Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Mar 30, 2006 Jodie
I love the "little ball of fluff" photo where she's sitting on a cushion or a pillow (3rd photo). How adorable! She's got lots of personality!
Mar 30, 2006 Janine
Suzie is VERY Cute, Looks very playful. And I think you meant to say she was born in 2005 not 2006.
But thats ok we still love the pic, Thanks for Sharing :)
Mar 30, 2006 puppyluver
suzie is just the cutest littel white fluff ball! i especially like the last pic best! what a cutie!
Mar 30, 2006 Michael
Whooops, fixed the "2006" in Suzie's mom's comments, my bad.
Mar 30, 2006 Amber-s mom
She sure knows how to pose. What a cutie. liked the pic with her looking at the stuffed toy that looks so much like her.
Mar 30, 2006 christin
what a fuzzy puppy!!!!!!!!!!! She is like a ball of fluff!
Mar 30, 2006 Kara
what is wrong with her face . But the dog is very cute.
Mar 30, 2006 Sarah
i think u might need to wash of her face but she is adorable anyway.
Mar 31, 2006 Janine
Thank You Michael, did good. :)
Apr 1, 2006 Yolanda
Bichons suffer sometimes from tears turning rust colored. They'll get better once her tear ducts are unplugged.
Apr 2, 2006 Carolyn
Suzie is indeed a very cute Bichon - reminds me of a couple that I own. She will be a looker when she grows up.
Apr 5, 2006 Jackie
Cutie Suzie deserves millions of biscuits - and so does Mom.....
Jul 7, 2006 puppyluv92
ahhh what a poor ugly puppy. its a shame b/c she's probably so sweet, but man....shes gross.
Jul 28, 2006 Chantelle
It's a cute Puppy!
Sep 3, 2006 savannah
Oh my gosh she looks just like my puppy Sassy they should have a playdate!!
Sep 12, 2006 BichonsRule
Wow, ignorant people. Bichons tear!

You need to get a solution to apply daily to remove the tear staining.
Oct 7, 2006 Julia
Wow, "Puppyluv92", you suck. Bichons are clearly adorable, and you fail at life.
Oct 7, 2006 Julia
In addition, Bichons sometimes get rust-colored feet because their saliva and tears turn their fur dark. My little girl used to get brown feet from chewing on her toes when they itched. She was the best dog I've ever known and truly my baby. She died at age 10 (we had to put her to sleep) several years ago and I will never get over it. I love my other pets, but no animal (or person) will ever fill that space she left in my heart. I love seeing people with bichons, but it always makes me terribly sad, too. Enjoy your sweet pea.
Nov 18, 2006 KIKI
so cute :)
Nov 19, 2006 Cami
U were cute when u were a puppy.
Nov 28, 2006 Jodi
Bichons and some other dogs suffer from tear staining. Their eyes tear and turn the fur a rust color. Its easy to remove there are many products you can get to clean it up
Dec 14, 2006 renee
SOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!! She reminds my daughter of the snuggle fabric softner bear. It does though because of the cheeks. You have a beautiful pet that will be your friend for a very long time. I didn't know that their tears and saliva made their fur change colors. That was very interesting to find out. I really just thought the puppy was absolutely a cutie. I was hoping Julia would've had more time to comment on this breed. I love her stories so much.
Dec 17, 2006 charly
what a beaut dont mind the comment from some ignoramous, she is beautiful , tear stains are part of our lives as bichon mums know
Jan 1, 2007 bichonlover
i have a bichon, and i love her to death! they are sooooo cute, and so smart too.
Feb 14, 2007 Loizhanne
such a pretty bichon. she has the sweetest face. she almost looks like a stuffed animal herself. beautiful. thanks for sharing her.
May 28, 2007 ANNAfoxlover
Having fun with all your toys, Suzie?
Jul 3, 2007 jojo29
I found an all natural product that completely gets rid of those ugly tear stains. I beleive their website is http://www.PETPURITY .com the product is called Purifeye. You just sprinkle on their food. Its amazing because I have tried every other product and nothing worked. This does the job well.
Jul 8, 2008 hungover
having three bichons i can confirm that they are lovely little "people".  0;don't worry about the tear stains- they are commen to most breeds of dogs. we use a natural and holistic product that you add to their food called angels delight you can read about it here http://www. 3; good luck and ignore the rude comments
Aug 8, 2008 LuvBichons
Don't use purifeye to treat dog tear stains. It contains Hops which are VERY dangerous. They affect the central nervous system, cause seisure, hyperthermia, vomiting, chest pain, etc. they also contain phytoestrogens that affect estrogen receptors. The company says it is in ver small amounts, but you give it every day. Don't take a chance. Poisons like arsenic in small quantities don't kill us in small quatities either.
Sep 5, 2008 bichonbaby
Actually, I strongly disagree. I have been giving purifeye to both of my dogs for the past ten months and just took them to get their annual check up and blood work and they are perfectly healthy! Also, I had made sure that my holistic vet approved the product before I even started to give it to them - and clearly, he did. It is a great way to keep the stains away!
Jan 1, 2009 hungover
sorry bichonbaby- LuvBichons is right about hops being fatal to some dogs. Google "dogs hops" if you need more advice. Sadly blood test are not absolutely comprehensive. I f you want a safer alternative then try Angels Delight form Bichon Hotel. Good luck
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