cobillie
That is the cutest dog, ever! Y'all are so lucky to have each other. Take good care of her. So very precious!
Aug 11, 2007 seeress83
She is so adorable! She reminds me of my beagle, Hemi, when she is laying almost all the way out of her bed! He used to do that a lot. I hope you're as happy with Snickers as I have been with my Hemi :)
Aug 11, 2007 3dogmom
So cute! I couldn't decide which picture I like best but when I saw that freckled belly I knew that was it. That one of the best parts of a puppy. You are going to have a wonderful time with this little doll. Her eyes say it all. Best of luck. And Snickers, all the bisquits in the world to you.
Aug 11, 2007 akqzall
OMG! What a cute girl. She just oozes personality! 11 biscuits for sure!
Aug 11, 2007 shanna_puppy
shes a sweetie!Love how she sleeps!So cute!:D
Aug 11, 2007 Jennb3
You are just a perfect little baby!!
Aug 11, 2007 twosweethounds
Aaaaah, beagles. Love the pic in the dishwasher.... typical Bee! Pretty soon she'll be up on the dinner table if you let her!!!

Enjoy her. Beagles are great. Just watch that food... disappear!

All the best
Aug 11, 2007 sue
shes beautiful
Aug 11, 2007 SuperDogmom
Snickers is too cute for words! I enjoyed all the pictures, especially the ones of her curled up & sleeping.

I had a Beagle named Scooter that used to take his Milky Bones out into the backyard and bury them! He couldn't understand why he could smell them but after he "dug" them up, they were not there. They had dissolved & disappeared. He also learned how to crawl up and over the fence in the backyard and roam all over town. Scooter the Escape Artist!

I loved to rub his big, soft, floppy ears on my face & take in that doggie smell. Nothing like it! Hope you & Snickers enjoy each other for many, many years.
Aug 11, 2007 texasbelle10
She is so cute i have a bassett hound Daisy, that she reminds me of. I love the howl and the floppy ears she is precious and I love her name great choice.
Aug 11, 2007 garbetta
what a great puppy! we've had our beagle lucy for 6 years and she is just the same as your puppy even now
Aug 11, 2007 angelawillis
Your beagle puppy is so cute!
Aug 11, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
She is so cute. Enjoy her and we hope for a long and healthy life for her.
Aug 11, 2007 Cacee's Mom
What a face! Snickers knows how to ham it up for the camera. She is absolutely the cutest puppy - she deserved one million biscuits! That belly just begs to be rubbed, and those ears! Wishing you years of happiness and love with your little girl.
Aug 11, 2007 amomto5doxies
Good luck tring to disapline this baby. She is so adorable. I just love puppies, they are the best.
Aug 11, 2007 Snickersmom
Thanks to all you Snicker fans out there. We've really enjoyed reading all of your glowing remarks. Snickers is one loved puppy!
Aug 11, 2007 lovemydogs
BEAUTIFUL young lady!!! She is a heart breaker!!!!!!! Great pictures, I love the one in the fountian too.
11 cookies for you Snickers!!!!
Aug 11, 2007 Loizhanne
[color=red][B]There will never be a picture of this baby that will not be my absolute favorite, but this one is a perfect example of what happens when a beagle puppy runs out of energy. Blessings on you, Snickers![/color][/B]
Aug 11, 2007 easycompany
[color=blue] How cute your very lucky!!!![/blue]
Aug 11, 2007 easycompany
[color=blue] i did the color thing wrong sorry [/color]
Aug 12, 2007 poohmama
What a beautiful girl. I love all the pictures. She looks so loveable and so playful. What a wonderful addition to your family.
Aug 12, 2007 puppyluvr
[color=red] Snickers is so adorable. How can you resist that face???? [/color]
Aug 12, 2007 TigerLilly
Yep... can definitely see the girly attitude here.
Aug 12, 2007 pupaholic
SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!
Aug 12, 2007 wisenow cute is she? I had a Brittany named Snickers (it was either Snickers or Cheezit after my husband's two favorite snacks!) Best of luck with your sweet pup.
Aug 12, 2007 Deeohgee
Two things I love...Snickers candy bars and little Miss Snickers, the beagle pup!!! Too cute for words!!
Aug 12, 2007 AMADD02
She is adorable!!!!
Aug 12, 2007 diane4pups
What a sweet, cute beagle puppy.....congratulations!
Aug 12, 2007 rubyhatchet
It's like he dives into bed and sometimes dives too far. (^^) 11 biscuits!
Aug 12, 2007 susannajon
We had a Beagle names Snickers in our neighborhood. She was the sweetest, funniest dog. Sadly, she died from cancer, but this little sweetie looks just like her!!! Your beautiful puppy makes me feel like she has come back to visit with us! Enjoy your precious girl.
Aug 12, 2007 gryt
What an adorable little beaglette! Beagles have the best ears... Love her sleeping positions too, hehe!
Aug 12, 2007 debora
Love her speckled tummy and the snoozing positions! Enjoy!
Aug 12, 2007 dlb54739
Awwwe, so cute... Reminds me of our Bailey... so energic... Love her forever.
Aug 12, 2007 saahikat
[colour=blue] i never saw such a cute baby! lots of woofs from me to him! snickers, where r ur sneakers? lol
Aug 12, 2007 sandi
I just love her position in this pic- how adorable can a puppy get? :D
She is so cute and sounds like she is going to be a hand full- in a very fun way. I hope you have many happy year with this angle.
Aug 13, 2007 LeslieAnn
Oh man, I love her and her huge ears!
Aug 13, 2007 Taiyin
Our family dog when I was a child was a beagle, and I will never lose my adoration for the breed. The howls are hysterical, and there is nothing like those huge brown eyes and the silky ears. You've got an adorable baby girl on your hands. Enjoy!
Aug 13, 2007 cindsue
Absolutely adorable. What a love.
Aug 13, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
he is soooooo cute, and i love the pic with him hanging out of his bed
Aug 13, 2007 piobaire
Phooey on anybody that doesn't give an 11 for biscuits for this puppy!! Snickers agrees. No kidding, hard to pick one picture. She's a cute patootie for sure.
Aug 13, 2007 ginnieliz333
I squealed when I saw Snickers! What a beautiful little one! 11 million biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 13, 2007 kalvarad
Laid out!! :D

...Snickers, you make me miss my Beagle!
Aug 13, 2007 stormdog
I can alredy tell who the boss of your house is just by looking at some of these pictures! Well, that's okay somebody's got to do it! She is such a sweet dog (I particularly like this shot of her). They run and run and run until they are just tuckered out! Give me some sugar on that little head and on those paws!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 13, 2007 kitanablade3
I absolutely love the beagle breed and your little Snickers is the perfect example of why! She looks absolutely precious and loving!
Aug 13, 2007 Sezwee
what.a.Q.T.!!!! Thank you for posting these photos.
Aug 13, 2007 Bijou903
Beagles are soooo cute!! It was super hard to pick a fav. I love sleepy pictures. 11 biscuits for this cutie!
Aug 14, 2007 stumpie
How precious! Of course I am a tad bit biased. I've got a beagle named Snickers, too! He's brought us nothing but happiness. May your Snickers do the same to you & your family!!
Aug 14, 2007 bayley's mom
Oh my goodness.....what a beauty!! We have a beagle too so I know how much joy she will bring you. Not a day goes by where our Chutney doesn't make us laugh out loud! I have two favourite pictures because they both are things that Chutney does, but since I can only pick one, I'm going with the dishwasher one....I can't tell you how many times I went into the kitchen and she was on the dishwasher door licking the plates! I've given my son heck enough times now that he doesn't leave the door open any more so she can't do it now! (My other favourite is the one where she is chewing the stick)
Aug 14, 2007 Stella&Sooner'sMom
There's nothing I love more than a sleeping puppy!

What a cutie!
Aug 14, 2007 tambore
What is it about beagles that makes them so irresistible? And you too, Snickers, have drawn me in with your sweet face and presence. Do you do the dishes or just lick them?

I see a wonderful life in store for you all. Have fun and stop being so cute, huh.
Aug 15, 2007 Giada777
What a precious little girl! Makes me want to get another beagle NOW.
Aug 15, 2007 TLC
This baby doll must have graduated top of the class in cute school!!
Aug 15, 2007 luvpupbreath
I love your puppy, snickers fits her well!!! i have 2 beagles, belle and max, they are both adorable!!! belle's birthday is the 26th of august!!! she will be 10!!! i hope snickers has a happy life!!! and look at those gorgeous eyes!!!
Aug 16, 2007 jazzy's mom
What a beautiful little girl! All of the photos are awesome, she is very photogenic. She looks like slinky dog in this one!
Aug 16, 2007 laurenluvsdogs
what a gorgeous little beagle!! i hope you have many happy years with her! xx
Aug 17, 2007 jenniferb
I love the pickers of Snickers in her bed. Bailey used to do the same thing!. I have many pictures of that. And I loved the one of her on the dishwasher too. Too cute!
Aug 19, 2007 Pepsidog
Snickers is the best, I luv this pic, she's looks like she waiting for mom to come home and luv her. Beagles are the greatest, if I could have a dog it would be a Snickers dog, I have a rare cancer and pets are out of the ? for now, so this is where I go for some puppy luv every day, thank you for sharing her w/ us...
Aug 21, 2007 Asinglema
She is so adorable! I wish you many years of happiness with her. I know she is and will be a great companion. They are very loyal and loving dogs! They look like little angels when they are asleep. Awww... I love this picture.
Aug 22, 2007 vllybllstar
omygosh snickers is soooooo cute
i love all the pics and i wish we could pick more than one!
i thought that this one was just hilarious, mainly because my beagle/terrier does the exact same thing
ooohh she is lovely and spoil her rotten for me!
Sep 28, 2007 bromax123
" Let sleeping dogs lie"
Dec 28, 2007 american92angel
omg...little snickers is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo adorable!!!!!!!!!! I love beagles so much!
Feb 29, 2008 PattieAnnBoyd
Snickers is absolutely adorable!

My beagle Sadie also loves to jump up on the dishwasher door!
Mar 28, 2008 JaviersMom
Oh my soul. This little darling took my breath clean away. How I love Beagles. You are so fortunate! Please give Snickers a big sloppy kiss from me.
Mar 28, 2008 simrat101
your pup is worth a million words what a cutie
May 18, 2008 Hound Lover
There is NOTHING cuter than a baby beagle. They all look like they have swallowed a baseball. Beautiful pictures
Jan 9, 2009 jbroy
awww, so sweet and innocent. She is a beautiful little girl.
Feb 27, 2009 naomi_C
That is Almageste!!
Nov 12, 2009 horse_rider
Oh my goodness - SNICKERS!!!! You are THE cutest thing EVER! Spectacular photos - it was so hard to pick just one, but this one makes me want to put my lips to your tummy and go "BBBbthththththththth". LOTS of belly rubs to you Snickers, from Max, Ivy, Wills and their MOM!
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