Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Apr 25, 2007 becalyna
I love the pic of mommy and baby!!! OMG!!!
Apr 25, 2007 THU
11 biscuits for sure!
Apr 25, 2007 Dani
oh, she is cute cute cute!! but what kind is she? what's her story? just how huggable is she? i need to know more!!
Apr 25, 2007 allgodscritters
Sofia is a true beauty and extremely photogenic! Those eyes are killer. I love the feigned innocence in her eyes in the fourth picture ;) Just what did she just finish gutting? This girl knows how to work it, doesn't she? May you have many wonderful years of daily challenges, joy and mutual love.
Apr 25, 2007 allgodscritters
p.s.: Who is her big bud? That one's a beauty, too! Would love to know a little about both of them.
Apr 25, 2007 pupaholic
You know how Sofia gutted something;
My own dogs have done exactly the same,
exept with their beanbag.
It was like it snowed.
Apr 25, 2007 untbunny
Sofia-It is true that you do not need an introduction. What a beautiful, photogenic baby you are. Fantastic photos from you human friend. Hugs and kisses to you, big girl.
Apr 25, 2007 misty_blue
Oh, my sweet jesus!!! She is so BEAUTIFUL, I am a dog lover, but Sophia is one of the prettiest puppies I've EVER seen. You definately have a prize puppy, I hope you have many beautiful years full of fun-loving memories with Sophia - gosh, I just luv her CUTE little face!!! :)
Apr 25, 2007 elusivek
so cute! I'm sure she is going to be so huggable even when full grown! cute!
Apr 25, 2007 Caseysky
What a pretty girl. She has beautiful eyes, a mischievous grin, and very expressive ears. With that package, she's sure to bring love and joy to your home for years to come. What a sweetie.
Apr 25, 2007 yujismom
those ears....doggie perfection!
Apr 25, 2007 feltlabbit
sofia u're a real beauty! u have the most expressive eyes too!

u're gonna grow up melting alot of studs' hearts eh? :D
Apr 25, 2007 Marlee Rose
Is she a mastiff or a great dane? I love seeing the big dogs as baby puppies?
Apr 25, 2007 dog+human=happy
Great Dane/Mastiff was my first guess too, though the puppy looks a bit like a shepherd. Gotta love those big dogs!
Apr 25, 2007 trendypuppy
what a sweetie! I love the ears
Apr 25, 2007 txmadre
Sofia is a real beauty! Love all the pictures. She has wonderful expressions. Wish you had told us more about her.
Apr 25, 2007 Hotdawgs87
[color=indigo]Sofia, your sweet! I love big dogs soo much and you are going to be a [b]BIG[/b] girl someday!!!!!!! Btw, her big pal is Toby, the grownup puppy of the day! You 2 are adorable!!!!!!!!! [/color]
Apr 25, 2007 JulieS77
Is she a Malinois? She is beautiful.
Apr 25, 2007 BigDogMom
Sofia could eat the sofa & I'd forgive her! (I want to get a new sofa anyway...) I love the Cleopatra eyeliner & the black necklace around her throat. She's one stylin' pup- and real heartbreaker!!
Apr 25, 2007 Penelope
"Who, ME? That thing just spit out all of this wonderful fluff on its own!" (This is one adorable baby.)
Apr 25, 2007 tosainumom
Tosa? Toby looks like my big girl's twin brother.
Apr 25, 2007 Chiefsfan
OMG!!! It's love at first site!!
Apr 25, 2007 dog whisperer
Awww!!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!! What kind is Sofia? Is that her mother?
ADORABLE!!!!!!! She looks so smart!!!!!!!!!
Apr 25, 2007 Catd264
Beautiful puppy.
Apr 25, 2007 bunnied816
It's times like these that you deeply regret being given only 11 biscuits.

What a beauty!! Those eyes, the facial expressions, the whole package - such a wonderful girl! And clearly you don't need to purchase a shredder...! LOL!
Apr 25, 2007 mydogs2cute
Easy to see how you named her Sophia, what an exotic girl you have there! The eyes are the window to the soul!
Apr 25, 2007 allimarie
I, too, need to know what breed she is (or is made up of). I'm almost positive she's some German Shepherd, but what else? I LOOOVE HER!
Apr 25, 2007 JulieS77
I am almost positive she is a Belgian Malinois which is similar to the German Shepherd (smaller though) - I have a Malinois myself and she is a great dog!!
Apr 25, 2007 JulieS77
I am almost positive she is a Belgian Malinois which is similar to the German Shepherd (only smaller) I have one at hom and she is a wonderful dog!!
Apr 25, 2007 tosainumom
Please answer what breed - if Toby is not a Tosa, then my girl must be a Toby!!!!!
Apr 25, 2007 mellor
Sofia is absolutly beautiful. I have a hound dog myself with the same coloring. I did not know that the biscuits at the bottom of the pictures was a voting system. I thought it was a page changing type of thing and I was trying to see more pictures on the next page. now that I know its a voting system I would like to change my vote to a 10.
Apr 25, 2007 corgilover
I think that Sofia is beautiful and smart looking. I have a puppy at home, and is huge. I love Sofia's size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 25, 2007 Alexthepuppylover
Very cute!
Apr 25, 2007 puplover
I nearly fainted when I saw Sophia - she could be a sister to my girl, Odette! Same fur, same tail, same shaped head, same black eyeliner, same expressions, same propensity to shred stuffed things... please tell me what kind of dog Sophia is. In all the years I've had my girl, I've heard zillions of different "knowledgeable" guesses about her breed(s), but have never really known. She is 12 now, and is the most wonderful, loving dog ever. I wish you the same happiness with Sophia! A truckload of biscuits!!!!!
Apr 25, 2007 jolimejias
i like three pics the best the 1 on the oriental carpet the peeka boo pic and the one with the fluffy stuffing though she is very photogenic and all of her puppy pics are great those three are a favorite for me god bless her little baby face and shes gonna be a real looker when shes grown too enjoy lots a love to ya sofia puppywuvs
Apr 25, 2007 JAISTARR
too cute! i have an 9 month old boxer. i just love puppies
Apr 25, 2007 sylvanbliss
Be still my heart! Sophia is just as beautiful as her name. A lifetime of happiness and health to you all!
Apr 25, 2007 FRITZY
Spohia is beautiful!!! I love the picture with he mother. That is adorable. What kind of dog is she? I wish information was included with her photos because she is just amazing!
Apr 25, 2007 hopedog
she is beatiful i would like to know more cutty
Apr 25, 2007 lonjac
What a precious baby!!
Apr 25, 2007 Van Dog
Hi Sofia! You are so cute!! And what a clever and sweet look you have! Be happy!
Apr 25, 2007 puppyluv
Since the owner never answered about Sofia's breed - she's either a full shepherd or a mix. I saved one of the photos (the one with the Mastiff) onto my desktop and its default name was "Sofia Shepherd".
Apr 25, 2007 vllybllstar
you are the most beautiful puppy in the world!
i love your mommy too!
you deserve 100 biscuts! (or more)
Apr 25, 2007 vllybllstar
nvr mnd--that isn't her mommy!
i love toby!
Apr 25, 2007 spaghetti130
what a truley AMAZING dog..


im really jealous. =]
Apr 25, 2007 lbwatkins
What a fun site. Thanks!
Apr 25, 2007 hetzlerl
OMG!!! Sophia is so beautiful! I especially love the second picture - she looks like a model!! Kisses to your gorgeous pup...11 biscuits, paws down :-D
Apr 26, 2007 sylvanbliss
Could Sophia be an Anatolian Shepherd? It's her ears that make it so hard to guess....sometimes up, sometimes not. Belgian Malinois have a similar look...if the ears are up. ^..^

Michael is too busy with his beautiful dogs to give their bios. ;o)
Apr 26, 2007 dogsrule
That is a great dog! LOVE the mommy and baby pic! SOOO sweet! :)
Apr 26, 2007 Joyce Roberts
Thank you for not messing with their ears. I just love the natural floppy ears that they are born with. Both dogs are absolutely gorgeous georges!
Apr 26, 2007 SnowWolves
Sophia is so beautiful. I love her intense and beautiful...she is a beautiful puppy.
Apr 26, 2007 lenaherrmann
soooooooooooooooooo cute
Apr 26, 2007 renee
what a flirt!!!!
She is soooooo beautiful!!!!!
Apr 26, 2007 shellbss67
OMG! I never thought I'd see another puppy like my Khirra. I love her! Do you know what she is. I adopted mine from a rescue, so I have no idea... my guess is a Malinois mix. My girl is only about 45 pounds, super lean but extremely muscular. Would love to know more and share pics! 1,000 biscuits for Sophia!
Apr 27, 2007 soshyviolet
she's adorable. i love those eyes
Apr 27, 2007 Furzaflyin
Now this one is a TREASURE! I love the look on the face with all the pillow fuzz on the floor. 11 biscuits!!
Apr 28, 2007 bucket
I found the big dog from the picture above on this website. The big dog is Toby the South African Mastiff. So I guess the little dog is also the South African Mastiff. YAY!
Apr 29, 2007 mperlet
The picture of Sofia with the stuffing on her paws looking up at her owner like, "I'm not doing anything wrong!" is priceless!!!
Apr 30, 2007 ponytail78
This puppy looks like is might be part Thai Ridgeback. Beautiful expression and facial markings!
Apr 30, 2007 katiesh
I agree, I want to hear more about "mama & baby"
Sofia is absolutely beautiful!
May 3, 2007 SoozieQ
She reminds me so much of my Malinois when he was a puppy. SO CUTE!!! :-)
May 7, 2007 jgirlatlaw
This dog could be my dogs twin. My dog happens to be a german shepherd/bull mastiff mix. Too cute.
May 11, 2007 M&S
[colour=red] your name rocks!!!!!!!!!! [colour=red]
May 11, 2007 M&S
[colour=red]your name rocks!!!![colour=red]

P.S Sorry about the previous comment! We're new and aren't to sure about coloured fonts yet..!
May 19, 2007 jakjaksbabigurl<3
i am almost having a heart attack after seeing her so cute e-mail me through my member name
May 21, 2007 mling
what a lovely pup!
May 25, 2007 hannah
We have been trying to figure out what kind of puppy we have for months..... and she looks IDENTICAL to this puppy except she's more black than brown. She is totally adorable! When we got our puppy they said she was a boxer mix. We seen another dog that resembles her and they said she was boxer/german shepherd/stratfordshire terrier?? Very pretty puppy!
Jun 18, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
She is the most beautiful dog I have every seen. No "cuteness" here, just extreme beauty!!! Breathtaking!
Jan 10, 2008 mcdammit
Sofia looks a lot like my Charley! I adopted Charley from a local SPCA, she was just a mutt with half an ear on one side (because some mean, rotten &$^% had cut her ear off). We never really saw another dog that looked like her until one day my husband saw a picture in a magazine and the article was about the "Carolina Yellow Dog" a/k/a "The American Dingo". Sofia would be one of these rare breeds . . . .
Feb 23, 2008 megs
Sofia is the cutest Malinois i've ever seen!!!GORGEOUS!!
May 10, 2009 ilovelagottos
They sure look related some howw they are so cute!! i love this picture!!
Nov 10, 2010 BeautyLover
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