Sutter the Mutt

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Sutter's mom says: Sutter and the rest of his litter were abandoned in a cardboard box when they were only one or wo weeks old. The angels at Pound Puppy Rescue took them in and their foster mom bottle-fed them every two hours for the first few weeks. At eight weeks, we met the whole litter and Sutter (formerly known as Dolce) stole our hearts immediately. He was a very outgoing little boy and ran right up to me to say hi... it was mutual love at first sight! Sutter (affectionately known as Nutter Butter) can be sweet as sugar but definitely has a bit of devil in him as well. We love his puppy breath and when he yawns he sqeaks -- it is too cute! He gets the hiccups all the time too. Sometimes he gets this look in his eye, and we know we are in big trouble! He goes crazy for squeaky toys, steals everything within reach and plays keep-away, eats toilet paper off the roll like spaghetti, and barks at the TV anytime he sees a dog. He swallowed a whole sock (of course at 10 pm on a Friday night) and now we are super careful with our socks. We have no idea what kind of doggie he is, although I did buy a DNA kit to try to find out. He definitely has herding dog in him because he herds all the dogs at the dog park. He chases them from behind and bites their tails. Our baby boy Sutter is just too cute for words, and we are so glad to have him as part of our family.