Stanley the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

My name is Stanley Fitzgerald and I moved in with my new mommy and daddy in October. The fun hasn't stopped since. My mommy says I am a sweet lovable boy (when she is not chasing me around the house after one of her socks) and very smart. When I was 10 weeks old I got to visit my aunt's second grade class and show off all my new tricks: sit, shake, lay down and high five. I love chewing on sticks and playing and digging in the dirt and mud, which is why I am getting my very own sandbox this spring! We live at a lake and I cannot wait to go swimming this summer. If it is half as fun as dunking my head in the bathtub, I'm pretty sure I will have a blast. I love to wrestle with my big uncles, Maxwell and Russell. Max is so patient with me and lets me jump on his head and pull on his ears. One day I will beat Russ to the ball while playing fetch.