Sniper the Belgian Malinois

Puppy Breed: Belgian Malinois

Sniper's parents say: Sniper is a purebred Belgian Malinois. Though still in puppy status, his last weigh-in was 77 pounds. He was born in Toronto, Canada, and he took his first plane ride to Manitoba at the young age of eight weeks. Sniper is incredibly smart, full of energy, and sociable. He is true to his nature and very much a protection dog. Sniper loves going to the dog park, swimming, and just playing. He has been a great asset when it comes to house cleaning and has helped us get rid of a lot of junk, especially the stuff that gets shoved under the bed. He believes he is a lap dog and loves to climb up into our laps at football games, on boat rides, and whenever he feels the need to get close. "Snuggle" is a word he knows well. When he's at the other side of the house and we say, "Who wants to snuggle?" he tears down the hall and vaults himself onto the bed, throwing his body into ours. He's an awesome pup and keeps us entertained every day!