Tinker the Collie Mix

Puppy Breed: Collie / Golden Retriever

My name is Tinker and I am a four month old Golden Collie. Most people think I'm a Golden Retriver but if you look a little closer I have white socks on all my feet and my tail. I love to run around and herd birds, showing off my inner Border Collie. However, I also like to sleep lots and please my owner like a retriever. Sometimes I'm lucky and get on my owners' bed but mostly in my basket. I know all the tricks in the book--my favorite is roll over. Sometimes I get so excited I get confused and twirl in circles though. Dinner time is my favorite time of the day, especially because I know we go for a walk afterwards. I also love to watch TV and chew on cardboard (which is great because I know my owners wouldn't like me to eat their shoes) and when I'm on my own I like to find a dressing gown and curl up.