Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jun 4, 2010 beb272
This is quite possibly the cutest picture I've seen on Daily Puppy!
This is a very cute Picture I could not chose out of all of them they are all just to A~D~O~R~A~B~L~E.
i LOVE THIS ONE out of all the other ones on Daily puppy too just too cute awwwwwww
Jun 4, 2010 ebead
Oh! It makes my heart hurt! What a beautiful baby! And your photos are wonderful.
Jun 4, 2010 paulinespuppy
Ooh thats just the sweetest pic ever!!! She's and adorable little girl,i know she is gonna charm the socks off everyone who meets here. . may she have a very long and happy life. hugs and tons of treats for u Sunday. xxxx
Jun 4, 2010 princelover
Aawwwhhh!!! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl but she wont be little for long. She sounds like a perfect angel from her profile and so very pretty. Enjoy a very long and healthy, happy life.
Jun 4, 2010 Shelly
Oh Sunday you are soo cute!!! Chew that carrot!!! LOL!!! Have a great life honey!!! Big hugs, kisses and loads of yummy bikkies from down under!!! ^_^
Jun 4, 2010 Shelly
Jun 4, 2010 Samba1260
U R a real sweetie. Puppy hugs to you and many doggie treats.
Jun 4, 2010 brinkboomer
Just how cute can you be????
Jun 4, 2010 longislander
I love all Sunday's pics and would have liked to see more. But this pic shows her sweet loving eyes. She's a real beauty, and her personality sounds just perfect.
Jun 4, 2010 fluffy ears
"I'm protecting my toys!" She is adorable!
Jun 4, 2010 daphne's mom
What a sweetheart! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Sunday!
Jun 4, 2010 mattysmom
Sweet pic! Goldens are a beautiful breed and Sunday is a perfect example. Who could resist that sweet face...lots of belly rubs and kisses!!!
Jun 4, 2010 sundayfriday
She is soooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 4, 2010 swarna
wow.... very smart and handsome, lovely cute pup i love you soooooooooooomuch long life to you.....
Jun 4, 2010 sarl6618
Sunday is absolutely adorable. I love all her beautiful photos but this is my favorite. She is soooo sweet and cute. Wishing you and your family many happy years with this lovely pup.
Jun 4, 2010 Axlepop
sooo adorable! I've seen so many golden retrievers but Sunday gets the #1 prize!
Jun 4, 2010 Charlee
Absolutely precious!!!
Jun 4, 2010 RubyBaby_x
As Proud As A PeaCock ! And Should be with her gorgeus little face ! x
Jun 4, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Eeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, what's up doc? ;-P Sunday, you are the cutest pup... I just loved all your pics, too hard to pick just one... The one with your Lab friend is adorable & the one with too many toys to choose from is also too too cute... Have a wonderfully long & happy & healthy life sweet one
Jun 4, 2010 Sophia Marie's Mom
Sunday, you're darling "everyday"! Could we love puppies any more than we do? Sophia and I wish you all the best in your puppyhood and onward!
Jun 4, 2010 merrylady11
Oh just too cute to describe!!! xoxoxo
Jun 4, 2010 DebforNow
Sunday is an awfully cute puppy. I would love her any day of the week!
Jun 4, 2010 goldnlovr
Awwww.... How adorable! big hugs to Sunday!
Jun 4, 2010 katz66
Beautiful puppy and a beautiful name.
Jun 4, 2010 goldenlover
"Doesn't get much better'n this." Beautiful creatures as you are seeing.
Jun 4, 2010 goldenlover
Had to post twice. This is THE Classic Golden sit. Magnificent !!
Jun 4, 2010 jocie3
So precious!!! Brings back memories of when my Golden was small. Many kisses for Sunday.
Jun 4, 2010 kiljey
My goodness! Cute jumped you and didn't leave,you are a Doll Sunday.
Jun 4, 2010 amyliz
Sunday, you little thief, you have stolen my heart! You are adorable in eveyway...looks and personality!
Jun 4, 2010 amyliz
Had to comment on this picture as well...these two look so sweet together!
Jun 4, 2010 Beagle109
Sunday, you're a doll! 11 biscuits for you! This pic is so sweet.
Jun 4, 2010 weezie
Sunday you are lovely!
Jun 4, 2010 jessepuppy
I almost went for the carrot picture, but this one is a classic. Dogs are just the best. Fabulous.
Jun 4, 2010 anniesmommy
Sunday is a beautiful golden!! She is a adorable puppy and will be a beautiful grown up puppy.
Jun 4, 2010 marykate81
he couldn't be any cuter!!!! soooooo adorable!!!
Jun 4, 2010 antoilene
This is too adorable. What a beautiful puppy!
Jun 4, 2010 pelligrino
Sunday, you are a beautiful puppy, and I see you eat healthy food. It sounds like you make friend every-where you go. Have a very wonderful, happy and healthy life.
Jun 4, 2010 MAOAC12
Soooo adorable! What a sweetie!
Jun 4, 2010 jborg
Sunday you are the cutest!
Jun 4, 2010 magic1
I knew she would make Daily Puppy! Congrats, Sunday and Sunday's mom :-)
Jun 4, 2010 dobegirl69
just too cute for words!!!!!
Jun 4, 2010 lucymom
Awww Sunday! Such a good pup. You look so well-behaved in this photo! I bet you do get into some trouble, though! That's ok--you're so cute, you can get away with it!
Jun 4, 2010 AnnM
Why do Golden's always look kind of scared and innocent? When they are not really? Cute as can be....Sunday is adorable....hard choosing a pic....
Jun 4, 2010 Herefred
What a beautiful girl you are, Sunday! Since you like kitties, ask your Mommy to get you one. My 5 year old cocker adopted a 4 week old kitty and they are best buddies. Lots of love and wet, warm puppy kisses.
Jun 4, 2010 honeypie
What a face! Who couldn't love this guy? Adorable!!
Jun 4, 2010 sedentarynomad
Sunday totally deserves to be the Daily Puppy! What an absolute cutie!
Jun 4, 2010 w102663
Sweet & attractive puppy girl...I love the position of her back right paw!:D ox's for Sunday
Jun 4, 2010 ssmmtm
Absolutely precious. Hard to pick one pictures. Crates of carrots and biscuits to you, beautiful Sunday. xxxoooo
Jun 4, 2010 elliel
She is a beauty. You have a wonderful pet.
Jun 4, 2010 collielover
You have such a beautiful face. We wish you lots of fun and friends for a happy long life.
Jun 4, 2010 Beth1226
Sunday is impossibly cute!!!!
Jun 4, 2010 lalamcgoo
ohhhhhhh my goodness!!! Sunday you are precious!!! I just want to puppy nap you baby!! oh I think you are the cutest thing ever!!!!
Jun 4, 2010 PuppiesMeltMyHeart
Cute, adorable, little Sunday giving a doggy nose kiss to her Uncle Jake! How cute is that!
Jun 4, 2010 ekomahoney
love her!
Jun 4, 2010 cobismom
What a great looking pooch...Love the carrot treat!~
Jun 4, 2010 Sara B
What a beautiful little girl!? This is a great Spring/Summer picture. I check daily puppy everyday too and I am so happy to see that Sunday made the list! Lots of kisses to you Sunday!
Jun 4, 2010 wheatie mom
Sunday, you brightened our Friday! What a sweet puppy with lots of love to give - hope you have a wonderful D.P. day and lots of cookies and friends to play with.
Jun 4, 2010 sugar bear
Sunday you are a beauty with the sweetest face! Lots of biscies and tummy tickles for you!
Jun 4, 2010 kafein
Sunday, you look like the sweetest girl. Many years of happy tale wags to you and your family!
Jun 4, 2010 furriesrfantastic
Oh Sunday you sound like the perfect puppy, you know how to do sooo many things while still just a baby! And what a gorgeous baby you are (you ignore that silly ol' cat) - your mummy must adore you! Wishing you years and years of health and happiness you gorgeous girl!
Jun 4, 2010 Zabilka
What a pretty lady she is :) This is the BEST picture! Thanks for the smile!
Jun 4, 2010 mkesj
Sunday made my Friday. Our half golden learned shake later. I love her beautiful Golden profile. Only one thing wrong...more pictures needed.
Jun 4, 2010 ce
omg so cute i reley reley cant resest her i LOVE HER
Jun 4, 2010 iluvpupos
this is so sweet.
Jun 4, 2010 pebbles01
what a brother had one years ago - Dexter (because he used to pee on the deck). I still have his photo up. Wonderful dog-you'll love her...She is an adorable
Jun 4, 2010 kiljey
Ikeep going back to this picture, the little tuffs of hair standing up at the ears is so cute!
Jun 4, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
So many cute pics but I picked this one because I am so happy to see Miss Sunday eating healthy snacks! I love, love, love her name! Your puppy is gorgeous, enjoy her and love her for her whole life and she will return the favor a hundredfold!
Jun 4, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
Kisses!! I love all the shots of Sunday, what a precious puppy.
Jun 4, 2010 nmshirl
Sunday,you are a beautiful girl. I know that you're family will give you a very loving home. I wish you a long and happy life,with lots of biscuits,tummy rubs and hugs.I chose this picture,because there is an ellegance about it. I hope you have happiness forever. nmshirlgirl
Jun 4, 2010 muttlover
Who can resist a Golden?!!
Jun 4, 2010 gryt
It's carrot time!! :D Sunday has the sweetest eyes. What a darling.
Jun 4, 2010 Missy's Mom
This picture should go in the dictionary under the word PRECIOUS!!!! What a sweet girl and I wish her many years of love and happiness!!
Jun 4, 2010 oopsidaisy
How adorable!
Jun 4, 2010 Beautiful Cookie
Sunday, you are such an adorable puppy!! Enjoy your life with your furever family. Hugs and rubs Cookie and her Mom.
Jun 4, 2010 sputnik
Sunday, you are too cute for words! One of the best ever on this site! Such a good girl, too, eating your veggies. Lots and lots of hugs to you, sweetie.
Jun 4, 2010 stillwater20
what a doll!! hugs from Memphis.....
Jun 4, 2010 owie
Who could resist that face?
Jun 4, 2010 vorner
This is the Easter Retriever! What a doll! Sunday is precious and deserves a million biscuits! Long, happy, healthy life to you, sweetheart! And to your animal buds too! XOXOXO
Jun 4, 2010 vorner
And I just have to pick this pic too. How precious is this?!!! XOXOXO
Jun 4, 2010 lucysadoxmom
Jun 4, 2010 pupfanatic
I knew you would make DP, you perfect, adorable, precious, gorgeous, furry little angel. A full body wag???!!!! Oh no, that is too cue to handle. Aaah, I'm in love w/ Sunday. True puppy love!
Jun 4, 2010 MaddyAdorable
Aww! Thay are so cute!
Jun 4, 2010 mummer1962
OMG I am in love...Beautiful pup and mom too.
Jun 4, 2010 tink'smom
Perfect puppy in every single way. I wish I could play with her for a couple of hours. What a sweetheart! Than k you Daily Puppy for dropping the beauty scoreboard! XXXX
Jun 4, 2010 dognut77
Way too cute!!! What a sweetheart! :-)
Jun 4, 2010 DeuxHirondelles
Oh Sunday, you are SO cute you are very nearly a hazardous substance ;-) make us all want baby dogs!!! Hugs and bellyrubs to you, little lady, and a long and happy life with your family.
Jun 4, 2010 tmacedcc
She is a cutie. Thanks for sharing.I love her name too. Never heard that one for a dog before. enjoy I got a feeling she will be a great family dog.
Jun 4, 2010 sheltie_lover11
Jun 4, 2010 tmarie162116
Jun 4, 2010 remak
What an ADORABLE puppy!!! Love the photos!!!
Jun 4, 2010 violets624
What a little doll!
Jun 4, 2010 Tzarinac
If you can't catch the bunnies, at least chomp their carrots! Sunday, you are very cute. Belly rubs to you little one.
Jun 4, 2010 ruthie
Sunday, you are a beautiful little girl and you look very proud of yourself..well deserved!! Wishing you and your family and friends many, many, happy, love-filled years together.
Jun 4, 2010
this is so cutee!!!
Jun 4, 2010 lucyny2000
Another Golden heart breaker! Every time I see a Golden Retriver, I am in LUVE again! I just hope the lucky owners have endless patience to get through all the goofiness and shoes chewing of the puppihood! Blessings from NY
Jun 4, 2010 coriebe
Love, love love Sunday!! She looks just like our first retriever, Brandy. :)
Jun 4, 2010 patlynn
Sunday, you are so adorable. You have beautiful brown eyes. You are lucky to have so many pet friends and nice owners, too!
Jun 4, 2010 poochies=love
The carrot picture is priceless! Sunday you are delightful!
Jun 4, 2010 sheila
Sunday is just adorable and how cute is this picture. Sunday loves her big friend. Those squinty eyes say it all. Long and happy life to Miss Sunday and all her friends. She is a sweet-faced baby!!
Jun 4, 2010 drakes' granny
Sunday's Mom is as lucky as anyone can get. Sunday is so wonderfully adorable. She sounds so sweet. Labs know that everyone and every cat loves them even those that show signs of distrust. This picture with the adult golden is precious.
Jun 4, 2010 Andiethewestie
Beautiful Sunday!
Jun 4, 2010 ninjapuppy
Oh, I love Golden puppies. We adopted our Lindy when she was grown, but I'd like to think she looked this cute when she was a puppy. Sunday is a real doggie darlin'!
Jun 4, 2010 dianel99
I can see your fur, the gentleness about you that you are one sweet puppie
Jun 4, 2010 lotsapets
Hi, Sunday !! You are eating your vegetables like a good, good girl !! You are such a pretty dog !!
Jun 4, 2010 motodog
What a gal! Uncle Jake is no slouch too! He is beautiful! Just love Golden's, It is a disease! 100 Cookies! Give most to Jake!
Jun 4, 2010 2added2ours
I could NOT resist responding to this CUTEST pose! What a doll! Blessings to you guys.
Jun 4, 2010 Spike's Mom
OMG soooooo cute!
Jun 4, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Your wish came true Sunday and here you are! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Jun 4, 2010 LHERMAN
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!! So cute!!Goldens are perfect dogs, aren't they? Hugs, kisses and belly rubs.
Jun 4, 2010 wolfgirl66
It looks like adorable Sunday loves to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 4, 2010 The Raven
"Yum Yum carrots are so good for my big brown eyes". Sunday, you are such a cutie pie. And so friendly and so smart and such a good friend to all. I know that full body greeting, we had a Golden and then you'll the head on your parents knee. Irrestable .... that's what you are.
Jun 4, 2010 plutomom
what an adorable puppy! enjoy her!
Jun 4, 2010 plutomom
this ramrod attention is so classic! reminds me of Dug in the movie Up: "I have just met you and i LOVE you!" is that not the essence of Golden?
Jun 4, 2010 Jose
Your both sooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Jun 5, 2010 Gunka Munka
so cute photo :) very sweet, beautiful :)(:
Jun 5, 2010 HillCountryGal
What a precious pup. I know you will bring lots of fun and love to everyone you meet.
Jun 5, 2010 lucybee
Perfect picture of a perfect puppy.
Jun 5, 2010 lucybee
Sorry-had to post twice to say how much I also LOVE this picture.
Jun 5, 2010 Critter Crazy
How do I look from this side? What a cute furkin.
Jun 5, 2010 JessMess
Jun 5, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Sunday, you sure know how to pose for a neat photo! Sit up straight, face forward and let me get your profile. GREAT! Wishes for a long, happy & health life from Scamp's Grammy.
Jun 5, 2010 lisalisa
HOW BEAUTIFUL! This really is the sweetest sight ever. I wish I could hug them both. Sunday looks like the best pup imaginable. :)
Jun 6, 2010 Jose
Your both soooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you both hugs and kisses!
Jun 6, 2010 I love chinook
Jun 6, 2010 I love chinook
Jun 6, 2010 3pups1kit
Sunday has got to be the 2nd cutest Golden on this site! (OK...I am just a touch biased---I know you'll forgive me!)Seriously, what an angel! However did you get her to sit so perfectly? Gorgeous coat, too!
Jun 6, 2010 PuppyLoveLastsForever
So sorry that I missed seeing these photos on preview day. I am here a few days later and just bowled over by how beautiful and sweet your Sunday is!
Jun 6, 2010 quinngirl
he's so cute he looks unreal
Jun 7, 2010 asiasmum
Sunday is very cute and I love the way dshe likes to nibble on a carrat, my Asia loves to relax with a carrot as well :)
Jun 7, 2010 RheannaMarie
Awww how adorable and sweet.
Jun 7, 2010 Limmyluver
OMG! Can Sunday get any more adorable?!? Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U! I wish you many treats, hugs, kisses, and loves.
Jun 7, 2010 SundayGirl
Thanks for all the sweet comments!
Jun 7, 2010 iluvk9s
Look at that precious little puppy face!!! Sunday is so adorable! Zillions of kisses, biscuits and hugs!!!
Jun 8, 2010 redship
Oh goodness, what a beautiful Golden! She looks just like my baby did when she was a puppy. :)
Jun 8, 2010 piobaire
Honestly, how could you NOT be in love with this sweetie?
Jun 9, 2010 Jessicaandchloe
hes so cute
Jun 10, 2010 puppy world#1
Jun 17, 2010 atravis73
"I love you mommy"
Jun 17, 2010 Riley0425
I love this picture! Priceless!
Jun 18, 2010 springlion
u deserve a hug, a kiss, some love and me to put u on my favorites!! lol!!!!!
Jun 22, 2010 Mz. Bubblez
Adorable Sweetie Pie ! Muah ! I Wish You A Long && Happy Life !
Jun 25, 2010 siun
this is just the sort of pup id love!!! mischievous, cute and silly! enjoying that carrot, Sunday?
Jun 25, 2010 Puppygirl93
Oh Sunday, You are just the cutest and the most adorable little golden retriever puppy out of all puppies!! I love those cute baby eyes and cute little face! It's soo admirable!! Have a great and sweet wonderful life!! A million doggie treats for you and tons of belly rubs!!! I love Goldens! Absolutely the best dog ever!!!
Jun 28, 2010 puppyluver04
puppy luv
Jun 29, 2010 Mia-Lu
Ohhh- this is just tooo cute! Sunday is just precious!!!! Love love love you sweetie!
Jul 7, 2010 dancer2497
she is soooooo cute!!!!!!!
Jul 18, 2010 RocketQueen
I love the name Sunday. She's very classically beautiful.
Dec 29, 2010 CoopersAunt
I love this picture *-*
Apr 13, 2012 BeautyLover
OH MY GOD is this Sunday and her Mom or Dad? What a beautiful picture!!!!
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