Stanley the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever / Poodle

Stanley is living the life in Chicago. He loves playing all the time and loves taking walks around his neighborhood and meeting new people and canine friends. But his favorite thing to do is cuddle with his family. If he had to pick his favorite toy it would be a toss up between his mama's fluffy slippers and his toy dragon. Paws down his favorite treat is his puppy Kong filled with peanut butter. He also just recently discovered snow and thinks that it is the coolest thing in the entire world.

Comments (29)
DaveTheDog Dec 10, 2013
"Every time you make me wear this bow-tie, the Fozzie Bear...

daphne's mom Dec 10, 2013
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

MrMotivations Dec 10, 2013
"I defer to the Higher Power....but wait, that would be ME!"

john1069 Dec 10, 2013
Stanley, You look so sweet in this picture...I can see why...

mummm Dec 10, 2013
Bowties are cool! So is Stanley!

longislander Dec 10, 2013
Stanley, you are adorable. Love the tie, but even without it,...

Abiglen Dec 10, 2013
Stanley is adorable, huggable and as precious as can be. Have a...

Puppy Defender Dec 10, 2013
Marv loaned me one of his bow ties. What do you think? ...

Mmmousemaid Dec 10, 2013
Stanley is the kind of doggie everyone would like to paw.

Kittymd Dec 10, 2013
Good grief. Puppy perfection.

bluegigi Dec 10, 2013
Yeah, I let you have a bit of the couch, but just a bit. You do know...

L&Z's Mom Dec 10, 2013
Honestly, it just doesn't get any cuter than this.

Frankt Dec 10, 2013
The Downward dog!!!

DaveBear Dec 10, 2013
As SANTA PAWS for pictures witth doggies n me (santa) one of my...

Mini Anderson Cooper Dec 10, 2013
HI Stanley, YOU are a beautiful Puppy. I couldn't...

PUPEELVR Dec 10, 2013
Stanley you fuzzy angel, what a cute picture...

piobaire Dec 10, 2013
Stanley, you are one dapper fellow. You'd pretty much rule my...

amyliz Dec 10, 2013
Stanley, you are completely adorable and such a love bug! Many happy...

Critter Crazy Dec 10, 2013
Sweet as can be. :-)

The Raven Dec 10, 2013
Stanley asks "Doctor Livingston, I presume?"

tripperdeen Dec 10, 2013

kgpayne13 Dec 10, 2013
Stanley, so dashing in your bow tie! What an absolute doll you are!

mljgranny Dec 10, 2013
Just adorable!!!

goldenlover Dec 10, 2013
Handsome puppy and great story of a well loved dog.

nancybatt1 Dec 10, 2013
Stanley you are so adorable, a real doll baby. Very class to I might...

earnesen Dec 10, 2013
Stanley is one adorable little boy!! Love him - - looks a lot like a...

drakes' granny Dec 11, 2013
Stanley is a little cutie. He looks like he is well love and very...

Pri3 Dec 12, 2013
What a sweetheart!

Oreobigboy Dec 12, 2013
He looks so fluffy!