Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Jul 3, 2011 caraschotch
Who's the pretty girl in that mirror there? Who could that attractive girl be? You are a darling, Stella, and I hope you have a long and wonderful life!! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Jul 3, 2011 jesse&koda
What an angel!! She's a beauty!!!
Jul 3, 2011 pupfanatic
This pic is fantastic: we get the ol' back of the head shot too. (Is there anything cuter than back of puppy head?) Stella, you may look sad, but we know you are not. What a total cuteness!!!
Jul 3, 2011 jtywong
i wonder what is stella thinking about when she looks into the mirror ;)
Jul 3, 2011 Ffion
What an amazing face .... !!! x
Jul 3, 2011 mags1
Stella, you melt me with that sweet face and speckled tummy! I had a little beagle once, you know. Her name was Lucy. Much love and wishes for a long, happy life my darling!!
Jul 3, 2011 Missmilamae
This has to be the shot of the year...super pic. Stella is a beauty. And YEAH Vermont...what a great place to be a dog...just ask my Belle and Dolly. Wishing you many happy years with Astrolabe and Stella!
Jul 3, 2011 tenderheart25
Stella looks so deep in thought.
Jul 3, 2011 bestfriends
Too cute! Stella is adorable. Love all her photos. Many healthy, happy years for her and Astrolabe.
Jul 3, 2011 duettists
What beautiful photos of Stella. I wish her a long and happy life with you.
Jul 3, 2011 longislander
How adorable. Stella is so photogenic. These pics are great. Enjoy your pretty girl.
Jul 3, 2011 ladyg0726
Hello Pretty Baby. Are you looking at the pretty puppy? Yes you are wittle one. You melt my heart to a puddle of mush and baby talk-long, happy and healthy life. Blessings Stella.
Jul 3, 2011 DebforNow
so so so so cute! I am biased since we have one of our own, but son't they make the best pets?
Jul 3, 2011 virgilsmama
Oh boy! Hound dog love! That is so sweet! Ding dong, doorbell!! AAAAAWWWWOOOO! Love that hound sound! Best of life to all of you.
Jul 3, 2011 virgilsmama
Stella!!!! Yes, you are beautiful! and love your name and your Astrolabe sibling as well! Great photo!
Jul 3, 2011 Mmmousemaid
I bet Astrolabe thinks she's just stellar. Beautiful face. Beagles are so beautiful.
Jul 3, 2011 Coinshop
Stella is awesome.
Jul 3, 2011 WATERDOG
Just one quick look,and I'm out the door! Here's to another brilliant day filled with WOW!
Jul 3, 2011 wolfgirl66
Stella is very sweet and totally pretty!
Jul 3, 2011 gem1945
Stella, you are a very pretty beagle. Have lots of fun with your brother! We wish you the best that life has to offer. xxxxoooo from our critter gang and me
Jul 3, 2011 dogluvr857
All beagle, and every inch adorable!
Jul 3, 2011 minkiesmum
Lovely photos but this one was my favourite-just adorable !!
Jul 3, 2011 lucyny2000
How can you get more treats? By practicing sad and neglected look in front of the mirrow! I have a beagle, I am a well trained mama! LOL! Blessings from NY
Jul 3, 2011 Nileska
A lovely little Beaagle...Looks like an outstanding example of the breed.. hugs and woozies...
Jul 3, 2011 callmely
Belly rub please!!
Jul 3, 2011 memberume
Looks like Miss Stella just checked into her doggy hotel...Oh boy, is it quiet in here! She must feel this is her home away from the hustle and bustle. I just love the tri-color combination of the hound breed. May Stella have a long happy and healthy life with her big brother Astrolabe and her new human family.
Jul 3, 2011 milton's mom
That white streak down the dark part of her face is like a ripple of vanilla in a chocolate caramel sundae: SWEET!
Jul 3, 2011 allmyshelties
All Stella's picture are wonderful, but this one is a classic. Hope you have this one prominently displayed. She is adorable and quite snuggleable.
Jul 3, 2011 jeksfcusa
STELLA!!!!! You are beautifull. Automatic all the bisquits. Mirror,Mirror on the wall who's the fairest maiden of all? It is you sweet "Princess." You are the fairest maiden of all!
Jul 3, 2011 daphne's mom
How beautiful! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Stella!
Jul 3, 2011 margie-rex's mom
Oh, my....Stella you are a cutie pie! This photo made me "awww" out loud! A long and happy life, sweet girl, from fellow Vermonters!
Jul 3, 2011 Goldenmom58
Oh, I guess that I had better take a look at myself before I leave. Just as I suspected, perfection in every way. Stella, you have your "groove". Way to go girl.
Jul 3, 2011 Mibs
Stella you are a gorgeous little puppy! You remind me of my little jackobee, chewy, although you are probably much better behaved than him! I hope you have a loooonnnnngggggg, healthy life and lots of biscuits, just dont follow that chewing instinct!!!!!!!
Jul 3, 2011 lucybee
Yes,Stella,you are a beauty!The mirror never lies.
Jul 3, 2011 amyliz
What is Stella thinking as she looks in the mirror: "Does this collar make me look fat?" "I've got to perfect my sad look to get what I want from my humans!" "Wow, am I ever wonder everyone ooh's and ahh's over me!" Have a long and happy life, sweet Stella!
Jul 3, 2011 Christine1123
Mirror, Mirror, on the floor, tell me, who's the best puppy of them all?...It's you Stella!!
Jul 3, 2011 lucky&babesmom
Such a sweet face!
Jul 3, 2011 Rio
Oh so sweet!!
Jul 3, 2011 paulinespuppy
Who's that pretty girl in the mirror.. why its u Stella. ur just gorgeous!! wishing u a long and wonderful life with ur big bro and family. xxxxx
Jul 3, 2011 chelsearosebud
Oh my word, if this isn't the most precious photograph I have ever seen! Stella, meet Stella! Picture perfect. May your sweet girl have THE most wonderful life!
Jul 3, 2011 bluegigi
Belly rubs anyone- please????
Jul 3, 2011 bluegigi
Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? Why it's Stella, of course!
Jul 3, 2011 jasper1
Awww! Precious baby! So adorable! Love you Stella!!!
Jul 3, 2011 gypsyrobin
I cannot believe how beautiful Stella is. You are a wonderful photographer.
Jul 3, 2011 ssmmtm
Doesn't get any sweeter than this, does it?
Jul 3, 2011 janaS
Love Stella, my crossed black and white beagle has the same sad puppy eyes, which makes everyone's hearts melt even more.
Jul 3, 2011 The Raven
Stella, who is that puppy? Is it you? In a pink collar? You are just a darling Beagle girl. I love all your photos, in the grasses, in the crate, in a circle, with that big doggie, who looks like you. That must be Astrolabe. You seem to be growing up in your photos. I hope you like maple syrup with your biscuits.
Jul 3, 2011 amper
Adorable baby! Blessings to you!
Jul 3, 2011 NaProus
Stella, mia bella, sei carinissima!
Jul 3, 2011 MsJaxFla
Stella, you are just gorgeous! I love little speckled pupppies, no matter what color and how many speckles. Yes, you are a beautiful girl.
Jul 3, 2011 leia kelly
Pretty girl!
Jul 3, 2011 sheila
Stella you are an adorable little girl and hopefully you know it. This is a wonderful picture. It seems she's making sure everything is just right and it is. What a little sweetie. Long and happy life to Stella, her big brother Astrolabe and their humans.
Jul 3, 2011 sheila
This picture is just precious.
Jul 3, 2011 cricket92429
does this collar make me look fat?
Jul 3, 2011 Critter Crazy
She has the sweetest, sad, snuggable face. If I could have given her a gazillion biscuits, I would have. Looks like she is asleep with her eyes open in this picture. Stella is adorable. Wishing you years of love and joy and happiness together.
Jul 3, 2011 Cindylu001
Glam girls always need to check out how they look! Looks like little Stella is a world-class sleeper too! So cute. Many happy healthy smelling years to you little girl!
Jul 3, 2011 jerryballew
What a pretty girl. Ain't life grand, Stella? Here's to a long happy life for you.
Jul 3, 2011 jojosmom417
Oh My Gosh! Is there ANYTHING cuter than a speckled puppy tummy? I can't think of a thing. Stella, I wish you a long, happy, healthy life with your loving family, little puppy-girl.
Jul 3, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Oh yes yes yes Stella, I'd LOVE to rub your belly! You are such a cutie pie... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you pretty lady
Jul 3, 2011 goldenlover
Beautiful Beagle. Great pics.
Jul 3, 2011 JanW
Love these pics of little Stella! My last "roommate" was a Beagle named Abby. She and I really loved our snuggles and runnin' time together. Blessings to you Stella, and wishes for many years of love and tummy rubs.
Jul 3, 2011 tink'smom
Oh! See that pretty girl in the mirror there? What mirror where? Who can that attractive girl be? Is there anything more soulful that beagle eyes?
Jul 3, 2011 mychiensr1
Stella and Astrolabe are so adorable! What a cute pair:-).
Jul 3, 2011 mmcmurray
the picture with her in the mirror...OMG can it get any more classic? She's so georgous!!!! (that one and the one with her puppy belly, can't get much cuter than that!!!)
Jul 3, 2011 kwikwitz
Nothing like a cute puppy pile to make my day!
Jul 3, 2011 AnnM
This is truly an adorable pic! Stella is too sweet for words...
Jul 3, 2011 poochies=love
Pink puppy belly! Stella is a precious little baby!
Jul 3, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Stella, you are adorable. Love your markings and you don't look sad in this picture, you look alert, aware and loveable. Lots of snuggles, tummy rubs and treats from Scamp's Grammy.
Jul 3, 2011 patlynn
Stella is adorable! What a sweet photo.
Jul 3, 2011 mushermaggie
Look at her cute spotty tummy--and, no, she doesn't look sad to me!
Jul 3, 2011 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Stella darling, you are giving the whole world the "come hither" look in this picture. Who could resist that pink puppy belly and those adorable "bedroom" eyes?! I don't think you look sad at look "all Beagle" which is cheeky, silly, smart, funny and loving. Your sibling Astrolabe looks like a wonderful friend. Big hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Jul 3, 2011 gail koup
Stella you are so adorable! Just look at that face! Loads of love and biscuts to you and your family! :-)
Jul 3, 2011 ruthie
Stella, you are so pretty and all your pictures are adorable. I'm sure youa nd your brother are going to have lots of fun together. Wishing you a long, happy, healthy life filled with lots of love ;D
Jul 3, 2011 jeksfcusa
Stella you are some classy lady. Had to come back to give you sumoore bikkies. You remind my of my "Binkey" she's in dog heaven now but she was a trooper and I loved her. But then! All dogs go to heaven. She lived a good live in a house full of love. Poor as Church mice. But loads of love. Huggggsss.
Jul 3, 2011 tzumom
Yep, you are the best looking little girl..what a beauty. Have a great time with your forever family Stella, lots of love and tummy rubs.
Jul 4, 2011 phoenix2b
I love this picture... and yes, Stella, you are beautiful!
Jul 4, 2011 Bearry42
Well now aren't you a cutie pie!!!Here's looking at you kid.Best of luck to you and your family.Have a happy and healthy life.
Jul 4, 2011 Midnightpuppy
This picture is so well done! Stella is a very nice name and she is a very beautiful pup! What a cutie pie! Her facial expression is just priceless! :)
Jul 4, 2011 drakes' granny
Stella you are beautiful. Love the sleepytime pictures. All great pictures of a pretty girl even the one where she is admiring herself. Be safe and happy sweet girl.
Jul 5, 2011 clemency
Aww! All snuggly in her crate! Stella is adorable!
Jul 5, 2011 Puppy Power
Adorable Beagle Pup! xoxoxo
Jul 5, 2011 gouldkb
What a beautiful pup that's staring at me!
Jul 5, 2011 ryleeolivia
aww she is adorable!
Jul 5, 2011 MuttsRuletheWorld
Love the astronomical names. You'll have to get a third dog and name him Tycho Brahe.
Jul 5, 2011 pirosred
What an amazing picture, never saw one like it. All were wonderful. Have a verey good life with such an adorable puppy as Stella.
Jul 7, 2011 tanka & Nicki
yes, that pretty girl in the mirror are you. You are the only one in this wold for your family. They are so lucky have you. kisses
Jul 7, 2011 puppy_mama
Oh Stella you want a tummy rub!!
Jul 7, 2011 puplover#371
Aw 1 of the cutest pups ever, i love beagles
Jul 24, 2011 MissPuppyQueen
U r the most cutest Beagle I have ever seen, Stella! Same with u too, Astrolabe!! Love, Ashlee :)
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