Surprise the Papillon

Puppy Breed: Papillon

Surprise's mom says: Surprise Petals is the first and only pup to our much adored Lily Bliss. Although we were not intending to keep any of Lilys puppies, this single pup stole our hearts from the moment we watched her be born and that was the "surprise." Lily did not show the signs of being in labor that I was watching for and the day went along as usual: We walked, played Frisbee and sat in the sun. Later that day when I took her and the others out, I noticed she was standing still and didnt come when I called her. I walked to her, but she still didn't move. I lifted her tail and -- surprise -- the pup was making her entrance in the backyard! Watching Surie grow from weighing 3 3/4 ounces and being smaller than my cell phone to a robust 1 1/2 pounds in 12 weeks has been nothing but amazing. Lily's undivided attention to her and meticulous care make us proud. Surie is an adventurer and confidently follows her mom and the other dogs, Cashew and Mercury throughout the yard. She eagerly removes any flower she can reach and runs like she got the prize. Her fur is like cashmere and her ears are like flower petals. We love her to pieces and are so happy she is ours.