Sophia Loren the Cocker Spaniel

Puppy Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Sophia's mom says: Sophie loves to take long naps in the sun; my guess is to work on her tan. She is very smart and mischievous, always checking to see if you are looking and then going for it. I can't help but to just sit back and laugh; she is a comedian with out even trying. She loves to slide across the hardwood floor, usually being stopped by a wall or furniture. She loves to shower your face with kisses but does manage to sneak in a nibble or two. Sophie is so mischievous. She loves socks, bugs, rocks, and sticks. She loves to run around outside and kick up all the bugs in the grass and then give them a run for their money. When not doing that, she is usually digging a tunnel to China. I just tell her to bring back some good souveniers.