Spike the English Bulldog

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Spike's mom says: We had the pick of the litter but Spike picked us. His nicknames are Spikey and Spikey-butt. While he is true to his name of bully -- he thinks he's a tough guy when he sees other dogs and cats and intimidates them with his bark -- he is our little baby. Spike's favorites are couch time, ice cubes, and pull toys. Dislikes: vaccuums, brooms, lawn mowers, plastic bags, and cats.

Comments (81)
kat Nov 24, 2006
those eyes are so adorable!!! ohh! cute!

CAndersonS Nov 24, 2006
I love that wonderful little face! All the photographs are great,...

anon Nov 24, 2006
he is adorable! that last picture... how can you ever say no to him?!

Jair Nov 24, 2006
Cute, cute, cute!!!

Darla Dixon Portrait Artist, GA Nov 24, 2006
What a cutie. I dislike vacuums and brooms too. LOL

othostice Nov 24, 2006
Sucha face--I almost expect him emerge from the photo to call the...

Bullyfan Nov 24, 2006
Profusion of wrinkles + Adorable bully face = 11 biscuits.

yujismom Nov 24, 2006
those jaws...those paws!

chinese_israelite Nov 24, 2006
barrel body, chubby all over, adoooorrrable face, perfect paws!!! I...

DogMom Nov 24, 2006
he is adorable!!! what a yummy little (big) guy! The spikerator rules!

renee Nov 24, 2006
Darling!!!!! Spikes a hottie!!!! I love his feet.

BRITTANY Nov 24, 2006

Dad Nov 24, 2006
I can't tell his butt from his face

Lynn Nov 24, 2006
hes so cute!!! what a little doll!!

Jessica Nov 24, 2006
Awh i wanna kiss its nose <3

Brie Nov 24, 2006
This is great! Being a PFOS (Personal Friend of Spike) I can attest...

GreenPug Nov 24, 2006
he is so cute i love his brown coat on him!

Charlotte Smith Nov 24, 2006
That puppy is dangerously adorable!! I <3 him!!

ilovedogs Nov 24, 2006
Spike is a really awesome name for a bulldog puppy!!!!! You are...

Evelyn Nov 24, 2006
He sure looks like Winston Churchill! You will get a big kick out of...

Julia Nov 24, 2006
"SPIKEY-BUTT"??? Aieeeeeee, Spikey-Butt! Look at...

Terry C, Boston Terrier Lover Nov 24, 2006
Too, too adorable!

I love doggies with mooshy faces.

GoPups Nov 24, 2006
AAAWWWW!!!!You get those evil lawn mowers Spikey!!!!!!Sorry,but I...

Oaktown Girl Nov 24, 2006
Oh my god. I LOVE him!

Animefreak Nov 24, 2006
I was typing my comment when my computer spazzed out on me. I think...

Oaktown Girl Nov 24, 2006
What Animefreak said -
Third pic from the bottom is off the...

scobig Nov 24, 2006
EBD's make the cutest puppies!

Fireball Nov 24, 2006
IIIII love the last picture. I am wishing i had a babt bull dog now

hannah montana Nov 24, 2006
he looks like my boyfriend lloyd raymund tan of cebu. so cutie. such...

marjobel&jeffrey Nov 24, 2006
such a cutie!

puppyluver101 Nov 24, 2006
he is the cuttest bull dog I have ever seen!!! I love the 2nd to last...

luckyangelv Nov 24, 2006
awwwwwwwwwww so cute lol

jules Nov 24, 2006
I think he is adorable. I love all the pics.

Sugarbaby110 Nov 24, 2006
very cute!!!!!

Little Mama-s mommy :-) Nov 24, 2006
Too freakin cute!!!

cockapooluvr712 Nov 24, 2006
Dad!how dare u!u are the rudest person!ur prob jelous that u dont...

cockapooluvr712 Nov 24, 2006
gothic u stink!loser!ur the same as dad!(dad isnt my dad it just says...

NCDogMomx3 Nov 24, 2006
I love little bullies. Very cute. Makes me just want to smoosh his...

spazzyhappy Nov 24, 2006

#1DogLover Nov 24, 2006
I LOVE his huge paws!!! His eyes look like little marbles!!!...

#1DogLover Nov 24, 2006
spike is soooo cute!!!!!!!!

Marie Nov 24, 2006
Gosh, look at those paws. Spike is going to grow into one big doggy....

Sillypuppyfan Nov 24, 2006
Spikey wikey wooooooo you are the cutest and I am dangerously close...

Spike-s real grandma Nov 25, 2006
I know I'm a prejudiced being his "grandmother," but he is...

maggie Nov 25, 2006
spike rules!!!! He puts the q in cute!!!!

maggie Nov 25, 2006
He is sooo cute.With his little eye.
SOooooo cute!!

Sophie-s Mom Nov 25, 2006
That last picture of Spike makes me want to hand over every last...

lala and panesita Nov 25, 2006
yea to cute

#1DogLover Nov 25, 2006
The second picture is to cute!!! My dog, Boone, always does that...

Beazley Nov 27, 2006
The last pic is sooooooooo cute !!!!

Rosies Mama Nov 27, 2006
Bullies Rule! They are the sweetest dogs.....we have one named Rosie...

abbynorml Nov 27, 2006
As owner of a grown Bully, I have to say that Spike is extremely...

Spikey-Butt-s mom! Nov 27, 2006
Thanks for all of your comments! Spike is my baby!

Grandog grandma Nov 27, 2006
Priceless! Baby bullies are irresistable. Even people who don't...

Dana Nov 27, 2006
Sir Spike Dabruzzio, you are the cutest puppy!

Missy Nov 28, 2006

DogLover0123 Nov 28, 2006
This dog is so cute... I would love to have him as a pet!!!!! He is...

coolkitty101 Dec 3, 2006
He is so adorbl he looks just like my dog

GoPups Dec 3, 2006
If you DO NOT GET THIS WEBSITE then why do you...

ilovebullies Dec 8, 2006
can you please refer me to the breeder you used? Or do you know of...

sarah2019 Dec 11, 2006
DO NOT GET THIS WEBSITE... if you think bulldogs are ugly then there...

sarah2019 Dec 11, 2006
ADORABLE dogs though. Very skilled breeders. You definately have...

sarah2019 Dec 11, 2006
yea i spelled bragging wrong my bad

atrain Dec 11, 2006
he is so cute

soshyviolet Dec 12, 2006
***DAD AND DON'T GO TO THIS SITE*** weren't you ever taught the rule:...

soshyviolet Dec 12, 2006

missy Dec 14, 2006
He is so cute .My niece just got a english bulldog we love him .

madball911 Dec 18, 2006
Big squishy paws. Eek!

Knate and Charlene Dec 29, 2006
Beautiful beastie. I can't remember who said that Bulldogs look like...

Loizhanne Jan 27, 2007
spike is so very beautiful. you can see character just dripping off...

dogsrule Mar 9, 2007
I've learned to really appreciate the bulldog.

He's a...

Odie4L May 4, 2007
spike, you're awesome!!! 1 million biscuits for you!

Delilah_Carroll Jul 15, 2007
Oh my gosh! He is SUCH a cutie!!!;)

spike is just the...

Lucymom Jul 19, 2007
Oh that little luv-bug! He lies down just like my Cocker Lucy in the...

JayNizzy Aug 7, 2007
I just wanna grab his face and kiss him all over!

trishbunkey Oct 14, 2007
so cute I wanna nibble his paws!!!! num num num!

tucker8 Nov 23, 2007
i love english bulldogs! Spike is one of the cutest i have seen yet!!

doggygaga Feb 26, 2008
Toooooooooooo cute for words.

georgia04 Jan 20, 2009
Spikey is a sugary little baby muffin. I'm sorry the poor little...

astotesbery Feb 3, 2009
aww, he is so cute.

grandma helen of ct May 10, 2009