Stella the Boxer Mix

Puppy Breed: Boxer / Mixed

Stella is young and full of energy! She loves to play tug of war and run around in the snow. Her favorite food is a shoe. Stella loves to go for walks and play fetch! She is also very smart, and can easily trick you into giving her a treat. Her favorite trick is letting us know she has to go outside, then we let her out, and she waits outside for a moment and comes back in and demands her treat! She always wants to follow you around like a shadow. She is half boxer, and the other half, where her snout comes from, we have no idea! She loves to cuddle, and when she sleeps at night it's always on someone's legs, as she loves human contact. She loves humans so much that when we go out, she gets so anxious that she eats everything. She is pretty good at knowing what's a toy, except for shoes. She loves to find my mom's high heels and make them flats!