Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Jul 2, 2008 emi
This dog is cute and fluffy. I want it!!!!! LOL
Jul 2, 2008 k4klvspetey
haha he looks cute, looks like he's pretending not to hear you sarcastically :P or like something a little kid would do
Jul 2, 2008 PuppyMcMadden
What a little darling!!! Can I take her home??
Jul 2, 2008 PreciousHoudini
Hey, if they're having trouble finding good homes for the rest of the litter, you know where to find me, right? She is just too cute to be true!
hey if you are having trouble finding a home for the rest of the litter my friend thinks that she is adorable , get back to me and i will cintact her x
Jul 2, 2008 lynetz2
stella is a star in the making! what wonderful expressions she has - shows off her terrific personality! what a cutie - i'll be glad to take care of her anytime! enjoy and love your little stella - what a doll!!
Jul 2, 2008 beccashouse
peek-a-boo, I see you. What a precious pup! Mom, get me house trained now or I may continue to do this my whole life! Wee pads are a great help. Hugs and kisses
Jul 2, 2008 puppyloveforme
Stella, you are one adorable puppy! And sorry Tina Wood! She's not real, she can't be! She's a perfectly gorgeous little toy you won at an amusement park, right? You wind her up and she acts real! No? Okay! I believe you, she's real--real and very, very precious!
Jul 2, 2008 sweetie6116
Stella, are you REAL??? You look just like a little doll! So CUTE!
Jul 2, 2008 arnie
stella,you are priceless.
Jul 2, 2008 Chippy
is it a puupppiiiiieee.. or.. a stuff animal. to cute to decide
Jul 2, 2008 gacoastalguy
"You almost have my undivided attention" but there are so many things to do. Stella is cute, cuddly, and dine-o-mite in a very small package! 2000 biscuits for you..but not all at once.
Jul 2, 2008 mummm
Stella is almost unbearably cute! I hope she learns not to piddle on the floor soon.
Jul 2, 2008 caraschotch
OMG look at this child!! I am cancelling my plans for today so that I can sit here and stare at her and wish I were closer to Edmonton than Halifax! I'd go snatch Stella up and give her a million kisses! Such a babylove!
Jul 2, 2008 superhedgie
I think your dog is giving me an evil eye, but your pupy is so cute.OMG!
Jul 2, 2008 zoerosesmom
OH MY GOSH ..... Stella you are simply too cute for words. What an adorable bundle of fluff you are. Don't worry honey, you'll get that piddle-thing under control. A zillion cookies and tummy rubs! Kisses from Zoe Rose! xoxoxo
Jul 2, 2008 puppysandy
I love this puppy! This picture is halarious! You can see her little pure white teeth. Have fun with her! XXX
Jul 2, 2008 kerryllr
"If I sit very very still, maybe I'll look even cuter than before". Loved all of the photos, such a beautiful little lady.
Jul 2, 2008 djmc
Cute Cute, Love this little face . Who could'nt love the baby. Enjoy your baby. Lots of biscuits
Jul 2, 2008 dogmom
THis is hands down the cutest little puppy girl ever!! WOW!
Jul 2, 2008 tsuki's mom
I'm in love! I want to hold Stella and give her lots of kisses. She is precious!
Jul 2, 2008 pamfontainepeters
I woke up this morning thinking it was just another day and then... I fell in love with a little puppy from out west! Stella.. you are the cutest little girl... that face is just wonderful! I'm completely smitten! Biscuits and Bellyrubs from fellow Canadian, Pam in Toronto.
Jul 2, 2008 katluvr
omg! such an inosant face
Jul 2, 2008 kiwi
His is lovely give him lots of cuddles...He is sure to give you plenty of kisses
Jul 2, 2008 fritzy
Well Miss Stella, you are the cutest little puppy!!! What a sweet face you have and I imagine you capture anyone and everyone's heart when you grace them with your presence. Your photos are all fabulous.
Jul 2, 2008 honeypie
Stella is just as cute as can be! She looks like she's saying "who me"?! Yes you, you're adorable!!!
Jul 2, 2008 doggies4ever
Stella is unbearably cute! Kisses and cookies to her.
Jul 2, 2008 tracy kemmer
My male Yorkie (Rascal) still piddles on the floor. Must be a fate we're doomed with. He is a sweetie like yours looks to be. have fun with your sweetheart.
Jul 2, 2008 doggymama
Finally, a Yorkie! My little boy is now 16 years old, but he is as sassy as he ever was. Yorkie's are the best! Tons of belly rubs and biscuits for your little girl.
Jul 2, 2008 wiinis
i dont like little dogs and especially yorkies. but this one is very cute.
Jul 2, 2008 molly613
hi hoos everdogis this he or she so cute anda dorrible.from molly613
Jul 2, 2008 dholzworth
They don't get any cuter than this! She is adorable. Many happy years together.
Jul 2, 2008 Puppy Power
What a sweet little face and a ball of joy! Much love to you little Stella!!
Jul 2, 2008 PuppyLove22
Aww Stella all 2 pounds of you are adorable!! :)
Jul 2, 2008 Yeatts
She looks like a stuffed animal!! I just want to squeeze her!!!! I love these pictures!!
Jul 2, 2008 katzy1
oh my! she is too much! she is just absolutely precious. :)
Jul 2, 2008 debbyd
Way too cute!!! Many happy healthy years to you and your family Stella!
Jul 2, 2008 tamwise21
Million and millions of treats for you. You look just like my Shmutzy he is 3 years old. Our dog gives us so much love and I am sure Stella will do the same for you... I know that you will enjoy her. I swear my Shmutz and you Stella are related we got him in Montreal 3 years ago.
Jul 2, 2008 packermom
OMG...what a doll. I'm having a sweet over load!!
Jul 2, 2008 tippy'smom
And they called it "Puppy Love"!!!! Very cute.
Jul 2, 2008 lovemypom
Don't mess with Stella....she'll piddle on the floor! What a beautiful little sweetie!
Jul 2, 2008 jannalea
Soooooo Very Cute! Would fit right in with my two babies.
Jul 2, 2008 corgigirl37
"come on-you know you want to play with me!" What a cutie! enjoy her
Jul 2, 2008 clemency
Stella is so cute! She looks like a little stuffed animal puppy! She looks so sweet, but I also get a feeling of feistiness from her! Adorable!
Jul 2, 2008 amyliz
Stella is jaw-droppingly (is that a word?!)cute! Sweet baby!
Jul 2, 2008 Kelsey Animal Lover
she is really cute. I love how tiny she is. I love all tiny dogs. Take a look at my dog Max the schnoodle
Jul 2, 2008 mikdebluvpups
so much cuteness in such a small package!
Jul 2, 2008 Lady_Jo_NC
Stella, you are absolutely the most cutest puppy I have ever seen! Just tooooo precious to be real, but you are!!! Sooo, sooooo, sooooooo cute!
Jul 2, 2008 dede
Too cute and precious for words!!!!!!!
Jul 2, 2008 dukeluver
WAT A SWEETIE have fun and goodluck KISSES!! xoxo
Jul 2, 2008 angelsmommie
She looks so intelligent with a fun gleam in her eyes. You ROCK Stella. Lots of belly rubs for you
Jul 2, 2008 roseh921
Such a cutie!! My little Sammy wants to PLAY with her!! :o)
Jul 2, 2008 Rickysmom
This is one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen. She is absolutely adorable. All the biscuits this little 2 pound baby can handle. Smooches Stella!
Jul 2, 2008 Lucyloverx3x3
love this pic...if only my puppy would model like this.haha.
Jul 2, 2008 lizanne
To Little Lady Stella, You are just filled with adorable Puppy-ness. I had a Yorkie for years and they are THE BEST. All the best to your sweet baby and many happy years together with this beautiful little girl. Hugs from Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Jul 2, 2008 1glb
love the dog shatara is not cuter then that and can not model like that
Jul 2, 2008 1glb
she look like she ante happy
Jul 2, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
Stella looks like she is alot of fun! She couldn't be cuter, it just wouldn't be possible.
Jul 2, 2008 Zelda
Cute as a button!!
Jul 2, 2008 coqui301
OMG! how cute!!!!
Jul 2, 2008 whippoorwill
Stella looks as though she'd steal anyone's heart. What a doll! May you have many happy years to love each other.
Jul 2, 2008 Hana's Mom
OMG! Stella is just a little morsel of cuteness . . . tiny itty bitty bundle of adorable!!!!
Jul 2, 2008 mydexy
She is sooooooo cute!!!
Jul 2, 2008 dakotasmommy
what an absolute cutie.!! =) Im not one for yorkies, but boy oh boy im in love with her..!!!
Jul 2, 2008 doglover07
OMG YOUR DOGGIE IS ADORABLE!!!!!! I JUST COULDN'T PIC IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO CHOOSE!!!!!!! ya know personally i dont usually like yorkies but yours is absolutley ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
Jul 2, 2008 maggie mae
What a cute expression on her face! Many happy dog days to ya!
Jul 2, 2008 snoopygirl
I'm not a big yorkie fan but Stella is the cutest one I've ever seen! SHe's got such an an angel face! x
Jul 2, 2008 snoopygirl
This is my fave piccy >>
Jul 2, 2008 lisalisa
Stella is one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen!!! I'm dying to hug and kiss her! I wish you lots of happiness together.
Jul 2, 2008 cosmicsnup
What a little cutie! She is a darling! I wish I could scoop her up and give her huggies. Happy wags to you both!
Jul 2, 2008 frankies_mom
"Take another one mom --this is my good side" Adorab le--she's just a little tiny doll. Lots of biscuits and kisses to Stella. Have a healthy and happy life with her.
Jul 2, 2008 lh9313
Jul 2, 2008 guanaca69
Grrrr.... Who didn't give me 11 biscuits?!
Jul 2, 2008 blueeyedgirl13
so cute
Jul 2, 2008 blueeyedgirl13
i just love the way ur dog is so lovable and adorable
Jul 2, 2008 blueeyedgirl13
ccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttteeeee eyyyyy
Jul 2, 2008 chico'smom
What a pretty little lady!!!
Jul 2, 2008 In Memory of Annie
I NEED to kiss this puppy
Jul 2, 2008 vandalsmom
See is so beautiful. Need a puppy sitter? I volunteer. A lot of toy breeds have trouble with housebreaking but that does not seem so important when you consider the love you receive. These tiny tots seem to have more personality per square inch than any other creature on this earth. I wish you many years of companionship and love. She is precious.
Jul 2, 2008 starheart5
how cute aare u???? gorgeous dog
Jul 2, 2008 starheart5
how cute aare u???? gorgeous dog
Jul 2, 2008 murphmuffin
Hello gorgeous! You are too cute to be believed.
Jul 2, 2008 bordercrazed
OMG! She's so cute she looks like a stuffed animal!
Jul 2, 2008 Puppylover890
u r the cutest thing!! when u r older u will be verry pretty!
Jul 2, 2008 crunchy_doglover
omg, she is the most adorable yorkie I have ever seen!
Jul 2, 2008 PamVTX
STEL-LA! Are you cute or what? A million biscuits and years of belly rubs. Who could ever resist you??
Jul 2, 2008 lucybee
Looks like she's showing some attitude in this picture.She has the right,knowing she's the cutest puppy in the world!
Jul 2, 2008 corriedaboxers
Stella is adorable, such a cutie. 11 biscuits.
Jul 2, 2008 litlshell
Totally adorable!
Jul 2, 2008 piobaire
Stella's pretty cute and I'd be more inclined to want to have her until I read the part about piddling on the floor.
Jul 2, 2008 shawnmarie1962
What a little bundle of love!!! A bucket full of biscuits!
Jul 2, 2008 Molly's Mommy
That is one precious little face. My Molly is a Yorkie X who is Stella's neighbor (we live in Edmonton) I bet they would make great playmates.
Jul 2, 2008 drakes' granny
Well Stella, I have seen some really adorable puppies on this site but you really do come out on top. Hope you have tons of fun in the coming years and live a very long, long time in your forever home. You already have friends to play with and people who love you and give you lots of nurishment and biscuits. Hope they give you biscuits for me. xoxo
Jul 2, 2008 luvmymuttsophie
dis is whut shes sayin: get that camaraaway from me or I'll eat it lolololololololollololololololololo lolololololoolololololololololololo lololollolololololololololololololo lololololololololololololololololol olololololololololololololololololo lololololololololololololololololol olololololololololololololololololo lololololololololololololololololol ololololololololololololollolololol olololololololololololololololololo lolollololololololololololololololo lollolololololololololololollololol olololololololololololololololololo l,ect. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cute dog though. :);)
Jul 2, 2008 gibbos3
Stella is beautiful. I used to have 2 yorkies, sisters milly and sophie, they lived until they were 20 years old. Oh how I miss them. So enjoy Stella, she will bring you great joy.
Jul 2, 2008 roo91
I'm not usually a small dog person, but OMG she is sooo cute and perfect she looks like a little stuffed animal. Many happy years with the little tiny girrrl.
Jul 2, 2008 pomtzu
Too cute to be real. :-)
Jul 2, 2008 ursa'smomma
I just dare ANYONE to not luv a face like that!!! PRECIOUS PRINCESS!!
Jul 2, 2008 Sheri31067
Oh my goodness! What a looker she is! Just beautiful! I have a 1 year old yorkie "Titus" myself. He has done a great job training me! Ha-ha! Hope you have many great, fun and entertaining years with your new little family addition!
Jul 2, 2008 theta-marcia
What a face! So playful, yet so real and sincere!
Jul 2, 2008 mljgranny
she is adorable. I would love to have a puppy like this!!!!
Jul 2, 2008 puppydog
Stella is simply the cuitest thing ever!
Jul 2, 2008 BlueDevils2011
I have never had a tiny dog but if I would get one she would be the first one I would get. How can you resist that adorable face?? She is soooooo cute! Have fun with her.
Jul 2, 2008 allmyshelties
OMG what a cute little ball of fluff. I love Yorkies. My friend has a little rescue girl, who's now quite the princess. This look on your girl's face captures that feisty personality, truly big dogs in a small body. And they're just so funny. Many years of of love & laughter to yo and your precious pup!!!
Jul 2, 2008 amper
your baby is precious! what a little cutie :)
Jul 2, 2008 wolfgirl66
Jul 2, 2008 loopy
Stella you are picture perfect. One cuty patooty. Lots of biscuits and belly rubs.
Jul 2, 2008 GwdGma
This is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Hugs and kisses to you!!
Jul 2, 2008 terry c
What a cutie - I just want to scoop her up and give her a hug!
Jul 2, 2008 dogytreat4u
"I bet I can run faster then you, how much you wanna bet?" Sweet pic, all the pics are great......1 box of biscuits from SC for Stella.
Jul 2, 2008 red&andwhitefootball
Jul 2, 2008 podday
I am normally not a small dog lover but oh my Stella is a keeper!
Jul 2, 2008 soccerdog#1
This is the cutest dog I've ever seen on the Daily Puppy!!! She is so cute!!!
Jul 2, 2008 #1 basketball player
awww, your dog is pretty!!
Jul 2, 2008 Saundra57
What a little beauty! I LOVE Yorkies!!! Enjoy your precious baby!
Jul 2, 2008 gizmo's mom
What a little tease Stella is adorable
Jul 2, 2008 lisaivey
It's a, it's a, it's a puppy! This little fuzzy face is one in a million! Stay sweet, little Stella!
Jul 2, 2008 Casey's mom
Had three Yorkies, and know from experience how precious and darling they are, how stubborn they can be at times, and also, how difficult it is to housebreak them. Sometimes, successful, sometimes, not! But with the lovable cuteness of Stella, it wouldn't matter at all. She is pure delight to look at. Thanks for sharing!
Jul 2, 2008 white shepherd lover
Oh Stella you are such a cute litlle babydoll!Only 2 lbs, you would be like a stuffed toy for my Jacoba and Miles, they would like to play with you, they are very good with little guys, ny mom has a Maltese and they play so gentle with her.Hope you get your piddling under control
Jul 2, 2008 susannablues
Lovely lovely lovely! And I'm sure all adorers of puppies will like this link too - a happy story - 01/puppy_mill_rescue/nIdwX5_1qeF5j? qp_source=gabhbv Susanna
Jul 2, 2008 melhays
She is too precious! Almost make me want another......almost.
Jul 2, 2008 Chattanooga
When our Yorkie sits straight up and stares and stares, he wants something. He is not a yapper, so I pay attention when he does that stare thing. He is really a blessing. Stella is a good looking Yorkie. I wish her many happy days with her family
Jul 2, 2008 lucyluv
oh how adorable you are, Stella! nine billion trillion bisciuts for you!!!
Jul 2, 2008 Softpaws
She's got to be the cutest little caterpillar ever! (Now, that is one survival strategy for them!)... But seriously, Stella - you're a doll! Many scratches under the ears, belly rubs and truckloads of your favorite foods to you!
Jul 2, 2008 #1puppylover
AWWWWWWWWW!!!! What a sweetie pie!!!!! She's even smaller than my malti-poo. Many belly rubs, ear sractches, biscuts and whatever else she loves!!!!
Jul 2, 2008 #1puppylover
Oops!! I spelt "scatches" wrong!! My bad!!
Jul 2, 2008 #1puppylover
MAN!!! I did it again!!! "SCRATCHES". Sorry about my spelling errors.
Jul 3, 2008 kimimakin
such love, and what a cute 'look at me' smile
Jul 3, 2008 #1 cutie
I want a biscut give me one and I do what you say!! plz plz plz
Jul 3, 2008 susanah
This baby looks like a perfect little toy! How fun that she is real!
Jul 3, 2008 Moisson
aaaw!!! I love Stella. TO cute. HAve many years of fun.
Jul 3, 2008 krystan
"who you callin' an Ewok?"....grrrrr!!
Jul 3, 2008 tiffdog
She looks like a toy! I have a little yorkie too, they are just too cute aren't they?
Jul 3, 2008 DogDreamer
It looks like she heard a good JOKE!! LOL Lots of puppy lovin 4 her
Jul 4, 2008 tamwise21
SO cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jul 5, 2008 slythwolf
The sweetest little face omg!
Jul 5, 2008 FunkyRanda11
Stella is the most darling little dog! I adore how she poses when she gets her picture taken too! I would love to meet Stella in person, or in puppy, to see her cute face up close!
Jul 5, 2008 ilovefrankie55
I love this picture because she is just so cute.
Jul 6, 2008 pommymommyof2
AAAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!!! What a cutie pie!!!
Jul 6, 2008 Abby123
Cutest puppy on earth!!!1
Jul 6, 2008 ashey21
she is one of the cutest puppies on this site!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 6, 2008 bayleepuppies
"I can't hear you!" So cute!
Jul 6, 2008 puppy world
Jul 10, 2008 mickeymydog1
I have a dog JUST like stella. His name is mickey. Yorrshie terrier
Jul 10, 2008 HoundPuppies
Jul 12, 2008 weezie
I LOVE this picture!! He is the cutest!!!!!!
Jul 14, 2008 JingleBells
he is so cute
Jul 14, 2008 collie_lover101
Omg! He is sooooooooooo cute! I love your puppy soooooo much! I love this photo too!
Jul 14, 2008 denawolves
If Stella was my dog I'd never get anything else done she's so cute...She'd probably have to go everywhere w/ me and to the groomers, the pet store, the mall, the dog park, the kids' school, the neighbors, sonic for a snack,etc....
Jul 16, 2008 raychelehd
well i love yorkies i guess you could say that since i own one. but she is so cute.
Jul 17, 2008 theschwartzfamily
What a precious pup! I am sure that Stella has a wonderful personality, looking at those pictures! What a cutie!
Jul 17, 2008 fluffydoglover123
How sweet!!!!!!
Jul 18, 2008 mollie1
She is absolutely the sweetest! I'm on my third yorkie are blessed to have found such a beauty..she will give you years of enjoyment. My first yorkie lived 18 years.
Jul 19, 2008 Chloegirl
OMG !!! She is so adorable, I cant stand it!!! you are blessed
Jul 19, 2008 tactic13
sooo cute!!
Jul 20, 2008 dadysgirl1089
now if she was my dog, I would give her every treat if she gave me that look!
Jul 21, 2008 Polkadots
Jul 21, 2008 miley*cyrus*fan*2
Hey hey!
Jul 27, 2008 poochskies_lover
never seen a yorkie so adorable.
Jul 31, 2008 tactic13
she's so cute!!!
Mar 4, 2009 jojoandjake
she must be full grown by now, and i am sure still just as cute, I had one for 17 years,she passed 2 years ago and i still miss that face. They are surly one of the sweetest breeds! You are very lucky, did she stop piddling on the floor? lol
Mar 5, 2009 TummyTickler
Whoever took your pictures did a fabulous job. I don't think I can handle this much cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your face is absolutely & completely ADORABLE!!!! I just love Yorkies to bits. Give her a little tummy tickle and some tiny biscuits, she deserves them.
Sep 14, 2009 Ellahexpedocious
she is the cutest thig ive ever seen!!!!!
Sep 25, 2010 pelligrino
Stella looks like very smart girl, so she has to knows how cute she is! I am very sure she knoews how to work a crowd to her benefit. Have a happy, loving, long and healthy live little Stella!
Jun 24, 2011 BostonMalteseLover
of course I have no idea what's inside Stella's mind as this picture was taken, but here's what I'm imagining: "I am little and helpless. I don't want to live life as a stray because I don't know if I'd make it. If you take care of me and protect me, I promise Promise PROMISE I will give you more love than you ever dreamed possible from such a little creature." May God bless Stella with a long and healthy life, filled with love and happiness.
Oct 12, 2012 walkerk
These are the most wonderful dog. I had two and one just died at the age of 15 &1/2,my remaining baby is 13 and has a bad heart but the vet expects another year or so with him. I cannot even imagin a life with no Yorkie next to me. They are sweet and devoted and so CUTE. My problem now is I'm having trouble finding another baby for my life. Get a YORKIE they are the best just look at that face and you will know. KW/
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