Stella the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Border Collie / Brittany / Golden Retriever

Stella is a silly, friendly pup who would never pass up a chance to play! She was adopted from the South and now lives in her loving home in New England. She was one of ten mixed pups born to their Golden Retriever mommy, and we all guess that her daddy was a border collie. Her most favorite activities are chewing sticks (no matter how big!), jumping in the waves at the beach, and running in big circles at the park. Stella loves all dog and human friends, especially little kids who love to throw the ball for her. Her favorite food is salmon and her favorite snack is apples, which is fitting since fall is her favorite season. Stella is very good at sitting and staying, and shaking hands makes her super excited because that usually means a treat! We hope to meet her siblings soon, and to see what everyone thinks about her breed mix. Hope you enjoy Stella as much as she would enjoy meeting you!