Sofie the Maltese

Puppy Breed: Maltese

Sofie's mom says: Sofie is a fun-loving, spirited pup. Her favorite thing to do is to “hunt” her big brother Harry (also a Maltese). From across the room she’ll spot Harry and will crouch down and wait for the perfect opportunity to leap on her prey! Our baby girl is also a typical “second child” where she wants anything and everything her big brother has in his possession. It doesn’t matter if she has the very same toy or treat in front of her; she wants his. We were not required to teach her to sit, stay, wait, etc., She learned them all by watching and mimicking her brother. She even includes Harry’s characteristic raised paw when she sits for treats. Sofie has a tendency to swat at Harry or us with her paw. The movement starts as a salute, slow and deliberate, then finishes quickly when her tiny paw comes crashing down. It never fails to make us laugh. Thank goodness she’s just a wee little thing. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of a Great Dane! Adding Sofie to our family has brought us many laughs.