Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Sep 28, 2006 chica y gatitas
I luv the teeneh, tynneh chin.
Sep 28, 2006 ScooooooobyDoooo
I have to admit, she's kinda cute! But she's got some lethal-looking nails, mom!
Sep 28, 2006 Vicky
She is so cute, I love her.
Sep 28, 2006 Yannick
Looking at that first picture, I'd fully expect to be licked to death. :)
Sep 28, 2006 suzanne
Awh she is Lovely
Sep 28, 2006 robbiewp
TOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!
Sep 28, 2006 Nadine
what gorgeous eyes....
Sep 28, 2006 the kissing lady
Just hand her over this is a stig up i just want this cuite thing U ar not scard she will brake ahahahah to cute so just squeezeeeeeeeeee and kissssssssssssssss her
Sep 28, 2006 mgsc
I like the bat ears.
Sep 28, 2006 DogMom
Cutest Chi ever!! I love her "play stance" photo!!! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!
Sep 28, 2006 Charlie O-Donnell
Yeah, the little ones dont realize theyre little. Our puppy is the runt of the litter but thinks he can be the alpha male with the Rottweiler and our other mix breed. They just let him think he is.
Sep 28, 2006 StellaIsMyLady
I love her! The more I see these cuties the more tempted I am to bring one into my home. Enjoy your bossy little princess. :-)
Sep 28, 2006 tj
I love the second picture, too cute for words
Sep 28, 2006 Julia
This doggie is meatball-sized! I want to eat her with pasta!!! Goodness, gracious! I have a theory that there is an inverse relationship between the size of a dog and its attitude. My big dogs have always been laid-back, and my little girl was quite the trash-talker. I bet she is sassy.
Sep 28, 2006 Lynn
What a sweetie pie...I could just gobble her up! I wuv the tiny baby girl....I want one!
Sep 28, 2006 Tori
What a sweet heart
Sep 28, 2006 Penelope Ellen
From one Penelope to another, you are the cutest chihuahua I have EVER seen.
Sep 28, 2006 Mare
What a beautiful baby, I wish she were mine
Sep 28, 2006 Scott
Oh my goodness, she is the cutest chihuahua I have ever seen, and I have four of them. Have fun with your little one.
Sep 28, 2006 txmadre
I want one!! In fact, I want Sweet Pea! She is beautiful.
Sep 28, 2006 Chihuahualuver
Such a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!! I want her!
Sep 28, 2006 puppytails
I have seen many Chihauhua's on this site. Sweet P is by far the cutest!!! I love the pic with her head cocked to the side. Oh way too cute :-)
Sep 28, 2006 robio
pretty cute for a chihauhua
Sep 28, 2006 lovelovepups!
Not to be negative, but in case your vet hasnt pointed it out to you, she has an umbilical hernia that can easily be repaired whenever you get her spayed. You need to get it fixed though because if it goes untreated it can herniate further and cause her pain. She is cute cute cute!
Sep 28, 2006 lovelovepups!
P.S. that is what that little lump is on her abdomen. Looks harmless now, but can worsen as she gets older.
Sep 28, 2006 puppyluver
oh my word she is small! YES YES, FIX THAT HERNIA!!
Sep 28, 2006 yummi600
too cute!!!!!!!!!
Sep 28, 2006 puppyluv
I just want to eat her up!
And yes yes yes - that looks like a hernia. PLEASE have that looked at~~~
Sep 28, 2006 Marie (Was Amber-s mom)
Aptly named. A real sweet P. I can see why she is your baby.
Sep 29, 2006 stephanie_loves_max
OMG!!!!!! she is so cute! i have a chihuahua too. his name is max. they look a lot alike. how old is she? how much does she way? she is the cutest little girl ever!!!!! :)
Sep 29, 2006 puppy lovers
i love her she is so cute i hope that you will always spoile her tell her we said hi.
Sep 30, 2006 Brittany
Oct 1, 2006 Charlie and Sue
i want u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 5, 2006 i-love-puppy-s 3000
Oct 23, 2006 Deanna Starnes
He's sooooooooooooooo cute! He should be my chihauhuas {Misty} Boyfriend! They look so much alike!!!
Oct 24, 2006 mix pup
he is so cute!!he should be in hollywood!i want him so badly!he should be my chihuahua[scooby]!!
Oct 24, 2006 mix pup[aka michelle huynh]
I LOVE YOUR CHIHUAHUA PENELOPE!!!!!!!!!he should totally be in hollywood!!!!!!i want him!!!!!!!!!!1
Nov 26, 2006 Padme
Face- Don't do things like that! It's just so rude and insulting and mean!

I LOVE Penelope! I have three Chihuahuas and she is almost as cute as them!( sorry, i'm biased! hehe). Penelope is a very cute little girl no matter what anyone says! I LOVE her to pieces!
Dec 11, 2006 Laura
i almost cried when I saw Sweet P's pics. She looks almost exactly like a Chihuahua that I had. She passed away a couple of years ago. Her name was Bubbles and she was three pounds full grown!
Jan 24, 2007 Loizhanne
such a pretty baby!
Feb 14, 2007 PorchPuppy
Awwww!!!!!Sweet baby Penelope!
Mar 23, 2007 Laura
How is Penelope? Please give me an update. I have her on my desktop as a background picture, so that I can look at her every day! She is sooooo sooooo cute!
May 14, 2007 Vicky
Her name is bigger than she is! What a sweetie pie.
May 23, 2007 SweetPea
This little Angel had to have truly be sent to you by God. She is so precious. I have a little fawn colored female (shhhhhuuu don't tell her she is a doggie) and her name is SweetPea. She is our God send. My husband got her for me when I found out I had cancer, but after her being there for me & making me smile even when I didn't want to & I got well, she got sick. She had a bad liver, but PRAISE GOD, Texas A&M surgeons were able to fix her & she is now 5 yrs old and I am sure your beautiful baby is just as spoiled as she is. Enjoy her & love her as I know you do. I would also love to have some updated pictures on her. Please post some if you have them. Thanks~Judy
Jul 23, 2007 JayNizzy
Such a big name for such a TEENY girl. Her big eyes are gorgeous, reminds me of a small child, curious about the world.
Sep 20, 2007 Kizzaxox
I think that is the smallest puppy I have ever seen she's adorable. Hse has little bat ears! so cute many biscuits for you!
Sep 24, 2007 Mummm
Sweet P is sooooo cute!
Sep 26, 2007 Chi-Owner-In-Waiting
How could anyone ever say no to those eyes.
Dec 17, 2007 reyasunshine
She looks like she's smiling! So cute!
Jan 26, 2008 blondie8
aww hes cute
Sep 2, 2008 pawprint1513
so adorable
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